Coming to a nation near you. Are you ready?


Photo Credit to Derek "L" On Recent Tour

Photo Credit to Derek “L” On Recent Tour

Hi Guys its Barry in DR .I just returned from a five day trip through the back country visiting various farms and chatting with the owners. It’s an important area and I want to be on the front line with my knowledge and understanding the current trends. Staying on top of possible options when I’m not touring is both time consuming and physically demanding. No real conveniences to mention only the very basics when you’re 40 or 50 miles in the back country.

Photo Credit to Derek "L" On Recent Tour

Photo Credit to Derek “L” On Recent Tour

For me nothing’s changed its cash, metals and land (that you are free to use) that’s going to prevail. When this all starts to come unglued. Hang on as it’s coming to a nation near you.

Photo Credit to Derek "L" On Recent Tour

Photo Credit to Derek “L” On Recent Tour

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. Just remember a moving target is always harder to hit so think of diversifying part of your assets into other nations while you still can. As mentioned in a previous post

Photo Credit to Derek "L" On Recent Tour

Photo Credit to Derek “L” On Recent Tour

“you are the fuel that runs the machine and it doesn’t matter if your regular, premium or diesel you’re going to get burned.”

Before continuing I just wanted to mention that while it was certainly no surprise and it was just a minor hiccup of what’s to come I’m pleased to see that my friend Sean over at SGT is back up and running. While everyone will differ in some areas on what may be the best way to weather what’s headed our way Sean is a true and sincere person who works long hours to provide the information that he does.

Photo Credit to Derek "L" On Recent Tour

Photo Credit to Derek “L” On Recent Tour

All of this and a full time job as well as assisting in managing the family Sean many thanks goes out from so many of us. I personally am glad to know you and big thanks for trying your best to inform people.

Let’s travel back for a moment to around October of 2012. I released an article that spelled out what my thoughts were about protecting the privacy and safety of your precious metals. In that article I had mentioned that soon you should be expecting to see the 1040 modified along with an added section on declaring your metals.

Our Friend Ana Overlooking Cano Azul

Our Friend Ana Overlooking Cano Azul

I received several negative remarks which I do understand were from the heart and not the head but still NOBODY else was even mentioning the subject… NOBODY!  You should expect it as early as 2014 or as late as 2015. If you go back in the Drescapes blog history I also mentioned that if you purchased these metals with a wiring it was a good as leaving a thumb print on a glass table at the scene of a crime. OUCH!! All of you who still think it can’t be done should at least be courteous and not interrupt the people who are doing it. To date how’s it been working out for those of you who still possess that mindset?

Constitution??? NDAA, False flag occurrences, and the latest diversion the 2nd amendment… you haven’t seen nothing yet. Most still can’t understand that the standing army has already been in place for almost a decade. Majorities are still buying the diversionary tactics of believing that the TSA and homeland security are the opposing armies. Those folks still don’t get it.

The standing army I’m referring to is the almost now 50% of the nation’s population that is already dependent on Government handouts for their families survival. That’s right your neighbor is your opponent because if you think for one moment he or she won’t fight to the death to make sure their children don’t starve any less than you are preparing to protect your family to the best of your limited ability… well think again. I’ve lived through two revolutions how many have you experienced? YOU HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE what I’m talking about if you haven’t.

Understand this you don’t gain experience from your laptop. Many of the so called experts in the field are replacing employment that they no longer have and are suddenly experts in weathering something that they’ve never seen off of their laptop screen. Some of them you’ve picked as your expert. In living and understanding this experience… I’ve been shot twice… how many times have you experienced the same. Not even involved with the situation and two holes to my experience. I’ve lived through two revolutions Argentina being the most recent in 2000. Eight months I was there and you can’t even imagine if you haven’t been through it.  If you haven’t lived it you can’t experience it till you do. None of it makes me any better, smarter or anything other than more experienced. Think about what I’ve just said… and you’ll discover two things. One it makes perfect sense and two we’re trying to help you understand this as it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before and it’s comming to a nation near you real soon. Are you ready?

You may need to rethink your current beliefs because this is totally different than what you’ve been accepting as reality. You have no choice here and if you still think you do… well first big mistake. You will throw that precious silver of yours out faster than a sub will leak with a screen door for your safety and your family’s safety. Don’t think so… look all through history and you’ll soon see I’m very correct.

I can’t help but laugh at people who still think they’re trapped from reallocating funds into other countries because these funds are held in retirement accounts and that the penalty is too extreme if you pull them. The ole 401 has restrictions can’t lose that to the tax man you know… What a joke. Try telling that to anyone who left assets in various accounts when Governments decided it was better off in their own possession. All of which was FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION. Sound familiar… watch the YouTube and listen to the interview. You’re going to GET BURNED and lose it all if you continue that current trend of thought… but it’s yours to lose… Right? Check your history as it always repeats itself doesn’t it? Take the one time hit and recover what you can while you can.

Before I close as I’m dead tired (pardon the choice of words) I received a bit of information from a couple of good friends who have been reliable sources for over a decade. For them they find Drescapes entertaining but of course they’re not learning much from it. I for sure don’t take that as an insult but as a compliment as I know what they’re exposed to when it comes to information. The only thought they offered and no more just a thought was while my articles are very accurate and somewhat entertaining I tend to be a bit on the generous side when it comes to my timelines.  That’s all that was said to me… so that’s all I know.

I’ve selected two articles and one short YouTube that I thought were worth your time. All three support exactly what I’ve just mentioned in this post… Your currency, your metals and your retirement savings.

Money, you know, ceases to be money when all that anyone sees is paper and not the guarantee that is imprinted on it. My thoughts… find two elephants, two zebras and two giraffes and start building the boat it’s gonna be one hell of a storm. This is Barry in DR and I’m out.

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Precious Metals Buyers Act

QL February 9, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Thanks Barry. Really enjoy your articles and info on DR.
I’m not from the US but I cashed in my pension years ago, paid the taxes and bought silver. Despite silvers dramatic drop since its all time high I am still upalmost 50%.

Keep up the good work!

Barry February 9, 2013 at 9:59 pm

Thanks QL, Might want to turn away from thinking of silver/dollars. If you look at what silver will purchase in terms of other real assets you’re gonna be considerably higher than that figure of 50%. For an example if you looked at what a corvette costs in 1970 you will find that it was near 6500. USD. It would have also cost you approx. 160 ounces of gold. Transfer that into today’s world and the same brand of car is around 68,000 but it now costs about 37 ounces of gold. Technology did what it was supposed to do (make things cheaper) so things are not getting more expensive the currency is losing its purchasing power if you price things in REAL MONEY. Same for fuel as it costs less today for a barrel of crude in gold than it did almost twenty years ago. Oil is pegged to gold most do not know this. Sold in currency but pegged to gold. Understanding this for such a long time is what allows my family to actually be paying about 14 cents for a gallon of gas. We were scooping up huge bags of pre 65 dimes when you could get them at the swap shops for 11 or 12 cents each. One and a quarter dimes buys us that gallon of gas. Hope this tidbit makes you feel even better than just a 50% upturn. Thanks again we try to represent an option rather than keeping folks occupied in fear.
Stay Well
Barry in DR

Mitchell February 10, 2013 at 7:04 pm

Your thoughts and observations are always helpful so we don’t get lulled by all the SPIN and MOPE going on all around us. I can feel the sands shifting under my feet but my recent escape to the DR was just what I needed to confirm what I see and what I know is coming. They don’t come much more cautious and “main stream conservative” than I am. I have been in finance and banking for almost 20 years but, fortunately, my son gave me a book on gold & silver along with a shiny Silver Eagle almost three years ago on Father’ Day. My life did a 360 at that very moment and I became much more aware of how far my head was stuck in the sand. I have liquidated all my insurance cash value and investment accounts and am the proud owner of a large stack along with my piece of paradise in Cabrera. A small piece of land with a killer view is now my insurance policy!…thanks Barry. Look around folks; things are changing and it’s not for the better. Get a clue, reallocate some assets and protect yourself and your family before the gates close.

Keep the faith,

Barry February 11, 2013 at 12:57 am

Michell Thanks for your insight. We are so proud of someone who was in the depths of a world of illusion could make such a sharp turn in the right direction. Hope this inspires others that there are options in other countries. The DR is just one that fits our lifestyle so glad it seems to fit yours. Adjustments back into what is real always takes time but really on a deeper level is there really a choice. It’s well on its way and those who still think they have a choice in that matter are the one living in the grandest illusion of all. We’re all proud of you for your courage to change from such a long time belief and career that’s built on falsehoods and mirages. You’ll do just fine here.

Paul February 11, 2013 at 1:58 pm

Hi Berry
You make a lot of sense in the PM arena but how did you move all those coins into DR. There must be a DR Customs web site that explains it, U.S. Customs was easy to find but the DR isn’t &calling the consulates here is no help either perhaps others with better computer skills have had a more positive experience. A point of interest about a welfare standing Army in the states; A good site about a well armed silent standing army can be fond at when activated with the intent to go into the woods and kill a two hundred pound mammal to put food on the table. These people are just as determined to NOT allow any one to take their possessions, Sticky wicket ..what? Big Brothers divide and conquer routine
in action>Paul

Barry February 11, 2013 at 3:24 pm

Paul this information comes from an colleague of mine who works for one of the bigger metal houses in the states.
His position for the metal house is traveling and setting up for all of their trade shows in the various countries.They display their products and services in efforts to attract more customers.Now I have not personally done any of this research myself but he claims that you won’t find any of it when looking up customs, as it’s not on their site. He suggested that if you look up trade tariffs you just might but again I have not done this. He knows it from just traveling and doing his job for over five years that this works. Many times moving more metal than I ever did at any one time that’s for sure. If you take the time and find anything under trade tariff I’m sure others would appreciate you sharing it. I’ve always made sure to mention that I’m not an expert in the areas of shipping metals and only can say what I have done in the past so don’t take anything I say in this are as a recommendation or advice of any kind. Hope you find something.

Paul February 11, 2013 at 7:36 pm

I was thinking that you may have insight
through repetition. I’ll try miles Franklin site & your lead of trade tariffs. If I find any solid info I’ll post it

Paul February 11, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Hi Barry: here is an old treaty that state s gold and silver coin
and bullion is duty free

1891 treaty,Page 291
Schedule A…/dominicancommer00unitrich/dominicancommer00uni..

Still looking

Taylor G. February 12, 2013 at 3:12 am

Once again Barry you’re dead on point. I’ll be calling you in a couple of weeks for to hopefully schedule a visit date this summer.

Your friend behind enemy lines,

Barry February 12, 2013 at 8:28 pm

Thanks Taylor We always appreciate the comments.

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