Four More Years!!! Nah It Won’t Take That Long

Hi guys its Barry in DR. I have a few days to catch up now that the last few people departed yesterday. The next couples don’t arrive till mid next week so it leaves me a bit of time for one or two blogs. During the past two months it’s been a steady process of picking up Discovery Tour people, introducing people and in general trying to fit five pounds of apples into a four pound bag.  It truly has been a delight to meet so many like minded people.

Government Hypnotist "This Paper Has Value, This Paper Has Value"

Government Hypnotist “This Paper Has Value, This Paper Has Value”

We’re pleased to see so many have decided to take their futures into their own hands and break away from the negativity and soon to follow violence looming over the western nations.  But with this latest election in America… you will NOT have to worry about FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS!!!  Not a chance!  It will never hold together that long. For all of you still sitting on the fence post, don’t worry, it’s about to be crammed up you’re you-know-what…. real soon.  Remember this, and save it to look back on.  You’re going to start feeling it BIG TIME in the coming months!! The near term plans have already started, moments after the so called election was partially tallied.  Your freedoms to hang on to your assets and freely relocate outside the reach of the strong arm of the US government will face serious attacks.  There is no way the power structure will allow wholesale leaks of assets outside the US borders for any prolonged period.

I’m confident my readers already knew that the elections haven’t meant much for decades. The only difference is the rate of decline. Mitt might have been a 30 degree angle but Obama, let’s just say 60 degrees is being friendly. I’m not even saying that’s a bad thing as numbers can’t lie and it just has to crash before any type of rebuilding can come forth. I’m just glad that Ron Paul got pushed out as even he couldn’t save it and all that would have remained is the blame to the name.

Obama Reelection Will Accelerate Collapse

Click Here to watch video. Obama Reelection Will Accelerate Collapse of energy, food supply and freedoms in America.

I was given this video by a good friend of mine who, like me, is trying to shake and wake. Before we go any further I realize it is a pitch video I’ve been studying this for over a decade and a half. I don’t care that it is a pitch video, because the content is right on point by some well connected people, and I don’t really care one way or another if you want to purchase their newsletter.

The video makes a compelling argument for failing energy, dwindling food supplies, limited water, etc. Facts don’t lie and what’s really come out of this is the fact that it’s no longer even possible to feed the masses without sharply increasing the use of oil for fertilizer and harvesting. Adding to that delivery to the retail stores…. ITS A FREAKEN TRAIN WRECK.   What’s not to see.

Oh yeah I almost forgot…. you’ve got silver and bullets. You might have even started to store food, water and a fair assortment of supplies too.  I agree, and good for you for planning ahead.  But give your head a shake will you. Just look back in history for a moment. You think nobody else was armed in hopes of protecting themselves and their families in the face of crisis?  In every incident the wealthy were among the first victims. Perhaps you remember one of the more recent occurrences?  What did the Jews in Europe do with all their priceless paintings, their castles, and did I forget to mention THEIR GOLD!! That’s right they GAVE IT AWAY.  All of it in hopes to flee the country. They gave it away (yes the word used was GAVE) just to be stuffed under some boxes in the back of some old truck in hopes they wouldn’t be discovered before they crossed the border. And the saddest part is this is that more than half were double crossed and still lost everything.  But you’re different because you’re smarter right?  That’s just one of the many mistakes you’re making. If I’m pissing you off…. TO BAD.  Remember, kindness from the heart before first going through the head is one of the most dangerous mistakes one can make. When the time comes, and it’s not too long now, you will have an opportunity to GIVE away every ounce of anything precious you own to save yourself and your family. You won’t be SELLING anything!!

I do want to point out that while part of the solution may be strategic investments, as they suggest in their newsletter, the more fundamental and personal solution is to position your family in a place that offers unlimited resources. In our region we have abundant natural food that is not dependent on fertilizers and petroleum products since the foods are organic, the soils are rich and most of the harvesting is still done by hand.

Organic Fruit And Vegetables in Cabrera Dominican Republic

Organic Fruit And Vegetables in Cabrera Dominican Republic

Cabrera is a place where water is abundant and almost free. Five gallons of pure drinking water (less the Fluoride of course) runs about 40 cents American. Cabrera is a place where the pace of life minimizes the need for energy, a place where alternative energy can be a viable alternative, a place that is protected from the rioting in the streets and the severe collapse that will be experienced in the US, Europe and Canada. Why, because you can’t take away what a person never had. Here we live a real life, not one that’s become dependent on fake everything. Simple, real life and everything we grow is locally consumed NO EXPORTING from this region. We can’t even consume all the fruits and vegetables currently growing in this region.

Watch this pitch video and really look deep into what’s being said. Truth hurts, but is far better than dieing with a lie held closely to your heart. I’ve added in an excellent article I picked up from Lou Rockwell’s web site.  Jack D. Douglas writes: The Lull before the social storm. One of the best pieces to date that describes exactly what many of you are living in. The one thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history. That’s why it keeps repeating itself.

So you better start thinking about what I’ve been saying. Yes I agree Gold and Silver are a smart thing to have but if you think for one moment you won’t GIVE IT all away to relocate and save yourselves in the face of chaos, well you better think again and reread your history.  History is about to repeat itself in the not too distant future. Time is the asset that’s running out rapidly and our tours are booking up fast so consider this sooner than later. This is Barry in DR and I’m out.


From Lou Rockwell” The Lull Before The Storm” By Jack D. Douglas


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