One Of The Most Common Questions While On Tour

Hi Guys It’s Barry in DR. With Hurricane Sandy raging across the north east and Canada all of our prayers go out to the people in those areas being affected. Here in Cabrera we realize one more time why we’re blessed by having the mountain ranges surrounding us. Makes for the best protection mother nature can provide. It’s no wonder why nobody has shutters on their homes here in Cabrera. We faced three days of steady rain and wind gusts exceeding 30 M.P.H. We really needed the rain though as the foliage wasn’t receiving much over the last month.

It’s been none stop with people arriving for the D.Y.D. tours and today is no different. Seeing how I have to depart in about one hour to pick up our next arrivals I’m going to have to keep this short. Since we’re meeting people from all over the world that are looking for a safer place to invest and or relocate the Drescapes staff couldn’t help but notice that different sets of questions seems to arise from the various groups. This of course is depending where the people originate from.

Whether the people are from Canada, U.S. or Europe they’re always the same basic questions. The only variation on the questions depends on where the group originated from.  To put it another way the people from Europe are asking the same basic questions. The good folks from Canada are asking different questions but are all similar to the group of Canadians. Same goes for the people from the U.S.

World Citizen Flag

World Citizen Flag

It’s recently occurred to us that after the various groups became relaxed and had the opportunity to witness the peace and safety of this region one particular group of people kept on asking this one question. I found it strange that none of the other groups, not once had ever even asked this question.  It was always the same group from the same geographic location.

The question was: How do the local people feel about us being here? Do they like us or do they resent us? Now having traveled most of my life and actually living in five different countries I found this to be a strange question from so many. Perhaps it’s the various countries I’ve lived in or possibly all the people I’ve become friends with, I don’t know which or even if any of these reasons it might be.  Maybe I was looking at this subject from a different angle, a vastly different angle than the others who seemed to be concerned by asking this question over and over.

Remember viewing the same subject from a different angle produces a completely different picture. According to the universal laws everything returns to its source of origination. This includes YOU! We all have the same origination and the same destination. When you drop a pebble in a pool the waves radiate away from the source of origination, don’t they? Well when they hit the boundaries of their limitation what happens then?  They return to their source of origination, don’t they?

By now I’m sure you had already figured out where this group originates from and you’re correct. They were the groups coming from the U.S. No big surprise right? Now I’m the first to agree that you can’t generalize when it comes to nationalities and religions in fact any large assembly of people, but we all found it strange that it was always the same nationality. There’s good and bad in everyone and everything. On a deeper thought level what value would good hold if you didn’t understand what bad meant?

Still it was only the U.S. people and almost EVERYONE in the U.S. groups had asked the same question. Again not once has this question ever been raised by any of our other groups from Canada, Europe or Asia. Once again I’m suggesting that you bring up that all important word again: Why? Why only the good folks from U.S. ask this question, Sometimes more than once. WHY hasn’t any other group even once asked the same question? WHY are they so concerned about what others think of them to begin with? Easily I could go on and list another dozen WHY’S. So all the Drescapes people started to think WHY only this one group.

We have our thoughts WHY. You have your thoughts WHY. Others also have their thoughts WHY. Perhaps one of the best when, where, how and WHY’s in the business is Doug Casey. As my readers know I have the utmost respect for Doug Casey and his articles as he just plain tells it like it is. I have to admit I do the same and have never been shy on telling anything to anyone in my whole entire life. Perhaps it’s WHY I found out at such an early age I’m totally un-trainable and would have to create my own endeavors.

I’ve always understood that most people will never find correctness or genius in someone that just offended them. Instead of considering the fact that it actually takes concern to tell someone something that may hurt their feelings or try and warn them that they’re headed for a train wreck. Instead they simply resort to the biggest three letter word in their dictionary: EGO and get offended. Think about this for a moment. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t take your time to say anything in the first place, would you? Friends tell you what you need to hear with an understanding that you will take it in the right context. Because you care what happens to them.

Now an acquaintance will always tell you what you want to hear. Because they don’t really care it’s just not important enough to expense their energy telling you something that might cause an argument. The problem is that over time people have confused the two words and mistake acquaintances as being friends. No wonder why most people seem to be let down when their backs are against the wall and they really do need a friend only to find out if it’s not dinner or a movie they’re not available. Sound familiar to you? Ever been in that situation before?

Maybe this will prove to be a well-known situation in your own life.  After ten years of thinking someone was your true friend you come to find out that they were just an acquaintance all along. See in all that entire span of time you never really needed them to care, you only needed their company.  You know it’s true because it’s happened to every one of us.

Friends care acquaintances comfort and I hope you grab onto what I’m saying here as the way things are heading you’re going to really need friends because your acquaintances won’t be around much longer. I might know over 1500 people I call acquaintances but five or so I know are true friends. Huge difference and hope you’re as lucky to have as many friends as I do.

In a recent interview Doug once again tells in like it is. Listen to what he has to say about the WHY American’s might feel the way they do. Listen to his views of WHY college just might be a poor use of ones time in this paradigm shift. Hope it makes sense as it’s been said before: You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. I know I said I was making this a shorter post but it’s too important a topic to do so. Indecision may or may not be my problem. This is Barry in DR and I’m out.


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