Quit Your Bithching, Open Your Eyes, Save Your Ass And Get a 2nd Passport While You Still Can

Stop Arguing and Get The Passport

Stop Arguing and Get The Passport

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. I was just having a relaxing enjoyable Cabrera type of day and all of a sudden a buddy asked me to watch this old YouTube. All of my close friends obviously know my passion of trying to assist the awakened people. I commend the ones who have opened their eyes and are taking action to best protect themselves. I would like to make myself clear on a second point though. I have no pity for the masses that by their own free will choose to remain blind. “Blind in the mind” I’ve termed it and by their own free will choose to remain this way.

Oh yeah I might feel bad for what they’re setting themselves up for but pity… not an ounce of it. If you disagree I have no problem with that what so ever, as there is no right and wrong ONLY CHOICES. I will ask you to think about this for a moment because it clearly states why I feel the way I do. “At a certain juncture, obedience itself becomes a moral crime.”

Blind is a term that has many variances. Total blindness is just one of several varying degrees of a person’s lack of vision. When someone has partial vision they can possess an illusion of what they seem to believe is reality. It doesn’t matter what it actually is because their illusion is real to them. I’m leading up to something that will make a strong point here so just hang with me for a minute.Good quality news and good quality wine share at least two things in common. They appreciate both in taste and in value with age.

Aaron Russo was as many of you know a talented producer. Raised in a tough neighborhood of N.Y. Aaron first learned how to fight on the streets. At a young age Aaron turned that fighting spirit into a more positive direction and open up a night club. Quickly he booked groups like Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead and The Who along with many other top names of the era. Aaron went on to

Aaron shined as a producer but was true star as a freedom fighter.

Aaron shined as a producer but was true star as a freedom fighter.

become a very respectable movie producer. Producing The Rose, Trading Places and even discovering Bet Midler were just of few of Aaron huge successes. He also did a few of Eddie Murphy’s best box office hits. Numerous Academy nominations Aaron was at the top of his game.

As Aaron would have told you himself he was however suffering from a near state of total blindness. Not physical blindness but as what I refer to as being “blind in the mind.” Aaron realized that in America you had absolutely no freedom you only have the illusion of freedom. Before succumbing to his cancer and subsequent death Aaron’s last 5 years were spent as a freedom fighting activist. I for one was sad to see him go. I admired his courageous fight in both rinks. Aaron was a leader and we need more of his type. He always called it as it was and never turtled when the fight got heated.

I’ve attached the YOUTUBE “Mad as Hell” at the end of this article and I’m telling you all right now, you need to watch this for several reasons. Released around 11 years ago… today (Aged) has more value by a ten-fold margin than when first released. Pay close attention to what Aaron is talking about. The issues, the audience and the speakers all of it as this makes a dammed important point. When you’re done I want you to ask yourself this very important question. In over 11 years what has changed.

The audience stands and cheers along with Aaron’s good and valid observations. Aaron received several standing ovations one right after the other.  The whole audience sways in unison’s together just as if they were at a campfire singing “cum-ba-ya my lord” but what’s changed, nothing… that’s what’s changed nothing in 11 plus years not a damn thing.

They've got you so confused. Don't be Just Start Looking at different paths called options

They’ve got you so confused, don’t let them. Just Start Looking at different paths called options

Some of you survivalist types think you’re ready for a war against the elite. With less than one percent of the population who truly understand 11 plus years later and still less than one percent. Good luck as it’s been my observation all throughout history that only the stupidest general kills his last soldier. Intelligent generals learn when to retreat first and build a formative army. Fight another day when you have the forces to at least match your opponent. Napoleon is just one of many examples who could have understood this strategy a bit better don’t you think?

Another and even much more significant point to consider, so what are you even fighting for… freedom? You never had freedom only the illusion of freedom. You really think you own your property? Try not paying your taxes and you’ll see real fast who owns it. You my friends are given nothing more than permission to have the illusion of ownership if and only if you pay what you are told to for the privilege of using and calling it yours. Why not build a home on it? Not without a permit first. Permit is short for permission, get it. But it’s yours, you own it…right yeah keep talking I hear you!! It’s yours but zoning says you can’t do what you want on it. Yep I’m still with you…it’s yours all right.

Not without a permit See Ya!

Not without a permit See Ya!

It’s a great day let’s go catch some fish. Not without a license because you’re free right? What about hunting… Nope need both a permit and license for that. Damn I’m running out of ideas on what to do. Lemonade stand with the kids, Na permit again and the board of health will be on your ass in minutes. I might as well just sit around and wait to die. No… don’t do that they tax you for doing that.

See you’re living in a screwed up fascist nation with absolutely no freedoms just illusions. A screwed up nation that believes it’s better to have real lemons in your dish washing liquid but artificial lemons in your lemonade. Man you guys are getting free grease with every shaft, but you still hang on to this dream, this illusion. It’s always been just that… an illusion get it? Hanging on to this illusion is similar to hanging onto a loose thread. The longer you hang on to it the more it unravels and leaves you with nothing. Here’s the best one yet. You’re living in a nation that has made it mandatory for all Drive-Up ATM machines to have BRAILLE buttons on the keypad and still no one seems to see the madness in this!!! Help me here what are your not seeing, “Blind in the Mind.” I tell you.

Wow! They did a number on your head. When you actually do live in a free country… a 3rd World Country you might begin to get used to what freedom really is.  I make mention of this because I want you to take notice of the two or three times that term is being used in the YouTube. See how these clueless victims use that term 3rd world. I made mention of the real origination of how this term came to be in an earlier post. It has nothing what so ever in common to what the MSM brainwashed you to believe it’s meaning to be. Make your moves to get a second passport for you and for that matter anyone you really care for. If I’m wrong it never hurts to have it, but if I’m right, it just might soon be saving yours and your loved ones asses. Isn’t that the whole reason you began stacking to begin with. Your self-preservation right… this is no difference it’s all about self-preservation.

This is too much sometimes. I’m going to have a beer or two while I take a drive and remember once again how blessed I am to really experience being free.  The rest of you can still argue with each other and try to figure out what “being Free” really means, cause lord knows you’re clueless in experiencing the freedom of actually living by those words. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

Aaron Russo “Mad as HELL”


phil September 17, 2012 at 1:11 am

The trend is clear…total government is coming

somedude September 18, 2012 at 1:07 am

I heard you on the SGT Report today. Thanks for doing the interview. I’ve been doing a bit of research on second passports over the past year or so, but nothing too too heavy. From what I found there are a few decent countries to get one, but all/most charge over $10K. Is that correct? I’m sure you have this and I will search, but just in case I don’t find it, can you provide me with a link to an article you wrote about some of the best countries to get a second passport from and possibly one about costs? I look forward to getting to know you and your site.

Jim Applegate September 18, 2012 at 3:51 pm

i would like to talk to you about 2nd passport and meeting with you.

thank you.
Jim Applegate

dan September 27, 2012 at 12:10 am

My wife is a Chinese citizen. Can she get a DR. passport?

Steve September 28, 2012 at 11:25 pm

When is your next tour and Q&A session?

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