Hi Guys its Barry in DR. I was researching a couple of posts the other day and came up with some information that really got my attention. My wish is this. I hope it can do the same for you. It starts out with a clip from an HBO show about news casters and takes place in the current year of 2012. Since I don’t watch T.V. I had never heard of this show. But as for this clip, watching it from another site really sparked my interest.

The scene takes place where three news casters are in front of a college group answering questions. Questions were being formed from both the host and the audience. What really caught my attention was the following question: Why is America the greatest country in the world? In the form of a question it’s simple and direct. Exactly the way a good question should be. The answers, now that’s where it got really interesting.

It plays out in the beginning (cut out of video) with two out of three guest speakers going back and forth on various issues. Typical for this type of debate questioning when questions are put out for multiple viewpoints. However the third guest seemed to be quiet and kind of in another world so to speak. His mind was at a different place and time not really showing any interest of what’s currently happening, or so it seems to be the case. In reality he’s just viewing the same subject but from a different angle which produces a completely different perspective of the exact same subject.

Then the question arises from the audience: Why is America the greatest country in the world? The first guest answers: Diversity and opportunity. The camera pans to the second guest. He then answers: Freedom and Freedom and let’s keep it that way. Then he sits back to enjoy the applause he obviously knew his answer would bring. The camera now pans to the third guest the one not showing any interest to what’s happening. He comes out and says: The New York Jets. And of course his neutrality gets a laugh from the audience.

NO! Points out the host. I’m going to hold you to an answer on that. That answer is what I want you to really understand. Soon after he comes to grips clearly one begins to see why he’s maintained his middle of the road never leaning one way or the other attitude. Now start asking yourself this. Do you agree or disagree with the facts and what the character had to say? Last time I checked you had to finish first to win the race. 3rd, 22nd 154th or any other place but first didn’t make you the winner. Sure you could think you won but does that really count or mean anything of value?

For me this represents a disturbing perspective but never the less one based on fact. I looked up a couple of these points and have come up with the same numbers, or very close to what’s been pointed out in the you tube. Personally for me this is very saddening. To now understand this to be today’s reality. But what if anything can be done? Who’s going to be there for any of us?

If you walk away with anything from the post I hope it’s this. His answer when the neutrality comes to an end and he finally chooses a decisive path. BECAUSE WE WERE INFORMED! His answer to the question why America is the greatest country in the world was: It’s NOT! but what ONCE MADE America the greatest nation in the world was: BECAUSE WE WERE INFORMED! You’d be well served to remember that answer.

However being informed was what might have made America a great nation then but does the same thing hold true today? Do you feel today’s population is well informed? Not those of you who are reading similar posts and tuned into alternate news media. It’s the general population that this question is referring to. Ask yourself another question. If you feel you’re somewhat on track of understanding then what about your parents, brothers, sisters, family and friends who you may have approached and tried to mention anything regarding such subjects. Did they welcome your questions with an open mind or rather were you looked upon as: where the hell is this coming from? Polarized and cited as if to say you better stop what you’re reading and watching. Bet it’s the latter of the two. At least that’s been my case. All over the world I’ve been able to assist in enlightening people with truth except in the case when it comes to close friends or family.

So it’s back to the previous question. So who’s going to be there for you? For starters you might want to look at countries facing parallel situations. Anybody really going out of their way to assist the people in Greece lately. What about Spain, Italy? What about you’re Government? I don’t know perhaps let’s ask a few in N.Y. or New Jersey and see what they have to say. If they’re not there for a hurricane what makes a person realistically believe they would be for a currency crash. A crash that has the nation suddenly come to experience food, water, fuel being very scarce and inflated beyond comprehension. Just a few questions you might want think about.

Now maybe in your world these may not apply right now. Personally I hope that is actually the case as always I wish for nothing short of the best for everyone. But being a trends guy and having been one for over 17 years it’s hard for me to change my trend of thought (pardon the pun but I had to) especially since I don’t want to, as understanding trends has kept us well ahead of the curve.

There are always options and there may be a better way. For some it’s fighting it out for the illusion of freedom. For others it’s looking at options that involve relocation and still for others it may be the following. What’s wrong with the way things are (you know our family) and it’s all correct. No right or wrong as they’re merely choices. If you’re not happy with the one made simply make another. Opportunities do exists but you have to take your own actions and people choose different paths which leads them to different locations. All are correct though but for the individuals who chose them. That doesn’t mean they’re correct for you. No one’s coming to anybody’s rescue so rescue you first.  If you doubt it just ask anyone who’s ever lived in Detroit. They’ll set you straight in a heartbeat. Till next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

REALIST NEWS – Is this the America you “thought” you were living in and taught about in school?


  • 7th in literacy
  • 27th in math
  • 22nd in science
  • 49th in life expectancy
  • 178th in infant mortality
  • 3rd in median household income
  • 4th in labor force
  • 4th in exports
  • 19th is State success
  • 3rd in oil production
  • 12th in prosperity
  • 22nd in freedom of the press
  • 2nd in child poverty
  • 30th in nocturnal safety
  • 3rd in “liking” the United Sates (behind Japan and Kenya)
  • 11th in “happiness”
  • 22nd in freedom from corruption
  • 24th in “perceived” honesty
  • 39th in income inequality
  • 4th in employees “faking” illness
  • 3rd in human development
  • 10th in economic freedom
  • 17th in credit “worthiness”
  • 4th in global competitiveness
  • 47th in infant survival
  • 38th in trade freedom
  • 8th in researchers
  • 12th in thriving population
  • 61st in monetary freedom
Joshua November 14, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Great Post! Informative and thought provoking.

Lary November 16, 2012 at 3:29 pm

These statistics are a very sad reflection on our lack of real leadership and our steady decline and there is very little on the radar to suggest the US will turn this around. Really sad.

john steven November 19, 2012 at 2:52 pm

excellent finally some good exposure from a renowned hollywood actor jeff daniels, The truth will set you free.
The sad thing is nobody wants to hear the truth.AWESOME

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