Your Gold and Silver…. or Prison and Fines… which will you choose?

Beach Your Stress And Start Living. Your Family Will Love The Changes

Beach Your Stress And Start Living. Your Family Will Love The Changes

Hi Guys it’s Barry in DR. Just finished with three consecutive tours and its good to be back in touch once again. Watch for soon to be released videos and testimonials from our guests. They all came with high expectations and guess what, they were all blown away with what they saw, or perhaps even more important FELT!, while here in Cabrera. Far exceeding their highest preconceived expectations.

Most of them had some kind of allergies and what they couldn’t eat in the western world they ate and enjoyed immensely while here. Allergies to pets didn’t seem to bother them while here. The natural fruits and vegetables everywhere they looked just had them shaking their heads in disbelief. The beef, pork and chicken from the local farms raised comments like “now this is what I remember as a kid” more than once.

Everyone who participated had a feeling of belonging after the first day and it never left them throughout the whole experience. Virtually none of them even wanted to return when it came time to depart. Most couldn’t believe the freedom here and suddenly realized how even they to had been conditioned by the media and these are INFORMED people!!!

I’ve always said Cabrera is like MayBerry with Internet and while observing was their primary intention, virtually 100% opened their own bank account and over 90% are already set to purchase a property or land for their family’s safety. Everyone had a great experience and just couldn’t thank us enough. They were floored at meeting the Mayor of Cabrera and how he personally took the time to welcome everyone and say how he would be there if needed. You have to experience this if you’re at all serious about surviving the train wreck and want to do it in a better environment.

I want to bring up a good point that someone brought up while on the tour. Serious question…What will YOU do when they  tell you to redeem your stash or face prison time and huge fines?

Facing Arrest For Owning Gold

Facing Arrest For Owning Gold

I know that seems far fetched, but you only have to look back to FDR in 1933 and see exactly that scenario.  Under the threat of 10 years in prison and $10,000 fines, every American was forced to redeem their gold for paper dollars.  One really huge difference though, in 1933 they didn’t have digital money. You see, when governments get in over their head and sell trillions of dollars in bonds and debt and make promises for social programs that they have absolutely no way of repaying, all rights and rules as we know them, get trashed “for the common good”.

I did a lot of personal thought on this. When something makes sense to me I’ll always think it out for myself. Ask yourself this “how did you purchase most of your precious metals?” If funds were wired to various sellers APMEX, GC, Kitco ECT. my thoughts are you’re toast if they decide to confiscate. Digital money always leaves two very traceable records. One from your personal bank account and secondly from the metal house where you had purchased from. BAD NEWS my friends.

Tax Return Disclose Your Metals

Tax Return Disclose Your Metals

Ever thought about what you’re going to tell them if all of a sudden this question shows up on the next 1040 you fill out? Think you have it hidden real good and they’ll NEVER FIND IT! Guess what, they won’t have to, and you’re still done for. Maybe you’re real smart and come up with a good story about how you already SOLD IT. O.K then you just forfeited that property to them as well. No matter what you do they’ve got you, because you left an easy trace, perhaps even better than a fingerprint at the crime scene.

I’m going to shift gears for an important point I want to get across. Most people would never even think about where the simple abbreviation O.K. came from. Since I spend a fair bit of time researching things to better explain myself to the people I choose to reach I’m going to explain how this saying came to be. It originated in France and it was used as a description when platoons came back to camp at the end of the day or end of the mission. The master sergeant or whoever happened to be leading the mission had to fill out several forms upon the platoons return.

When the question “how many killed in your platoon during the last 24 hours” came up on the form they didn’t leave enough room for the whole answer to fit. If they were fortunate, and had nobody killed that day, they would write O.K which stood for ZERO KILLINGS. If this confiscation does come to be, you my friends, will not be so fortunate as to be able to say you’re O.K. They’re going to lock you up down, inside out, and take what you own because you’re now a new enemy of the nation.  So think wisely on this question, and don’t say what has already happened can’t happen. That doesn’t even make sense if you take a moment and think with your head instead of your heart. For the few in my well informed group of readers who still think they can’t do it I say “Those who say it can’t be done should at least be courteous and not interrupt those who are doing it”

It’s “socialism” at work, and despite what we call ourselves in the U.S., “socialism” runs at the heart of many of the programs that are keeping millions of Americans fed and content with sitting around waiting for a government dole.   It is those government doles that keep the votes coming in and the sheep in their paddocks.   Think about how this all works.  The government sells trillions of dollars of questionable debt to China and others, they then pump much of that money back into the government sponsored dole programs to put more money in the system.  That money is spent to a great extent on excessive purchases of “stuff” that has limited or no real intrinsic value, with much of that money going right back over to China or back in the system to be recycled to fuel even more excessive debt and spending.  It’s a downward death spiral.  At some point, and that point is very near, the game is up and everyone realizes there is no way on earth for the government to make good on its promises to its citizens or to repay its debt.  The outcome is inevitable.   The government will turn on the printing presses 24/7 cranking out ever devalued currency until it is no longer accepted by anyone.  In the interim, they will do whatever they can to prop up the currency with whatever real assets they can get their hands on.

So, as they have done in the past, along the path to try to stabilize the economy for “the common good”,  it is not at all unbelievable that they will try what they did in 1933, and tell you it is illegal to own gold and silver and force you to redeem it for paper money….  paper money whose purchase power is eroding faster than money leaves your wallet.  So back to my question… when they outlaw owning gold and silver, and tell you that if you don’t redeem it you will go to prison for up to 10 years and be subject to a $10,000 fine…. What will you do?  You certainly won’t do your family any good rotting away in some god forsaken prison somewhere.

Think it can’t happen?  Dream on.

You may be saying… no problem, I can always pack it up and get out of dodge before the collectors come.  Think again.  There are already attempts to implement laws to limit your ability to move YOUR assets outside the country without very serious penalties and taxes.  These laws will pass under the guise of “getting those fat-cat anti-patriot corporate types”, like the Facebook exec, before they slip out of the country with all “their” money.    Whoa…. Notice is said with all THEIR money.  Why the heck does anyone think they are entitled to THE OTHER GUY’s money…  can you say “socialism”.

So, lets just presume they do pass laws to prohibit YOU from leaving your country with your stash.  Of course that will come with some penalty like… 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine if you are caught.  What are YOU going to do.  Again, you do your family no good rotting away in jail.

Look people….  The rewards and safety goes to the prepared.  If you don’t do anything else, please, find YOUR escape plan and take some action to put it in place so that you will not be held hostage in your own country when all sanity is thrown to the wind.

Dominican Republic Beaches

Dominican Republic Beaches

For us that was the north coast of the DR.  For you it may be someplace totally different.  That’s cool.  But for God’s sake, find someplace.

If you would like to check out this area of the north coast of the Dominican Republic to see if it is right for your family, be sure and check out our DYD tour.   We don’t charge a penny for these tours in case you wondered.

To find out more about the DYD tour go watch this Dominican Republic Tour video and register on our website so we can send you the information.  That simple.    

What we personally come to believe or “know” to be truth, is entirely subjective, as it is unfortunately dependent upon the accuracy of what we have perceived or been told.  At a certain juncture, obedience itself becomes a moral crime. Your mind is similar to a parachute; it doesn’t work if it’s not open. I missed you all over the last week while I was on the tours.  Thanks for understanding how busy it’s been and I will continue to do my best to open your chute! This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

petr October 8, 2012 at 11:13 pm

so there is no tax or danger of confiscation for bringing 5000 oz of silver bullion to DR ? How do you go about getting your PM’s from the USA to DR ?

Barry October 13, 2012 at 1:04 am

It amazes me how so many stackers think that they are breaking some sort of law by moving metals. Do some research an find out what form of metals to take fist off. Junk, currency, bars, rounds ECT all have different rules that apply but none of them are breaking the law. If confiscation is a major concern your might as well have a bulls eye on your tee shirt right where your residing now if that happens to be the states. That is the nation I would be fearing most. As put into a recent post if you wired any of your purchases you left one hell of a big fingerprint at the scene. Now Junk and silver, gold eagles Canadian maples all are valued at FACE VALUE in several countries. That’s the reason why it’s all I buy. The slightly higher above spot is a no brainer if mobility is a consideration. For me it always has been that way so I never considered the extra bit above what bars or rounds cost. For everyone the choices are different though. I’m only telling you what I have done and I’m not a metals shipping expert in any way and am certainly not recommending you do anything till you first due you own research. It will however take a few trips though. Just remember you are not breaking any law for transporting metals only if you don’t declare anything over what that country forms of value state. You might want to get in touch with some of the trade show people from the metal houses and ask them a few questions. These guys are moving in and out of countries almost every week doing trade shows. That’s how I actually found out about face value on current legal currency. Also customs really won’t help you much so try looking into tariff laws instead. Hope this helps you to start researching in the right direction. Wishing you all the best.

PAUL October 10, 2012 at 3:11 pm

Hi Berry;The article was interesting and most “stackers” would agree with your position but you didn’t say how safely bring a collection, gold or silver, through customs. Also my reading of other sites/ blogs suggests bribes are not unheard of even at customs

Thanks for your time>Paul

Barry October 12, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Hi Paul, Be glad to share what I know. Reach out to me with your email if you would like to. Be sure to include a way of reaching you like Skype, cell as It would involve more of a discussion together rather than A long email. With the non-stop people we’re trying to host here time is some what limited.

JOHN STEVEN October 11, 2012 at 5:05 pm

Great info barry,nice to see people are amazed by this beautiful area.people are floored by the natural beauty,the natural food and the relaxed atmosphere,which is so different in the states these days.Keep up the good work john steven

petr October 15, 2012 at 10:27 pm

you didn’t say how safely bring a collection, gold or silver, through customs in DR
I only have bullion bars and no trail , still , it seems that none of the experts , wants to answer the simple question of ” HOW DO YOU GO THROUGH THE CUSTOMS IN DR , ARE YOU TAXED , IS THERE A RISK OF CONFISCATION , WHAT IS THE PROCESS OF BRINGING SILVER BULLION BARS ( NO COINS) TO DR ? ”
if you feel more comfortable , please send an answer to my e-mail at .
thank you , Peter

Paul December 16, 2012 at 2:21 pm

I have the same problem. I think 90% coins are valued at face value and bullion coin/bars are at spot which a tariff is applied???. I’m not concerned about breaking the law so much as not having the proper info and having my possessions taken possibly getting “lost Perhaps several of us could pool our resources and ship through on shipper also why couldn’t a person bring their collection through customs with the proper paper work??
I found a forum > Google dr1 or Dominican republic news papers I’m at if anyone has any thoughts

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