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Hi Everyone, Welcome back to the DR. Our weekly posts are really having a positive effect and that’s exactly what we’re all about, Positive change. I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately

Barry In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Barry In Cabrera Dominican Republic

inquiring about a wide variety of subjects ranging from how did you spot these coming changes so long ago to what gave you the courage to step out into the abyss, altering everything we’ve all come to understand as normality? In fact there have been so many inquiries I’m going to be doing a series of weekly posts just to address them. I really am pleased to see people asking the questions as it proves people’s minds are beginning to open.

Coming from a Canadian background I spent my first few years in Laval Quebec. My parents soon after decided to purchase a restaurant in Florida so off I go at the early age of five. I guess that’s where the traveling genes might have come into being, it was from my father. My father, being born an orphan, never actually got to meet his parents his entire life. Unfortunately, his constant efforts to seek them out ended unsuccessful after 73 years of trying. One of the darkest moments of my life was when his search ended.

One of the many thoughts I remember him teaching me was “darkness is not the opposite of light, it’s the absence of light. “ I encourage all of you to become familiar with this approach to understanding. It will assist you in so many ways you can’t possibly see at this point. For now just remember it.” Our most precious commodity is an excellent teacher; by the way I’m referring to TIME when I say that.

Dominican Republic Scuba Diving

Dominican Republic Scuba Diving

Jumping way ahead to my later teens, I had the unrelenting desire to travel. No surprise in that statement, right? Having always been in love with Scuba for so many years, to date that love totals well over 10,000 dives in varying parts of the world. Currently I’m 54 years of age and started diving around the age of eleven. Over that period I had developed a pretty good skill for underwater photography.

I was obsessed with seeing as much of the world as I could and I shared that desire with my father. Once again he blew me right out of the water (pardon the pun) with his unique way of actually seeing things that most people couldn’t even dream of. He said “son if this wonderful planet is two thirds below the surface of the sea I can’t understand why anyone would think everything of interest is on the one third that’s not.” Due to his upbringing he had the most marvelous way of seeing and understanding things on a much deeper level than anyone else I’ve met to date.

This brings me to the first point….

I would like to address. What gives a person the courage to step out of their comfort zone and dive into the abyss of the unknown? I’ve received so many emails regarding this one subject alone. I can see it’s a big fear for so many. Changing from what we’ve become to falsely accept as normality is a very scary thing to deal with for most, so most settle for mediocrity instead of living.

Worry About Economy

Worry About Economy

When you’re fearful of jumping into the abyss and making major changes like relocating to a foreign country, DON’T FEAR IT! There’s no top or bottom, no right or wrong. There’s only choices, and if you don’t care for the choice you previously made, just make another choice. It’s that simple. In fact life is simple. We just chose to make it complicated by our own free will. We’re all born geniuses but life DE-GENIUSES us.

Take the stress off your mind about being right or wrong as it will keep you down in the rut you may currently be in. Fear can’t hurt you!

If I had allowed fear to rule my choices I would not be writing these blogs from my porch overlooking the most beautiful ocean scenes in the Dominican Republic. Surrounded by blissful peace and quiet. Here, every natural resource is almost within my arms reach just waiting to be enjoyed.

I want to share something with you that I heard a long time ago, one of the strongest driving forces in my life to date. “Our Subconscious is dangerous, but only when our conscious attitude towards it becomes hopelessly false. Your doubts become your realities.”  I encourage you to reread this several times understand it and then think it. It will change your life for the better soon as you begin putting it to use.

“Our Subconscious is dangerous, but only when our conscious attitude towards it becomes hopelessly false. Your doubts become your realities”

Dominican Republic Beach Gathering

Dominican Republic Beach Gathering

As I just spoke so long about choices, I’m about to make one right now, it’s beach time. What an unbelievable day out there. My family is going to take off and enjoy lunch at the beach. In this North coast region of the Dominican Republic, we can still get a plate of freshly caught fish, rice and a fresh salad brought out to us under an almond tree, on the beach for about five bucks U.S. We can add a bottle of aged rum and natural fruit juice for approximately another eight dollars.

These are two immediate choices I’m O.K. with. See, there’s no right or wrong… only choices…. right?

I’ll continue next week and explore some of the reasons I was able to see the coming world events so clearly so long ago. You would be well served to pay close attention as we all only have two ways to respond, proactive or reactive, and I’d encourage you to CHOOSE the first of the two. I’ll leave you with one last thought.

I hope you like the life you currently have, but if you don’t I hope you have the courage to change it.

Till next week see you in the DR and I’m out.


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