Wrapping It Up With Texas Expats – Was The Move To Cabrera A Good Move?

England and Texas visitors Hell No We Aren't Going Back!!!

England and Texas visitors Hell No We Aren’t Going Back!!!

Hi guys.  Barry in the DR here.  Today’s video is the wrap up interview with the Texas couple that decided that Cabrera Dominican Republic was better for them than Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico and the other expat retirement alternatives they considered.  A quest for a lower cost of living and a better lifestyle in retirement is what drove them out of the U.S., but they will share that what they found here in Cabrera was so much more.  In this video they cover many topics as they sum it all up.

Listen as Judy and Richard explain the process they followed and the criteria they used to decide on a retirement in Cabrera Dominican Republic.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR.




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