Basking in the Blue or Rotting in the Red “You Choose”

From Simon Black Economies of the nations

From Simon Black Economies of the nations

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Hope everyone’s Christmas was blissful… spent with family, friends and all that is near and dear to you. Here in Cabrera we seem to start the holidays rather early and end them fashionably late. We commence the start of the festivities around December 20th and run clean through to January 5th. Adding on five pounds along with one or two of gallons of Brugal isn’t a bad thing once a year. The food was natural, the rum pure and the people are always great but perhaps best of all the weight gain is very temporary as it burns off fast once the working begins. It doesn’t take long to loose once you’re back working the land again. All of us on the DREscapes team really hope you did take some much deserved time off and really reflect about your current environment… the environment that surrounds you. Read on and you get an idea of what I’m referring to.

Personally I’m a big believer in the right to bear arms but that’s a subject for a future post. Let’s face facts though and think with an open mind on what follows. If your Christmas wish list included a new Semi-Automatic M-15 paired up with a couple of cases of ammo you might want to rethink at what level your thought pattern is currently at. While you contemplating that at the same time you’d be well served to consider where you’re currently at.

Does This Chart Indicate the Environment You Want For Your Family

Does This Chart Indicate the Environment You Want For Your Family

It’s just a thought but if the first or second most important thought is weapons for protection is that really the demographics that will ever promote a life of flow and peace? I may be wrong but to me it echoes more of a life of force and adrenalin… a life of living in constant fear of what’s waiting around next the corner. Not making decisions for anyone but rather just suggesting that you take a step back and come into focus on the bigger picture. We’ve made our choice long ago and are reaping are the peaceful rewards every single day.

Is that what you really want for you and your family? Is that the environment you want them to be a part of? Look around you with an open mind and observe… is this existing environment what you were raised in? I don’t know but would it hurt to really give it some serious thought. It just might be the most valuable time you’ve spent over the entire holiday season. I fully agree that what’s currently developing will affect all of us but isn’t the more important question “to what degree” it will have an affect us.

Case in point I’ll use world war two but you could use any similar event. When it comes to universal laws their not picky cause they only offer truth. Truth is always simple to understand so let’s continue. There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that world war two affected the entire planet. My question relating back “to what degree” is the real and ultimately more important question. Where would you rather have been located and have your family located. Europe or North West Canada the choice is yours. Both places were affected but which would you prefer to be in? Seeing my point “to what degree” is the important factor to consider.

If you want safety then consider what follows closely. Join the military… if you want safety. In every war the casualties are always far higher on the civilian side than on the military’s side. World wars, revolutions, Vietnam, any current event in the Middle East you may want to compare. Civilian’s get slaughtered in far greater numbers than the military. So if you’re a factual thinker then join the team and be done with it. You’ve just increased your chances of survival tenfold. Understand the elite’s got you no matter how you want to look at this. Choose to fight for their illusions and receive better odds of surviving or don’t and risk being one of the millions who die nameless in some pit but once again …You Choose.

Anybody remember the classic movie: Catch-22 well welcome to the updated digital version. If the same choices were taking place in your favorite automotive service center the sign above would read: Free Grease with Every Shaft! Get it??? Either way you’re Screwed period… so get out of the game cause that’s all you can do. Start thinking for yourself again.

For us the choice would have been an easy one… get out of the game. But it’s only a choice as there is no right and wrong there’s “Only Choices” in life. Don’t like the choice it’s not wrong just make another choice. Understand you would have never even determined whether you liked the outcome or not if you never first made a choice.

At the top and bottom of this article I’ve posted two great pieces of information that I hope raises some serious thought. I first previewed this map on Sovereign Man’s site and I credit Simon Black for it. While I was checking out both SGT and Brother John F “silver for the people” I got an added double dose of it and thought it would reach my audiences varying frequency levels rather well. It’s posted on top of this article

The map deals with various economies in specific locations. Notice how Europe, America and Japan are nothing but a sea of red. Oh yea while you’re at it notice the shade of blue by the Dominican Republic. Seems to be the darkest shade of blue there is doesn’t it? But really… what could I know? What possible experience can 30 years living in such countries provide compared to the level of experience gained from two years of professional web site development on a host of subjects self-claiming expertise on. If it sounds like a cheap shot guess again cause it’s not. Where talking about your family’s possible survival that’s at stake here so don’t take it lightly.

Another way of deciphering the context of this map is by various GDP or growth rates. The colors range from dark blue to dark red. Blue represents positive growth and red represents negative growth or direction of growth. The darker the shade the stronger the move in that direction… dark blue suggests strong positive growth and light blue milder growth.  Same applies for the red but in the opposite direction. Hence the title of this article: Basking in the Blue or Rotting in the Red “You Choose” get it? It’s still your choice… never a right or wrong scenario.

Closing out I selected a YouTube from Realist News. It’s titled: One out of 10 houses sold in California- Guess who’s buying them? I’ve been mentioning this longer than most sites have been up and running. It’s all over but the yelling and has been for years now. Land is all that’s left of value in America done over with game, set and match. What the wonderful world of Q-E4 doesn’t grab for the elites the other more aggressive and financially stable nations will. Only they might not be so pleased in the future with that decision but again that’s a subject for another future post. You default now and you’re defaulting the Government not the bank… and that’s not the safest square on the chess board to land upon.

We hope you take that needed time off and really start thinking about what’s being done here. Do you really feel free, are you free or is it just an illusion of freedom that you’ve always been living in… Ready to jump in and defend what? Reality or an illusion? An illusion doesn’t even become a reality till it’s already too late. Think with your head then your heart. Not the other way around or you may be hurting your loved ones and inflicting just as much damage as that M-15 you may have wished for ever could.

Today’s new thought process. War is peace, slavery is freedom and ignorance is strength. Think about it over the balance of this holiday season. From all of us on the DREscapes team to all of you wishing you all the best for 2013 and beyond. Until 2013 this is Barry in DR and I’m out.


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