Interview With Jeff Berwick The Dollar Vigilante

Jeff Berwick and Barry in DR

Jeff Berwick and Barry in DR

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Finally have a moment to catch up and post another article up on the Drescapes blog. We’ve been running around non-stop for the last week with a group of seven super people. Yesterday the Drescapes team said goodbye to one of the best groups I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Seven people who share similar views of where we’re headed and looking for sensible options to best survive the chaos and carnage. While no place will escape its effects I feel confident they’ve all experienced how much less of an effect it will have out in the north coast countryside of the DR.

The easy going friendly temperament of the people along with the abundant supply of fresh naturally grown food was apparent to all and accepted beyond any shadow of a doubt as being real and plentiful. Everyone had an exceptional time with full days discovering and evenings relaxing together with the locals and enjoying the drink of choice Brugal Rum and natural Chinola (passion Fruit) Juice. Cooking chicken and pork on wood was a real treat and I do believe at least two plates per person were enjoyed together with the grog.

The comments we received regarding how safe everyone felt were swift to arrive. One new member of the Drescapes family is going to be correcting her friends promptly about remarks made in regards to safety. Several warnings were made prior to her departure none of which contained the slightest bit of accuracy. After just one day we were joking together about it right after she said they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. She is a sweet heart of a person that the whole group just loved to be with. In fact they all were and we felt saddened that they had to leave.

I’ve made mention in several prior articles about the so called authorities who come and spend a week in an all-inclusive resort and depart as travel connoisseurs of this 20,000 mile country. What makes their opinions even more valuable is they have the talent to do this all without even leaving the resort. I feel so inferior. It took me almost thirty years of living overseas to acquire the same level of knowledge that they’ve captured in just one week. Perhaps one day I’ll learn how to acquire such a talent but for now experience is and will remain the best source of information.

Liane and I recently had the pleasure of having Jeff Berwick founder of the Dollar Vigilante web site and his wife Kena spend a couple of days together here in Cabrera. We all had an excellent time together. Both Jeff and Kena were absolutely floored on what they previewed here in Cabrera and it gave us a lot of pleasure seeing this reaction. I know the amount of soil Jeff covers each year. For a man who travels that kind of mileage every year it speaks volumes. Perhaps what meant most was the fact that Jeff acknowledged to me on how well connected to the locals Liane and I were. That’s one of the biggest reasons why our Drescapes team is so solid.

Soon as we dropped everyone off we scurried over to the arrival section to pick up another member arriving for his second visit.  He’s here to spend the week to get up to speed and learn what he needs to know about maintaining a property here in Cabrera. He is also going to use one of our connections to purchase a scooter. So by the wording of this post you can get the idea that it’s been a bit crazy for the team.  That only serves to make us even more humbled than before.  To vision that so many others see what we’re knowing is a better way for this time of uncertainty.

I’m posting the interview of Jeff Berwick and hope you all gain something out of it. Expect to be seeing featured more regularly on his site as our thoughts and ideas are similar in nature. Both sites offer alternative options rather than just keeping you surrounded in fear and confusion. “The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of questions you ask.” So keep the good quality questions coming. Until next time this is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

johnsteven November 27, 2012 at 6:42 pm

it is so true how people are mislead by otheres with regards to safety.Having lived in cabrera for many years i never saw anything or had the misfortune of anything happening to me.
I have been here for over 12 years and live in a larger place called nagua,which is more commercial.Even here i have never had any problems.
THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.Keep up the good work barry.
John steven

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