Tropical Storm, Snow Storm or Economic Storm. Nothing Equals Experience Too Surviving Any Storm. Second Interview- What it’s Going To Be Like In The Dominican Republic While Weathering the Storm.

DRescapes Providing Options Not Barriers. Perhaps a Safer Harbor to Weather The Storm. Barry in D.R.

DRescapes Providing Options Not Barriers. Perhaps a Safer Harbor to Weather The Storm. Barry in D.R.

Hi Guys it’s Barry in D.R. Well it’s another long weekend here in the D.R. Seems that every couple of weeks there’s a long weekend named after this Saint or that sinner and let’s not forget the past political people either. Honestly it’s just an excuse to party so really any name will do. I’m sure if I went down to the Mayor’s office and told him my father was a famous Canadian then asked him if we could name a holiday after him he would.

By the way I certainly have no issues with that as I believe there’s already more than enough stress and anger in the world. If people want to party I’M IN!!! and as a matter of fact there is a party over at our place next weekend. Liane is making Crab and Auyama curry with rice, banana bread and carrot cake. Except for the crab and flour we’ve grown the rest of the food from our land. Liane buys 130 LB. bags of local bread flour for around 35.00 U.S. and boy does she use it fast. We bake all our own bread and once a week give out loaves to some of the old locals who seem to love Liane almost as much as the love they have for her talents in the kitchen.

Jose's House in Naranjito

Jose’s House in Naranjito

We just got finished weeding the Green, yellow and orange peppers and let out the chickens to feed. We let them wonder around the area to feed on the bugs and tree worms hanging around the base of most of our fruit trees.

Jose's Front Porch View.

Jose’s Front Porch View.

Later this afternoon we’re moving the chickens over to Jose’s farm as we’re making some changes to the coop next week. Most people are not aware of the fact that chickens always come home to roost at dusk. You can let them run around free all day and they know to come back to the safety of their coop at night.

Haven’t had the time for hanging around the mango tree for a while now. I really miss my buddies but since the interviews

Jose's place.

Jose’s place.

all of us on the Drescapes team have been running around crazy. We have people coming in for the next three weeks and already looking into Nov. and Dec. We’re setting up more YOUTUBES and don’t worry everyone that signed up will be informed and very soon you will be seeing a schedule for the DYD TOURS.

Jose's side view. Yes He ment what he told me to print.

Jose’s side view. Yes He meant what he told me to print.

Before I continue on with today’s article we all want to thank you for your patience in understanding how busy we’ve suddenly become. Informed people are ready for options and that’s exactly what we’re all about. We’re quite aware you already get it… the banks and politicians are corrupt… the currency is eventually going to collapse… and in general the not too distant future on the surface looks pretty grey. Drescapes is an option, one option and we suggest you look at a few. “Our most precious commodity is a good teacher.” Don’t get fooled by my statement as when I say this I’m actually referring to the commodity of “time.”

Oh Yeah Jose made it very clear that if I don’t mention this he will be angry and we might not get the same amount of chickens back… so here goes. Jose has a great little two bedroom house that he said he would let people use if they come down here and need a place to stay. I know… Nobody does that and there’s catch right?? Just goes to prove our point that most have been so conditioned to think that way in the western world. Since the perception is always changed depending on what angle you’re viewing from we do understand how this seems strange to you. The elite and MSM media have done an excellent job on successfully altering your thought patterns. I have mentioned this before “there will be adjustments that you are going to have to get used to if you are going to make it in any of these countries” I’ll post a couple pictures of Jose’s house for you all to see. Thanks Jose from all of us over at Drescapes.

If it turns out that the D.R. does suit you, all we ask is that you leave your programing back to those in the western nations who have become so addicted to this type of mindset that it’s, now accept it as normality. Their fears have become their realities. WE DON’T WANT IT!!! and now on to today’s article.

Our Buddy Johnny. AKA "THE FAT BASTARD"

Our Buddy Johnny. AKA “THE FAT BASTARD”

At the bottom of my last post I had a foot note about what subject the next article would be all about. But first I have to introduce how this all came to be. It all started with Johnny B. Johnny is a good friend of ours who has been here since the late 90’s.  Johnny is affectionately known by everyone as “The Fat Bastard.” Not because he’s overweight because he’s not (See Picture) but because of the Austin Powers Movie and the character “fat Bastard” in the movie. Johnny does a great imitation of him.

Johnny's also a great Spanish Teacher.

Johnny is originally from England and owns an English school here in the D.R. With time and devotion his business has gone on to be quite a successful venture. By possessing this one all important survival skill “out of the box thinking” Johnny visioned an opportunity not currently being serviced in our area. Johnny WAS part owner of the “Professional English School of Nagua” I used the term was because he’s since opened his own venture and it’s going to be big. Johnny had noticed that the airlines, banks, some legal firms, and many local stores had employees that needed to enhance their English skills. He went on to book casual friendly business meetings (That’s how you do it here) with the airline representatives, bank manager’s, partners of the legal firms ECT. and began to discuss in general how much business they were missing by not having these communication skills at the necessary level that they should be. Well it went great and now “the fat bastard” has classes for all of them and is branching out to the new airport in Samana as well. Johnny did inform me that it would be O.K. to leave his email if anyone wanted to connect with him and together share some views. Told you that if you’re part of the Drescapes family you’re going to meet with several good folks who just really want to help. Johnny’s just one of several others to follow. His email is johnstevenpesc@gmail.comand really does not mind if you want to reach out and ask a few questions. Way to go Johnny!! We’re all proud of you.

Johnny's Capt. Morgan Imitation "One To Many Brugal's"

Johnny’s Capt. Morgan Imitation “One To Many Brugal’s”

He deserves all the benefits from the seeds he’s planted and the large harvest soon to follow. Forgive me but I’m part farmer by nature. Johnny on the other hand is not. His talents do not include mechanics or farming. Last week Johnny called me because he got a bit depressed. His favorite cactus died and he realized as a farmer he’s less nurturing than a desert. But both as a teacher and a true friend he’s brilliant!

I rested for one day after returning from our interviews in the mountains with all the farmers. Julian and I were both tired and needed to rest and catch up a bit on the chores around our property. Johnny booked me to get together with this so called “Must Meet” person over in Nagua. Nagua is a bustling little city about half an hour away from Cabrera. We all like it for the services available but other than that its way to busy a place for us.

Early the next morning I left for Nagua. I really hope you are getting an appreciation for the effort it takes to provide you good folks with the read deal when it comes to very accurate and experienced information. After arriving I shared a coffee with Johnny and His Friend Jose. Yes it’s a common name here I know… Our time together started off much the same way with the introduction followed by some short stories about the family. What made this different and well worth the trip is what followed next.

Jose and his family have actually been through two revolutions here in the D.R. Nothing beats first-hand experience. I know that to be true from my personal travels and visiting so many different countries. Here’s what Jose had to say after I dropped the dollar collapsing scenario at him.

First he just sat back and thought for about 30 seconds. He followed by saying “I’ve been to America many times. What will happen here is the same thing that always happens here. There’s going to be mobile black markets everywhere. More than ten per block as that’s how it’s always been. You’re going to get what you need but at a higher price. Sure you can bargain a bit but it will be available.” I answered I’m not so sure I agree with that view. “He said I understand you’re American.”

I politely mentioned that I’m actually Canadian. Everyone here who is not actually Dominican is considered American. You could be a Chinese person from Tokyo but to the locals “Americano” This shouldn’t be taken as an insult though it’s just the way it goes here. He continued “Is it not illegal to be on your scooter with no helmet?” Yes I answered. “Out of the tens of thousands of scooters you see have you ever seen anyone get a ticket.” Surprisingly I never had really thought about it… but NO I haven’t. I’m still not sure what direction Jose is going with that statement.

He continues “Is it not illegal to have no lights on you scooter or car.” Again yes I answer. (many cars and scooters all the lights do not work) “You’ve lived here a long time he said and for this have you ever seen anyone get a ticket?” I had to answer NO AGAIN and started to feel this guy is really setting me up to be checkmated. I love when that happens to me because it means that I just learned something valuable.

“What about stopping for a red light? We all just slow down if no one is there, right?” Once again he was correct and you will as well if you’re here. “So any tickets?” I thought on that one for a while and Dammed this guy is good. I had to reply no. But I still am not sure where he’s going with all this. He was smart enough to save the best one for last. “What about drinking beer when you drive your car or scooter, this too is illegal he says.” I know from where you’re currently living it sounds too much to believe, but when you’re here you’ll see.  Sure everybody knows that. Even though most of us do enjoy a beer while driving.

I’m not promoting drinking and driving but a beer does not make someone a raging drunk driver like the western medias have programmed people to believe. “So how many tickets have you seen over all the years you are here?” I have to admit I haven’t seen any. Jose says “this is my point I want you to understand. Like all the examples I just gave you laws do not matter here. What matters is can our Government enforce them. America for sure they can and they will pounce all over the people. They have already been doing that for years now” He continued to mention about the equipment, the many in the police and military, and the fools who are paying for it. Just for all of it to be used against the very people who paid for it. All in the name of protection, but who’s protection he said. “Here no way and it’s been that way since my great Grandfather’s time. Nobody has the money to give the Government that’s why. The people here all stand together and many political people worry if they get the people angry they’re not going to be around long. You figure out what that means on your own, but we’re not talking about work. Remember what I say should it happen. There will be over ten to twenty black market shops on every block. Selling everything you want and the only thing the police will be doing is looking for the best deal they can get for themselves. That’s the way it’s always going to be here and Mr. Barry you know I’m speaking the truth as you’ve been here many years.”

Checkmate as when someone is right they’re right. I won’t let my ego do my thinking for me. This guy Jose made me look like a fool and you know what? He was spot on with every point he made. We shook hands and hugged which is very common here. I hung on to his number for the future. Once again no real formal classroom education but man are some of these people smart!

On my drive back to Cabrera, I couldn’t stop thinking about this one thought. While Jose may not have had the same formal education as this person I was thinking about and happen to admire very much. Jose certainly has at least in this particular subject the same level of intelligence as the person in my thoughts. By the way that person just happens to be Doug Casey. Below was taken from a recent post from Doug Casey:

“Hope for the future rests in what are today derided as corrupt Third-World countries. If you’re going to have a ridiculous number of impossible laws, corruption is a good thing. Increasingly, what matters is not the number or even nature of laws on the books in the place you live, but the amount of actual control the state has over private individuals. Corruption subverts idiotic laws; it’s the next best thing to abolishing them.”

Couldn’t think of a better paragraph to use and accomplish my two final points. One is to promote credibility to Jose’s thoughts. Doug’s the man and the second hopefully this will get you to keep thinking on what this article it truly all about. Freedom and how it’s long been just an illusion for the masses of good people. I encourage you to learn how to re-experience and live in real freedom.

The freedom to be given the credit to think for yourself as an adult. Without being told by an overpowering Government everything you can and can’t do. For so many this is either already incomprehensible or way outside of their comfort zone to believe as truth.   What we personally come to believe or “know” to be truth, is entirely subjective, as it is unfortunately dependent upon the accuracy of what we have perceived or been told. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.


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