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Hi Guys its Barry In DR. Our sincerest sympathies go out to all who were affected by this latest tragedy. There’s nothing that warrants or justifies this kind of feat regardless of what personal views each of us hold from within. If there is a better place above (and there is) may all their souls be resting in peace, comfort and endless spiritual bliss. Bliss that cannot be comprehended or experienced in the mundane physical world we live in of form and action.

We were supposed to have a group tour this past week but had eight out of ten reschedule for into the New Year. This was actually very pleasing strange as it sounds. The reason for all the cancellations was the same for each couple. It was getting too close to the holiday season. If they came down here and paid us a visit they would have not been able to get time off for the 25th  and this would have caused friction amongst the families. We’re pleased to see that being together with family over the holiday season held such a high regard and since we’re not going anywhere seeing everyone in 2013 suites us just fine.

I’m going to keep this post short but wanted to pay a well-deserved HI FIVE to Brother John F for his comments in one of his most recent interview. Brother John and Gregory Mannarino were recently interviewed by Rahul of Altinvestors.com. It was one of their Alt Investors Roundtable You Tubes entitled “The Coming Chinese Reserve Currency”.  I have it linked below but if you don’t want to hear it all skip to 8:20 minutes into the interview and listen till about 8:47 to catch what I’m referring to.

When it comes to reporting on silver and basic economic forecasting I have a lot of respect for both. Being somewhat older than both and possibly researching trends for a while longer I understood the values of stacking silver for over a decade and a half. In these areas they have what I would deem the EXPERIENCE and I agree with almost all of what they are trying to get across to their audiences. When it comes to living and surviving in 3rd world countries I would have to say I have the EXPERIENCE. Being out of the western nations since 1984 and experiencing life on a modest income in five countries lends some credible insight as to what it’s like being a part of such a life style.

So Doug Casey, Jeff Berwick, Simon Black and I have been trying to get our point across and we are. It was very pleasing to hear for the first time (at least that I’ve heard) it coming from Brother John F.  Brother John F has a loyal following of fans on his sites and I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear it from the Bro himself. I’ve had our Drescapes articles posted on his Silver for the People several times and I thank him for it. Quoting Brother John F: “ I think the 3rd world as its been called in the past is no longer the third world and they’re going to start to call the shots and they’re going to call the shots even more in the future” Kudus to you for recognizing what I’ve been preaching to my audience for several years now.

Once again quoting from Doug Casey of Casey Research: “Hope for the future rests in what are today derided as corrupt Third-World countries. If you’re going to have a ridiculous number of impossible laws, corruption is a good thing. Increasingly, what matters is not the number or even nature of laws on the books in the place you live, but the amount of actual control the state has over private individuals. Corruption subverts idiotic laws; it’s the next best thing to abolishing them.” Most people already Doug’s firm handles some of the most respected portfolios in the world. Perhaps he might know a thing or two about such subjects since his EXPERIENCE spans for decades.

Lastly I’m including this definition once again. Since people make comments on subjects they’ve done no research and certainly have no experience other than their highly self-praised opinion of personal perception. Here’s where the term 3rd world originated from.  The term 3rd world actually came about right after World War 2 ended. Post world war 2 the world split into 2 main world’s, the capitalist west considered the first world, and the communist/Socialist east considered the second world.  

The term third world came from the countries that had not determined which system they fit into and that there was basically a battle going on between the west and east to push their systems onto these undefined “third” world countries.  The way one can interpret this is that the third world doesn’t have a defined system and we still have the ability to define it.  

Post World War 2 the first World had already moved into a Socialist philosophy and hence ended up exporting Socialism. You could potentially link this to how the U.S rebuilds nations (such as Iraq) – public schools, public medicine, public roads – all socialist ideals are the things the West ends up exporting. I’m betting it’s vastly different than what you thought the term meant isn’t it?

It would be to your advantage to start questioning everything you thought you knew to be correct. You’re going to be very surprised at the end results. Understand with wisdom but be wise with understanding. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

The Comming Chinese Reserve Currency


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