Tax Slaughter and Closed Borders: Will you be Butchered, Skinned or Trapped?

Back Home with The Wife, Chickens, 4 Cats and a dog.

Back Home with The Wife, Chickens, 4 Cats and a dog.

Hi guys its Barry in DR. I have a couple of days before the next tour arrives so I’m attempting to catch up on some of the articles.  All of us on the DRescapes team are amazed at the amount of well informed people we’ve met so far and have been able to assist in offering a possible alternative plan to better weather the up-coming  issues soon to hit the shores of the western nations. Thanks for all the comments and kind thoughts. We appreciate it.

Pay close attention to  as I just previewed the draft of our very soon to be released page on applying for immigration. It doesn’t get any easier than this to get the wheels turning and start the process. A process you just might be very happy you started when you did. Judging by the amount of  emails it’s going to be huge.

Several articles ago I made the comment: you’re the fuel necessary to run the machine and it doesn’t matter if your premium, regular or diesel you’re going to get burned.The government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. More than any other time in history they’re watching your every move. Read on and you’ll get the picture I’m trying to get across.

Curious Eyes Are Constantly Watching Your Every Move

Curious Eyes Are Constantly Watching Your Every Move

Major governments around the world are literally starving for more tax dollars.  America leads the pack with it’s huge deficits and it’s out of control debt repayment and unfunded social programs.  Part of their solution will be to devalue their currencies, to create paper money out of thin air to pay off all these debts.  The other part of the solution will be to hit anyone with any means at all with more taxes and “fees” (hidden taxes).  This trend is inevitable with a maturing population where lifespan is increasing and the percentage of actual workers to carry the load is falling.  At some point, the producers will simply run for the exits (if they are allowed that freedom) and find some way to hang on to what little they have left before they get taxed into poverty.

Question:  Will YOU be the victim of your government’s insatiable appetite for more of YOUR money?

You can bet on it if you have anything to protect or a good salary coming in.  Leaks are already starting to appear in the U.S. and certain European countries as an increasing number of execs and asset holders are taking their assets out of the country… often with their families in-tow.  So what’s a government to do…   PLUG THE LEAKS.  If they have to plug them with your cold stiff body…so be it.

They can make it damn hard to get your assets out of the country by raising the penalties or punishment so high it will stop you in your tracks.  And they can make it more difficult to get yourself out of the country too.   Already the U.S. government is putting heavy pressure on foreign countries and foreign banks to make it less and less desirable for them to accept accounts in the names of Americans.   If the banks won’t accept your money it becomes a little clumsy to do business and live comfortably.   One of the best hedges around,  historically, was to grab a second passport in a foreign country.  With that passport you can open whatever bank accounts you want and purchase whatever assets you want, just as their natural citizens are allowed.  And you can generally do so without the long arm of your home government watching your every move.  There are numerous other benefits of residency and citizenship and a passport in a second country that will be covered in detail in future posts, but for now lets talk about the status of second passports now… and what doors are still open.

There are an increasing number of signs that some countries and banks are caving to the pressures of the U.S. government.  In short, your money simply isn’t worth the hassle to them anymore.  A couple examples.  More Swiss banks are either refusing or are liquidating accounts held by Americans under U.S. passports.  Switzerland has long been held as one of the best places to park assets with some privacy and a little out of the reach of the home government officials.  Finally, many of these banks have caved and are simply saying…. “your money is not worth the hassle from the U.S. government”.  I suspect the same thing happened regarding 2nd passports in Panama earlier this year.   The government is simply refusing to follow through with its promise to grant citizenship and 2nd passports to Americans that have fulfilled their 5 year long residency program, per the regulations.  You see, Panama still has a little too tight ties, economically and otherwise, with the U.S. to worry about granting a few passports and ticking off the U.S.  At least that is the common suspicion.   In my book, Panama just fell from one of the better places to expatriate to one of the worst.

So what does that mean to you if you want to protect your assets and your family.  It means you better get your ass in gear and start the process somewhere.  We found the north coast of the Dominican Republic, up around Cabrera, to be not only a great place to live with friendly people, but also very accepting of Americans, Canadians and Europeans.  The residency regulations in the DR are still pretty favorable and there is still a path to residency and a second passport that works.

I don’t know exactly when the gates will swing shut, especially on Americans, but I do hope you do not find yourself behind the gate with nowhere to go and no way to get your assets and family there. We all live on an island. The only thing that prevents most of us from seeing this is the elite’s power of installing and regulating fictitious borders to create the illusion of separation. The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” This is Barry in DR and I’m out.


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