Understanding The Pitfalls Of a Three Legged Stool

Better Have All Three Parts Or You're In For a World Of Hurt

Better Have All Three Parts Or You’re In For a World Of Hurt

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. Welcome to this weeks Under The Mango Tree.  Ahhh… there’s nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning in Cabrera. This morning was one of those all cooperative days where even the chickens were a bit late in getting up. I was all set to start making some breakfast consisting of eggs, French toast from homemade bread and some fresh local tocineta (bacon). Add on to that, Chinola (Passion Fruit) Juice from the garden all rounded off by fresh ground coffee with farm cream and you have enough vitamins for the whole day.

Not one preservative no chemicals nothing but a wealth of natural goodness. Kind of kicks the crap out of your egg Mcmuffin and burnt coffee doesn’t it? Everyone that we’ve assisted in relocating to Cabrera in their efforts to escape the western world’s soon to come internal war has been blessed in at least two areas.

Is this what's next for you. Don't think you won't if you have to.

Is this what’s next for you. Don’t think you won’t if you have to.

One is the safety and peace which I’m counting as one, and second, the abundant, low cost natural food.  You have to appreciate the fact that every one of these expats were on several medications prior to their arrival….. and within eight months their physicians have allowed them to drop most or all of those medications.

Here in Cabrera it’s nothing for a person to live well over 100 years. As a matter of fact, we had a funeral for one of our neighbors last week. As you all know, I was in the states and reluctantly I couldn’t attend. Her granddaughter missed us, but of course understood. I was chatting a bit with her on my way to town and was amazed at what she had to say. While she was not absolutely certain, as she needed to dig out her birth certificate, she was sure it was one of two numbers. The dear woman was either 112 or 114 years old!! I was floored as the woman still had good motor skills and a sharp memory. When all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, it’s amazing how simple life can be. Kind of reminds me of the story of the 3-legged stool and the balance of life.

Oregano 3 types grow here in the D.R.

Oregano 3 types grow here in the D.R.

If you remember in a post last week I discussed the differences between understanding and experiencing. Balance was one of the examples I used. You can understand balance by looking it up and simply reading the definition…. or you can get on your bicycle and have a little fall and actually experience what balance is. Clearly from the second example you will have an experience of what balance is and understand both the definition and the effects. A good rule to understand, as it’s apparent the western culture has been misinformed and believes that you experience things from a T.V. or a laptop.

3 week old Green Peppers

3 week old Green Peppers

You’re no more of an actual Alaskan crab fisherman by watching “World’s most dangerous jobs” than you’re a quarterback by watching the Dolphins VS the 49ers. You just have the illusion that you could be, only if given that same chance. If you believe that’s not true, then I invite you to put on the helmet, adjust your chin strap and get in the game. See what happens to you the first time a 320 LB. defensive tackle flattens your ass. Never thought of it, but it would actually be a good way to understand balance to0. Oh yeah, and one additional experience… PAIN!

Auyama Pumpkin

Auyama Pumpkin

On a 3 legged stool each separate leg is vital to its balance or the whole thing falls down… and you right along with it. So let’s pursue this thought a bit more in depth and you’ll understand the importance of what I’m saying. It is most important that you do understand and apply some sort of action or you’re going to be falling victim to what carnage and mayhem is right around the corner. Since I’ve been living in other countries for over 25 years, I can inform you with firsthand experience what does happen when TSHTF (the Sh*t Hits the fan). I’ve been there so I know from EXPERIENCE.



Leg one of our stool might represent the need for real assets. Silver and gold are two popular examples of this. Well everybody, by now, either understands this or they simply are not going to. The web sites have covered this to the MAX, and from every different angle. I’m in total agreement and have been practicing this for over fifteen years now. While I am fully in agreement with this first “leg”, I believe that “balance” requires an equal understanding of all three “legs” of our survival stool.  As a matter of fact, I was a member of an impressive group of individuals that focused heavily on the first leg, but  chose to leave because they simply didn’t understand that without the balance of all three equally important legs the stool simply will not stand… ie: the survival plan will fail.  This group demonstrated nothing short of brilliance in the first leg, somewhat average grasp of the second leg, but totally clueless on what I’m going to be referring to as the third leg of the story.

Let’s call the second leg the “need for storing food, supplies, weapons, meds, necessities and ammunition.”  I’m sure everyone will agree with the need for this leg as well, so I’m not going to dwell on it. The only thing I would want to think carefully about is why you would even want to live like this if you didn’t have to.  Again I refer to “no right or wrong… there’s only choices”.

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

The third and equally important leg, or for many possibly a bit more important than the other two is sovereignty. Understand this.  I mean REALLY understand this next sentence. “Your assets become your liabilities when a nations currency crashes and you’re stuck in that nation” Read it again and I hope you’re able to get this into you head fast and for good. I’ve lived it, you haven’t. My family was literally wiped out in Poland, except for my grandfather and grandmother. They were the only ones that understood this third leg which fortunately led them to board a steam ship and sail to Montreal Canada… just in time, when they still had the liberty to leave. The rest of them… God only knows what pit they were buried in.

It doesn’t matter how much of leg one and leg two you have, if you’re still in the cage. You’re just a bigger rat and the other rats will prey on you… no different. When millions are starving and you don’t seem to be getting much thinner, it’s a red flag. When you don’t seem to leave your home for weeks on end, thus avoiding the riots and carnage, guess what…. it’s another red flag.



When people know you’ve been stacking…. DAMN another red flag. These are a few reasons why I dropped that silver group like a rock. Totally clueless on the third leg of the stool and without it they’ll all topple over and get destroyed. See, the only difference in this picture is what direction the stool will fall. Depending on what leg has been overlooked, the only variable is the direction it falls.  But it still falls and crashes, and that’s my point.

Many of you already know how I admire Doug Casey and Jeff Berwick regarding their understanding of this third leg. I look forward to being with Jeff in the not too distant future to discuss in depth this very subject.

Next Batch Of Red and Yellow Peppers. Three Weeks Old.

Next Batch Of Red and Yellow Peppers. Three Weeks Old.

When I was younger I was a freelance U/W photographer and in some years would actually fill two thirty page passports with country stamps. I’ve been on every Caribbean island there is, and lived in five different countries. I’ve spent so much time all over the South Pacific it would blow your mind. From head hunting tribes in the highlands of New Guinea to 4 month stays while doing shoots in TRUK Lagoon Micronesia. Did you know, for the locals in some areas, murder is still not illegal there? If a fight breaks out and one is killed the other just has to take over the responsibilities of the deceased persons family…. that’s it, done and over with.

While I might have traveled extensively and stayed in so many countries that I can’t even remember them all, I’m not an expert, or so called expert, in any of them except for one.

Agria Oranges

Agria Oranges

Sure I have a couple of good connections in these countries, but can’t be considered a true expert. What’s more important to you is I can call myself a true expert of this part of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. That’s why the people we’ve relocated have had nothing short of the most positive changes come into their lives by relocating here. I hope one day soon my family can do the same thing for you. It’s our passion to assist the open minded people who want to not only survive, but thrive during the upcoming chaos headed for the western nations. You’d be well served to remember…. it doesn’t matter which direction the stool falls as it still hits the ground with equal force.

In the upcoming new and changing book we call life, you don’t want to be heading up the chapter entitled: don’t let this happen to you. Again your time is running out fast. The last few weeks of silver, making huge strides, is directly connected to the state of the nation’s situation…. getting ready to burst.

This is what you should be stocking BULLETS!! I won't need them

This is what you should be stocking BULLETS!! I won’t need them

Watch your thoughts; they become your words.

Watch your words; they become your actions.

Watch your actions; they become your habits.

Watch your habits; they become your character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

Liane September 9, 2012 at 4:30 pm

I really enjoyed the 3 legged stool and balance concept. You can used this in different areas of your life. Too much of one thing such as work and not enough of other things such as time with family and relaxation with cause the stool to tip over. With either a divorce or health issued. You can use this concept in many different ways.

Barbara September 10, 2012 at 12:05 pm

WOW, was that article tonight about the three legged stool SPOT ON! Dam that was your best article I’ve read yet. I think it hit deeply for me and forcing me to MOVE ALONG!
Best of your DRescapes posts yet, Barry

John @ ROSA September 13, 2012 at 12:39 am

Dear Barry,

Your ability to comunicate in incomprehencable, thank you, Thank You and THANK YOU….


Lets say for instance you have 4 life insurance polocies on yourself , your wife and a couple other people in your family. Would it be a good idea to strip them or cash them out or borrow the max and pay the interest and the polocy remains the same for years to come you just pay the interest on the loan?

Warmest Regards

Barry September 13, 2012 at 2:21 pm

Hello John and Rosa, Thanks for the question. As I’m not a financial advisor I can only inform you of what I myself would consider. For me no two situations are the same. If GOD forbid I had to use this insurance it means obviously I’ve passed On. Some things to consider to assist in your correct choice are as follows:
If you passed on would your wife be able to support herself. Many couples are duel income and one would actually be able to carry on nicely without the other being around. If that were the case no way I would ever have life insurance as it’s a very poor investment. Children Are another example. If you and Rosa have children is one thing if not whole different picture. See there are many different deciding factors. NOW Depending on the actual cash value of these policies that’s another thing to consider. If you could maintain the same coverage for a few dollars interest a month it’s worth considering. Another point would you actually be able to borrow at this time? Banks are technically broke and being fed like a Baby Huey Cartoon. However if you could borrow I would take out as much equity on anything I have and allocate most of it into had assets.

Investing into tangible real assets should be much more advantageous of securing your loved ones future more than any paper policy would ever be able to do so. If you have any more questions email me and we could have a general chat in private. Again thanks for your support.

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