It’s All Over But The Yelling

Just one of the many

Just one of the many

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Glad everyone is enjoying the videos we’ve begun posting on the site. I have a couple of days until the next sets of visitors arrive so I thought I would make a short post. Just as we thought soon into the new year things would start to accelerate and the people would be distracted with much propaganda about events soon to arrive. Personal thought the title says it all for what lies ahead. It’s all over but the yelling.

Several times in previous articles I’ve included the following important fact. You need to understand this and in a never ending effort to validate the importance of grasping this fact I’m including it one more time. Besides it has to do entirely with what today’s subject is all about. One more time: Depending on which angle you’re viewing from the same subject takes on a completely different view.

And it's Gone Memphis

And it’s Gone Memphis

Take for example a simple box. Whether your viewing it from the inside looking out or from the outside looking in… totally different view. What about from the corners, the top, the bottom and all the various other possibilities? All will produce different views thus different interpretations of that very same subject.

And one more in Riverside

And one more in Riverside

If this holds true for any subject and we’ve just used a simple box as our subject… read on and see what this looks like with something a bit more complex. Let’s say “a Nation”.

This is universal for all nations so I’m not thinking about any particular nation in the following instances.

Another in Harborside

Another in Harborside

Hum… OK let’s use Cuba for the first example. For the citizens the view would be from the inside looking out. Ask most of them in the large crowded areas and they’ll inform you that it’s a tough life… high percentages in both poverty and crime. Move as little as 50 miles out into the country for a different view of the same subject and ask that question… you’ll find most to be very content and peaceful… but wait a minute it’s the same subject… how can this be?

Ask the visiting tourists and you’ll be receiving the opinions of yet another view… the view that’s seen when observing the subject from the outside looking in. Most will tell you it’s a beautiful country and it is as I’ve been there several times. Let’s progress a bit further and look at the same subject from the top looking down.

Staying at a five star hotel on the fifteenth floor staring down at the streets of Havana. This would be an exceptional view from the top looking down. Most would say it’s incredible and so alive. Ask the people fighting the traffic and madness while viewing the subject from the bottom looking up. Yep… I’m confident most would be thinking if I was on that very same balcony that the observer of the previous example life would be totally different. See where I’m going with this.

There’s no question that the current and future events will affect every nation in the world. The more important question should be… To What Degree will it be affected? Now that’s the question you should be asking yourself.

Here’s an example of why you might want to consider rethinking your current stagey. Take any world changing event in the past and apply it to this thought. I’ll use World War two as my choice but you can pick any event you choose to. I’ve got to believe nobody would disagree this affected the entire planet… but the previous more important question from the prior paragraph. To what degree… that’s what’s really important. Would you have rather lived in Europe or western Canada during that event… both were affected…YOU CHOOSE!!

An excellent video was sent to me of a recently opened new plant in Germany. It’s a Volkswagen assembly plant located in the middle of town!! That’s right in the middle of a quiet historical town… Impressive to say the least. Now compare this to what is currently happening with the manufacturing industries of the western nations. Don’t even try to compare it to the automotive industry as that’s been lost a long time ago. What about heavy equipment, motorcycle, music, electronics, clothing… do you even want me to continue? The sad answer can be found in the epilogue of an old South Park episode… AND IT’S GONE!!!

It’s a fact… no wonder why it’s one of the universal laws I keep mentioning. The only subject that never changes its view no matter what angle it’s being viewed from is a sphere. One exception coming from a slightly deeper thought pattern would be its inside and outside views. With a sphere all views that are outside looking in will be identical and all views inside looking out will be identical… but outside views and inside views will be different from each other.

In fact there’s a world of difference between them. You just may want to reconsider which best favors your chances of surviving or even thriving the not do distant events coming to a nation near you. Ask yourself in the not too distant future would it be better viewing where you’re presently located from the inside out or the outside in…only you can answer that question. The microscope or the telescope you tell me which has the grander view since both lead to infinity? Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.



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