Why All Democracy’s Fail

Democracy's in Their Final Stages

Democracy’s in Their Final Stages

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Every time a group leaves that is absolutely amazed by what they’ve just experienced all of us associated with the Drescapes team are humbled even further. Whether from a phone call last night ending with a comment similar to “every question I asked was answered with what not only made perfect sense but was completely understandable” to a family from Alaska that just called today saying we’re here for a few days and have been following Drescapes for a while and thought we should get to meet each other. We’re pleased to be opening minds with options instead of blocking minds with fear.

Last night I received a call from someone who is actually a commercial fisherman out in Alaska. Wanted to meet up with us and have a chat. This all came about after checking out the area for a couple of days on their own.

While on their journeys around the area of Cabrera the family couldn’t help but witness the abundance of natural food growing everywhere they looked. They contacted us today to look into things a bit deeper as so many do once they gain the experience of actually being here.

Since so many have already experienced Cabrera we are now offering a service to get new inquiring members in touch with people who already experienced the 5 day tour. This way you can communicate one on one and see what their views of the region were so send in your emails and I’ll hook you up with various good folks to communicate with.

Start your own chat groups and gain knowledge from others that were just as confused a few months prior to arriving but possessed an open mind to at least check our region out before coming to any decision. We want you to feel relaxed and we realize that you need to link with people just like you that were confused until gaining the experience by vising the region so send in your emails and let’s get together. Next up I want to pose this question. It’s the title of this post: Why do all democracies fail.

There seems to be a lot of varying opinions out there not only on where things are heading but about failing systems including Governments, economies nations and democracies. Have you ever heard of Alexander Fraser Tytler also known as “Lord Woodhouse lee” Alexander Fraser Tytler was a lawyer, writer, and professor. Born of Scottish decent Tytler was also a historian, a Professor of Universal History, and Greek and Roman Antiquities, in the University of Edinburgh. The following paragraph is quoting one of his reasons why all democracies eventually fail.

“All government is essentially of the nature of a monarchy.” After noting that a great number of the population were actually enslaved, he went on to say, “Nor were the superior classes in the actual enjoyment of a rational liberty and independence. They were perpetually divided into factions, which servilely ranked themselves under the banners of the contending demagogues; and these maintained their influence over their partisans by the most shameful corruption and bribery, of which the means were supplied alone by the plunder of the public money.”

Speaking about the measure of freedom enjoyed by the people in a republic or democracy, Tytler wrote, “The people flatter themselves that they have the sovereign power. These are, in fact, words without meaning. It is true they elected governors; but how are these elections brought about? In every instance of election by the mass of a people—through the influence of those governors themselves, and by means the most opposite to a free and disinterested choice, by the basest corruption and bribery. But those governors once selected, where is the boasted freedom of the people? They must submit to their rule and control, with the same abandonment of their natural liberty, the freedom of their will, and the command of their actions, as if they were under the rule of a monarch.

Tytler continues “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

Sounds pretty much what everyone is attempting to describe in regards to where all systems in place heading towards, doesn’t it? Spot on and contains well under 1000 words. There is always truth in simplicity. Who ever heard of Government bills or laws that run over 2000 pages in length just to explain their details? How can that possibly represent truth when one can’t even understand it?  They can’t and they don’t represent anything more than lies and confusion. The deep dark abyss where most of us are currently stuck.

I’d like to share with my readers what is known as: The Tytler Cycle in History. It consists of several stages of evolution common in all democracies. A series of stages consisting of Spiritual, Faith, Courage, Liberty, Abundance, Selfishness, Complacency, Apathy, Dependence and returning to the stage of where it all originated from BONDAGE!

All of these stages are inner connected so the transition is gradual in nature. As one fades out the other fades in. The opposite of a switch on switch off transition. This is why it goes almost unnoticed by the vast majority of the public. Unnoticed till it’s already taken place and you’re now caught in its grasp. I’ve pasted a picture describing an enhanced way of understanding this process below and I have only one more very important question left to ask before you watch the linked You Tubes below. Where on the cycle to you feel we currently are. A picture can be worth a thousand words if it promotes clarity. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

The Tytler Cycle in History

The Tytler Cycle in History

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