I have a great question to start off the New Year

Microscope or telescope, which has the grander view. Both lead to infinity.

Microscope or telescope, which has the grander view. Both lead to infinity.

Hi guys its Barry in DR. Hope everyone’s New Year’s Eve was outstanding. Whether last night was spent enjoying family and friends at the big event or just relaxing and actually unwinding a little bit for a change we hope it was time well invested. It’s healthy to escape your worries for a while… sit back and contemplate what is a good peaceful life, what’s it all about and what does it mean for you.  As we already all know that answer will vary for each being on the planet. Whatever works for you we all wish 2013 brings it. Like my father used to tell me problems and good hunting dogs have one thing in common. Whenever you return home they’re waiting for you at the front door. Nothing wrong with leaving them for a while don’t worry you won’t lose them.

I’ve got an excellent question for all my readers, and I’m challenging you take a moment and really pay attention to your answer(s) before selecting any as being final. I know from personal experience that this question has the potential to be life changing. Actually the more times you change your answer the closer you are to making it a reality. So here’s the question: What does freedom mean to you? Simple question but difficult to answer.

Those of you who read my articles know I often refer to as what are called “Universal Laws” While I respect peoples choices and free will to choose what religious path to follow the Universal laws I’m referring to have nothing to do with any one particular religion. Just as their name implies they have to do with our universe. They don’t deal with right or wrong and they can’t be logically denied in debate… but few ever study them and I never could understand why. They hold the answers that so many are searching for but not finding.

Undeniable law’s thus removing our free will to adhere or not adhere to. Laws for every one of us… every animal, plant or organism that inherits this planet has no choice but to live within them. The universal laws consisting of: light, force, flow, frequencies, resistance, gravity, separation, clarity, reality and illusion just to name a few. I’ve linked a YouTube below that does a good job of describing Illusion from reality. Its title is “Chris Hedges on “Empire of Illusion” and well worth watching.

Take for example the universal law of gravity. Now I realize that we all believe there is such a force or law called gravity… but to make a point let’s assume for a moment that you didn’t and wanted to disagree or even argue your point that its total nonsense. Well you’d still be arguing your point within its laws. There’s no choice here because it’s universal… for all who live within this universe have no choice but to obey and live within them.

Another case in point everyone knows that our light on earth comes from the sun. Well if the sun is over 93 million miles away and that’s the source of origination then how come the distance between the sun and the earth (that 93 million plus miles) is in total darkness?  Not something one would normally think of during your everyday life but can you come up with an answer? In order for light to exist you have to have resistance.

This also serves to explain why half our planet is experiencing night while simultaneously the other half is experiencing light or day. It actually has nothing to do with the fact that our world rotates it has to do entirely with the universal laws of going from a position of resistance (day) to a position of no resistance (night) If there were sources of constant resistance the planet would never experience darkness. The same holds true if our planet never had any resistance then there would only be darkness. I suppose a fair example would be the North Pole where it’s a common practice to have 24 hour darkness or the opposite… but it has nothing to do with the fact that our planet rotates.

Another thought you may want to consider. Ever wonder why it’s almost impossible getting others to see your view when their view is different. Why not use your family or perhaps your spouse as an example. When you reach that given point… if you persist further it just turns out to escalate into an all-out argument. Only after the correct amount of time passes do we go back rethink… and in most cases one will start to see the others point in case or come to the conclusion it’s just not worth the effort. Why only after time passes and not during?

It’s the same reason why parents rarely see their child as the one who’s at fault… or the possible perpetrator of any crime or incident that involves them. We’ve all heard it before… I can’t understand it he (or she) was always so happy. That’s not my child… and so on… so why is it. Any answers? Try the universal law of separation creating clarity and you’ll have your answer. At the moment when you’re arguing… trying to get someone else to see your point there’s no separation. Only when both parties step back and remove themselves from the subject (separation) can it be then viewed with some form of clarity.

As for the example involving parents/children… well it’s pretty clear that there’s no separation between parents and their children. This is particularly true for mothers. Where not talking about physical separation as living miles apart or in another country but rather inner separation such as a bond that can never be broken… but either way it holds true every time without separation clarity is impossible.

For a quick test just hold one of your fingers closely to your eye and try to see your finger print… but you won’t.  Now slowly pull your finger away and see it come into focus when enough separation is achieved. Separation creates clarity and you’d be well served to practice this universal law when thinking which direction the nation you’re currently residing in is heading. You don’t get to choose on this one as we’re all right on track for where we are heading in this world.

I’m pleased that some of these universal laws are mentioned in the short YouTube I’ve posted below. A young man named Adam Baker has a great story to share and yes it can and does work as my family has lived it for a long time now. It’s our wish that you too start looking at living life in this way. Most are so confused they no longer even know what is real and what is an illusion but that’s an article for another time and one I will surly follow up on. You live your life by the environment you choose which brings me back to a point in a prior article: one of the most important questions we all have to ask ourselves is the following. Do I live in a friendly or hostile universe? Your answer determines how your life will flow.

Lastly I want to mention one more universal law for you to consider. It’s the universal law of frequencies. Briefly I’ll attempt to explain it.  Look at it this way and it just might click in right away. Take your average FM radio band. Ever wonder why this band can hold hundreds of stations and yet none of them interfere with each other. 101.3 doesn’t interfere or see 92.5 or what information is being broadcast. The news or world events on 88.4 will have no clarity on 99.2 but why.

It’s because they all vibrate at different frequencies. Guess what our brains work off of electrical impulses so therefore we operate in the same way… on different frequencies. It happens to be the reason that you’ll never get a person who operates at a frequency of 88.1 to understand what another person on a level of 103.5 is trying to get across… different frequencies. That’s all it is. It has nothing what so ever to do with right or wrong intelligence or ignorance it’s merely different frequencies.

Same applies when you’re trying to get your family or friends to see your views on stacking silver or relocating to another environment in which to live. Next time the subject comes up keep that in mind and save yourself the argument. You’ll be glad you did as five seconds of being right is not worth two days of apologizing afterwards. Not a good investment I’d say… and we’ve all made that mistake at least once or twice.

Ask the same question to three people and you’ll get three different answers. Even if they’re all agreeing one will say: I hear what you’re saying, the next: I see what you mean and the last: I feel the same. All totally different yet all are agreeing. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions and there’s no need to criticize anyone for them. If you are finding that impossible to accomplish without constant conflict then perhaps you might want to think about readjusting your own frequency to one that’s slightly higher quality and tone. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.


Adam Baker – Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love.



Chris Hedges on “Empire of Illusion”


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