Barry in DR – I Was Robbed By Six Thugs – MUST READ!!!

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Whew! just returned from another tour yesterday. After dropping off at the Puerto Plata airport enjoyed the scenic ride home. I now have a day or two to get ready for the next tour that arrives this Wednesday. Want to take a moment and relay a hardy thanks to the Drescapes web master. We just released the immigration information and registration page early today. We have already received many forms and it hasn’t even been out one full day. An absolutely fantastic job and a big thank you goes out from all of our team members here in the DR.

Five Thugs In my Mango Tree

Six Thugs In my Mango Tree

Crime seems to be getting worst everywhere you look. The DR is no exception as earlier today I was robbed by six thugs. A mean a street gang type of scenario if ever there was one. NOT!  Now I know everyone on the tours has been writing testimonials on how safe they felt while in Cabrera but don’t take their word for it. Certainly don’t take my word for it either. You’ll have to come on out and see it for yourselves. Seems that one way or another we’re all being exposed to the increase in crime. I’ve even managed to snap off a couple of pictures during the actual crime which might even come in handy as evidence if this goes to trial in the not too distant future. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words, Right? Let’s compare how this type of crime ranks with what’s currently being experienced in the western nations.

Ruthless Criminals of Cabrera

Ruthless Criminals of Cabrera

From the pictures, and by the way YES, THIS IS THE MANGO TREE I’M WRITING UNDER for some of my articles, so take note on the following. See how youth gangs are present in Cabrera much the same as the western nations.  NOT! Notice how unafraid they seem even when they’re pictures are being taken at the crime scene. Most prevalent of all they didn’t even flee the scene once they were caught in the act. What’s this world coming to?  Luckily this one tree produced over 4000 mangos this season alone.

Sure I’m having a bit of fun after long hours of nonstop touring. But seriously take a moment and have a good look at these pictures. Remember, not all that long ago when we grew up? For most of us that meant climbing trees with your friends, riding bikes and rigorous playing in the fields and parks. Yeah we skinned knees and maybe even needed a stitch or two but it was real! Living was real and then over the past few decades somehow it all got lost. We traded what worked for what sounded good.

Nothing Left to Do but Watch T.V. Along With A Couple Of  Snacks

Nothing Left to Do but Watch T.V. Along With A Couple Of Snacks

There weren’t any Government agencies telling you “that’s dangerous” or “you’re an incompetent parent for allowing that to happen”, while all along, of course, convincing you it’s all in your own best interest. What about riding your bike? You didn’t need a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, side or rear view mirrors and a host of other garbage you’ve become too accept as normality when riding a simple bicycle.

Look at hockey for another example. Roller BALL HOCKEY even!!! I don’t think Bobby Orr had that kind of safety equipment when he played for the Bruins. The only thing that’s gotten more aggressive over the same time period is how you, the parents, take it so seriously and even start fights with one another in the stands. Right in front of your own children’s eyes. Now that’s one hell of a good example for them to see don’t you think? But remember it’s all in your own best interest.

Let’s dive into this a bit deeper. Notice the kids in my mango tree. See any of them forty, or even twenty, pounds overweight? Na these ‘thugs’ oops I meant kids are active. They don’t get their kicks or exercise by video games and other sorts of simulated activity. Yep they’re eating healthy NATURAL mango’s just like we used to do when we climbed apple and cherry trees, remember. But once again that’s not a good thing for you to be teaching your kids. Again, of course, all in your own best interest, or so you’re told.

You see most people have been convinced by MSM that once again it’s in your own best interest to be heading on down to the nearest new WHOLE FOODS store and stock up on all the healthy tasty treats they have to offer. You know WHOLE FOODS, the chain that has you believing that everything they sell is whole. The same chain that just admitted that most of their stuff is GMO grown just like the rest of the other grocery chains.

See nothing left in the western nations is real. It only contains the illusion of being real. I might add one exception though. The over taxation is real but much else, I really doubt it. The currency, most of the relationships, what you eat, what you watch, even what you do. Sad but true. Did you know there’s even a term for this? It’s called SOFT KILLING and I don’t believe they’re referring about one’s waistline when the term is being used. Just look at the increases in cancer, autism, ADD, asthma and a host of other things that this all in your own best interest diet and lifestyle has created.

No wonder why virtually everyone who has come out here and taken the tour after just three days mentioned how good their bodies have felt. Of course, you’re going to, because you’re eating real food. The body can’t recognize GMO grown foods as the DNA has been altered and therefore can’t totally digest them. The DNA is not recognizable by your very own body. No wonder why you’re hungry an hour after you just ate. Here, in the farmlands of the DR, you’re eating natural food that your body was meant to digest in a healthy way. So I ask you, Who’s been zooming who? Hands down it’s you who’s been the victim all along and not even realizing it. I’ve mentioned several times the elite may be many things, but one thing they are not is stupid.

Now That's What I Call a Mango Tree!!

Now That’s What I Call a Mango Tree!!

One last thing, that mango tree, four months earlier, had over 2000 mango’s on the front half alone. Look at the pictures and I bet there’s just as many now on the aft part, and if you think that’s a huge mango tree pay attention to the last picture as it’s more than DOUBLE the size of mine. I’ll be out again on tour next week and will catch up when I can. Hope our families cross paths soon. This is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Sonya December 15, 2016 at 4:56 pm

Oh good grief! It took me two paragraphs before I realized you were just having a little fun. LOL. Love this article. When I lived in the country of Kentucky with Amish neighbors all the children, including my own daughter, would walk from house to house, farm to farm, playing in the trees, grabbing walnuts, peaches, plums from anyone’s trees and no one called the authorities. Not a single parent complained. If you or one of the children got hungry, the family that had a meal ready fed them. Wives and mothers were proud to share the bounty of their gardens with neighbors. While walking or driving down the road everybody waved including total strangers. Here I am in metropolitan DC and everybody keeps to themselves… helicopter parents are ready to call the CPS when they see an 11 year-old walk down the street to the playground alone. True story! I miss that slow, friendly, neighborly lifestyle terribly. I’ve been to Ecuador and the people are so incredibly friendly and proud of their heritage. I’ve been invited to visit Panama in the spring of 2017. So I am ready to pack my bags and live elsewhere. Panama and Dominican Republic are top considerations. Thank you and peace to you and your house. I’ll email you soon.

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