Expats Describe Health Benefits And What It’s Like Living In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Organic Fruit And Vegetables in Cabrera Dominican Republic

Organic Fruit And Vegetables in Cabrera Dominican Republic

Hi guys, it’s Barry in DR again.  I have had several questions about lifestyle and health on several of the Discovery Tours.  I thought I would share a few interviews we shot several months ago that touch on both healthcare and the lifestyle advantages of retiring to Cabrera Dominican Republic.  These Texas expats share how their move to Cabrera turned around their health issues and also how a low stress life on the north coast of the Dominican Republic has been one of the best moves they ever made.

In this first video, these expats explain how a healthier diet and world class holistic healthcare has literally erased the harmful effects of chronic illness.  Of course, they are describing their own personal experience, but I definitely do believe that there are tremendous health benefits to a diet of fresh, organic foods and healthcare focused on helping the body heal itself.

In this second video these expats explain the process they followed to explore the area and also explain the virtues of the Cabrera lifestyle in their own lives.

If you have not taken us up on one of the free Discovery Tours, WHY?  Come see for your self what a low stress life in paradise can be like.  Who knows, you might like it and choose to escape the coming currency collapse and onslaught of ever repressive laws headed your way.  Check out our testimonial page to see what others are saying about the Discovery Tours.  Until next time, it’s Barry in the DR.



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