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Thanks for your overwhelming response to our recent blog posts, interviews and articles.  So many of you have very detailed questions about what is involved in securing a 2nd passport, residency and our upcoming Discover Your Destination Tour of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  The ONLY way I can possibly get information out to all of you quickly enough is through a series of Youtube videos.  If you are interested in any of these topics PLEASE go subscribe to our Youtube channel here  TODAY so that you will be invited in to watch as we answer all of your questions about these serious topics.  I fear that time is running out as major governments scramble to restrict the rights of citizens to shift assets and move freely with those assets.  In these videos we will hit issues likethese with no bull, no nonsense information that will help you decide  if a little more sovereignty in your life makes sense.

Over the coming weeks we will cover topics such as these:

  • Blueprint for residency and a 2nd passport in the DR
  • Detailed questions about residency and securing a 2nd passport in the DR including costs and timeframes of the various options
  • What are my options for the DYD tour, what’s it going to cost and what will I see on the tour
  • What is involved in owning property in the DR… any restrictions or hidden traps
  • The process of buying real estate in the DR
  • What is the north coast like… topography, climate, activities, shopping, beaches, etc
  • What can you expect to find in a search for real estate on the north coast of the DR
  • Moving your stash into the DR… my experience
  • A sampling of the types of real estate available in this area that have been recently sold or are available now
  • Some thoughts on opportunities for a group of like-minded expats to band together into their own secure community and whether we think it is even desirable
  • What does the food and water supply look like in this area of the DR
  • Moving into or out of the DR – logistics, freedom of travel
  • Some things you will need to get used to that are a little different than where you came from
  • Some of the best deals in DR real estate NEVER make it to any listings. Why, and how do you get in on them if you want to?
  • Are you really ready to wind down and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle?
  • What is healthcare like in this area of the DR – our experience

As you guessed, this is just the start, but enough to get you started down the path of sovereignty I think…

Now, I would like to ask you to do one more thing . If you have any loved ones, friends or associates that you really care about and want to see prosper or at least not get slaughtered as the dollar and euro crumble away…. please…. have them subscribe to my blog at and to my youtube channel so that they too can start to build a good understanding of what is going on … and maybe more importantly, what is coming down the tracks straight for them. My goal is to give as many people as possible a chance not to be a “deer in the headlights” when the train comes roaring through. Please help me with that.

Whether you choose to join our family here in the DR or not, I do expect that you will enjoy your visit here on our DYD tour and benefit from learning more about the benefits of a residency or a 2nd passport somewhere outside of your home country.

DRescapes Youtube Channel

DRescapes Youtube Channel

If you are not familiar with how to subscribe to a Youtube channel, don’t worry, it is easy.  Go to and simply press the subscribe button, as indicated in the picture to the left.

The Mad Ape September 22, 2012 at 3:52 pm

Having been to the DR, I can attest to the friendliness and easy going nature of the locals.

I walked and drove all around their cities and I always felt safe.

Yeah the DR is a special place and I may do this!

I would like to see a thread on generating income to live there. What does land cost?



PAUL September 27, 2012 at 10:40 am


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