Through a Lot of Bad Comes a Lot of Good

Hurricane Sandy A Lot Of Bad

Hurricane Sandy A Lot Of Bad

Hi guys its Barry in DR. I have a few more days till our next group of the informed minority arrives and starts considering their plans for not only a better way but a real life change. Recently returned from our coop and scored several fresh eggs.  Three have my name on them just as soon as I’m finished with this blog post.

Here in Cabrera the weather has recently changed, but not nearly as much as the outlook has, after the election results were official. Even the main streams have altered their story lines and have started viewing the same subjects but with slightly altered angles. Wow, it’s all changed in just 24 hours.  NOT!  The only thing of real change is the time factor. Just as I’ve pointed out it’s not as long as you might think.

While I respect everyone’s right to choose, just a thought you may want to consider before any decisions are set in stone. Be sure what your choosing is real and not just an illusion. Just an example, let’s say you’re hell bent on fighting for freedom, your freedom.  Worthy goal, and an abundance of information is available out there about how dark forces, the elite, or Government is taking it away one piece at a time.

Darkness in the Big City

Darkness in the Big City

Whether I agree or not really doesn’t matter. I’m viewing the subject from the outside and many of you are viewing the same subject, but from the inside. As mentioned several times in past posts “looking at the same subject from different angles produces a completely different view of that same subject”

Currency, Food, relationships, safety or even your nations Government being there for you are just a few of many worthwhile examples to consider.  Before you actually decide to fight for anything, I would suggest the following consideration prior to taking any action. Take a few steps back and see if what you’re about to be fighting for is real. Make sure it’s not an ILLUSION that you’re fighting for.

If you go into conflict only to fight for an illusion you’ll always be disappointed at its outcome. Why because the only time an illusion becomes a reality is when you require it. That’s the moment when reality shows it harshness. Not until that moment is it even realized it’s never been there all along. You can take charge or you can settle for inpermanent belief, the choice is yours, but the outcome either way will be your reality. Your subconscious is dangerous only when your conscious attitude towards it becomes hopelessly false. Your illusions become your realities.

Over the past months I’ve been blessed to have my articles posted on several major websites. Sites specifically tuned for the informed few operating at varied frequencies of understanding. continues to be a regularly featured blog on such creditable web sites as: The SGT Report, Silver for the people, financial survival network just to name a few. Jeff Berwick and his wife just spent a couple of days with us and witnessed how well we’re set to face the upcoming events. I’m confident he was most impressed as we’re now on the Dollar Vigilante site. Why are we gaining such exposure so fast? BECAUSE WE’RE DIFFERENT and WE’RE REAL. We provide a REAL option.

Just Imagine This on a NATIONAL LEVEL

Just Imagine This on a NATIONAL LEVEL

We’re all about choices and possible opportunities. Not saying our options are for everybody, but then again, whose is.

I find it amusing how everyone has their opinions on how to better survive what nobody has ever experienced before. Very entertaining how the two or three percent of so called experts have something to offer, or form a useless opinion, on something they know nothing about. Many of these experts have no experience at all of  actually living in other countries. Yet they form opinions about the subject  from a level of experience no higher than one would receive from visiting a crowded beach at an all-inclusive resort with pineapple drink in hand. Mind you, all this “wealth of  accumulated knowledge” is also taking place during  their two weeks off for good behavior, if they’re lucky enough to even have a job.

I would suppose these self appointed professionals would also qualify themselves as experts on Alaskan crab fishing because they’ve watched: World’s Most Dangerous Jobs. Better yet perhaps they should be driving the 29 car because they noticed that Kevin Harvick missed going low at 200 M.P.H. in turn 3 at Daytona and missed the pass on the second to last lap and it cost him the win. Amusing how they don’t seem to mention though, that all of these experiences are coming from the comfort of their favorite reclining chair, while in air conditioned comfort, and being brought to them on their 50 inch flat screen hi definition 1080 Blu Ray screen, do they? Be careful as many experts are forming opinions on survival while holding a “Quarter Pounder” in their other hand. Nothing will ever replace hands on experience of living it or doing it. You can’t experience balance on a computer and you won’t have experienced balance till you fall down and skin your knee.

Since We’ve been living out of the Western world’s reality, or better said, lack of reality for just under 30 years, our thoughts of survival and reality may be different than most, we all understand that. What is undeniable by open minded folks is the fact that there will be much better regions to be located in as the SHTF and continues on its relentless course. The costliest thing you can possess is a closed mind, as it will cost you everything you value. A closed mind feeds on everything from wealth to relationships and it’s appetite is insatiable in both volume and variety.  For us, Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic is where we will sit on the sidelines of this turmoil.

No Problem Just Hook Up Your Horse to The SUV.

No Problem Just Hook Up Your Horse to The SUV.

Time once again for that little word WHY. You know, the all-important word most people forget to ask before forming their opinions. Listed below are just a few WHY’S we’ve come to experience over many years spent living in other countries.

  1. We’re totally self-sufficient. In this region.
  2. All fruits and veggies are locally grown and NO EXPORTING at all exists in the region. 72 different fruits and veggies are grown here. All in abundance.
  3. All of the beef, pork, chicken, eggs, milk, cream, sugar, shampoo, soap and so many other products are local and the animals feed on natural food.          (I can’t even list them all)
  4. Farm land has no Government restrictions and is relatively cheap. Might want to pay attention to this one as food is going to soar in price. Farm land will soon be seen as scarce limited and restricted in many areas of the world. Thank you Monsanto.
  5. In the region most of the water is gravity fed so we never need to worry about electric pumps or the lack of electrical supply.
  6. We’re used to power fluctuations and outages. Each day the city power goes off at least twice. What you’re NOT told is we’re all set up with Inverters and deep cycle batteries. As city power comes on the system automatically recharges the batteries. You don’t notice the difference but again we’re prepared for it.
  7. We all take responsibility for ourselves and don’t rely on the Government or Government systems to do it for us.  (Remember is it real or is it an illusion of reality)
  8. We all work together as a team, thus bringing forth what we’re each good at. Remember when the mechanic down the road was your neighbor. The electrician up the block was a genus. Really, are you old enough to remember that time?
  9. The region has an aquifer system with enough fresh water for at least 150 years.
  10. Much less dependent on fuels. All harvesting (except for rice) is still done by hand. No pesticides (except for rice) so the tremendous amount of fuel to produce pesticides is not required either.
  11. It’s a bit easier to hook up a horse or burro to one of our wagons than you to one of your SUV’s. If you doubt it go ahead and try. You’ll just be receiving one more dose of reality fast. Especially if the battery is dead.
  12. A huge part of our region works on a barter type system. Trading is commonplace in both services and products. You remember that from 40 or so years ago don’t you.

These are just few of many examples to be had. I’ve always mentioned… thought or kindness from the heart before first going through the head is dangerous. The above sentence brings me to something I want to mention before exiting from this post. Really, the appropriate word should be SOMEONE, not something. That someone is Mr. Warren Pollock and the thought was long ago in my head before coming from my heart and sharing this valued name with my readers.

For those of you who don’t recognize this man’s name you might want to make it a strong reference point to consider using in the near future.  If you do, then start looking into his many youtube videos.  A link below is to one of his videos following Hurricane Sandy.   I’ve been following Warren’s work for quite some time and I’m apologizing in advance for not mentioning his name in an earlier post.

For me, Warren is the real deal, not some “say-what-others-want-to-hear” kind of a person.  I respect that, and those who read my posts understand how that mirrors me. But in viewing Warrens last video, I see a change in how he presents himself. Again the man is real, so nothing short of absolute respect when I say this. I believe Warren may have gained a valuable and altered understanding of what I was referring to…… reality verses illusion. You know, same subject being viewed from a different angle.

Warren and his family we’re caught up in the perils of Hurricane Sandy. My thoughts and best wishes are for all who are facing this challenge. Since I’ve been following Warren’s work for some time now, and even though we’ve never formally met, I know enough about him through his work that he would have been on top of things and prepared properly. If it could happen to him it could happen to you. You can find Warren at and I urge you to check him out.

Judge yourself accordingly as even a mirage can seem to be reality…. if you’re viewing it from within a desert. Understand with wisdom but be wise with understanding. Till next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

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Tal November 18, 2012 at 11:45 pm


Great article. I really liked how you laid out the advantages of where you are in 12 succinct points. When you go through them you realize how much better off things are in Cabrera from a self sufficiency stand point and how this closed system in itself is completely self sufficient and it doesn’t really matter what happens in other areas to a large extent. Yes, I’m sure there will be obstacles when a disaster occurs, but the area is built on itself and in comparison to what the Northeast U.S is going through, it would only be seen as minor nuisances where people would help out each other rather than be ready to shoot each other (or other acts of violence) that occurred due to Sandy. After hearing Warren speak, I am shocked that anyone would want to live in these places when you see the reaction of people during a crisis. Obviously this brings out the true character of people and from what he has described, certain character traits were really lacking – even just accepting the reality of the situation seemed to be lacking. I guess when you live your whole life in denial what is the big deal to extend that denial just a little bit longer.
I definitely heard a different tone coming from Warren after he experienced this disaster and as he repeatedly stated the U.S has no infrastructure. I think a better way to say it is the U.S has no secure or redundant infrastructure and that is all just an illusion. The problem is that everyone has a mindset that the government was going to save them and there would be redundant systems up – or stating it another way, they were relying on everyone to save them but themselves. Of course the government only made things worse as it always has throughout history. The sad thing is most people will not or can not realize the truths about government. If you are one of the people that does, then I would recommend taking action and living your life as a free person in a place that provides the best opportunity for that. At least for me I found Cabrera to be a very good option.

John @ ROSA November 19, 2012 at 4:14 am

Greetings Barry,
We have been a loyal fan of your website for as long as you have been here. My wife Rosa and I have purchased a home in Dominican Republic (North Coast to be specific) , have recently sold our home here in the US and our Business and plan to move in the next year. We have been a fan of your blogs because you are REAL and You are TRUTH and You are different in that you offer a solloution to a REAL problem. We have to tell you too, we tend to gravitate to those who have the experience to prove it, and living in as many countries as you have,(YOU HAVE THE EXPERIENCE PERIOD).
So having said the afore mentioned we want to Thank You for Mr. Warren Pollock….WOW…..TRUTH again andREAL experience….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BARRY FOR OFERING REAL SOLUTIONS FOR REAL PROBLEMS


john steven November 19, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Great articule.As always you say it how it is i have been here for years, the majority just do not want to open there eyes and are comfortable in there zone sheep for the slaughter.People waiting for a handout from there savoiur the goverment please do me a favour.What happened to peoples pride and dignity.
I have been blessed since the year 1999 in finding this region.I lived in cabrera for 10 years and moved to the next town over to open my english school.Here i am FREE,SAFE and HAPPY yes happy nobody is telling me what to do or control me.There is so much freedom here.i have traveeled to many countries but this place feels like home with the natural beauty and resources.This is how we should live with our liberties and freedoms intact.Excelent barry keep it up johnsteven

Kevin November 19, 2012 at 3:38 pm

Thank you Barry for another excellent article!
I was recently discussing with a good friend the relative disconnect among those individuals that are “informed”. Although many are informed and have a plan, few are really taking action.
My first visit to Cabrera was last month, and what I experienced there with the DREscapes team was a very real solution. The sense of relief that I felt once I realized how complete of a solution Cabrera provided was wonderful, especially after sifting through many other solutions – which none really felt quite adaquate or sufficient. The 12 “Whys” sum up quite well why Cabrera is an excellent solution, however, what sealed the deal for myself was the invaluable value-add which Barry and the DREscapes family provides. The connections Barry and his team have already forged, and how well they have integrated into the community provides such an important added layer for anyone considering Cabrera as part of their plan.
I’m returning this week for my second trip to Cabrera to further my own plans.
Thank you once again Barry and team for all you are providing, and including myself and others into the DREscapes family!


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