Let’s Visit Playa Preciosa and Playa Grande – Two World Class Beaches Near Cabrera

Playa Grande Near Cabrera

Playa Grande Near Cabrera

Hi, it’s Barry.  Today I thought we could go take a look at two of my favorite beaches in the world.  Yes, in the world.  Both Playa Preciosa and Playa Grande are stunning white sand beaches lined with palm and almond trees and both are rarely crowded.  But they are very different.  Playa Preciosa reminds me more of a deserted island where you are almost always guaranteed your privacy while Playa Grande is a much more open and public beach where you will occasionally find a small crowd enjoying the fun and sun.  But don’t get me wrong, Playa Grande is a HUGE beach and you will never feel crowded.  When we want to chill out from our already low stress life here on the island, we head for one of these two beaches and sit under a Palm or Almond tree while the local vendors bring us some of the freshest grilled seafood and a beer or Brugal.

If you have not been on one of the Discovery Tours yet, take a look at these videos for a peak at two of our favorite beaches.  If you have been on a tour, maybe these videos will remind you of what is waiting for you on your next trip down.In this first video we will take a look at Playa Preciosa.  The perfect beach to drift away into “Robinson Crusoe” land.

In this second video we will drive over to Playa Grande which has been recognized in various travel publications as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Oh, down on the far end you may notice just a hint of the Playa Grande Golf course that sits up on the cliff overlooking Playa Grande beach.  10 or 11 holes of that course hug the cliffs overlooking the ocean and dramatic cliffs.  Many have called the Playa Grande golf course the “Pebble Beach” of the Caribbean.  One day soon we will do a video to let you take a peak at the golf course.

For now, I think all the talk about beaches has me wanting to head over to Playa Grande for a fresh seafood meal under my favorite almond tree.  See ya there.  For now, it’s Barry in DR.


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