Oooops – Now They Are Tracking Precious Metals Transactions

Facing Arrest For Owning Gold

Facing Arrest For Owning Gold

Hi guys.  Barry in DR here.  Just read an interesting update by Jeff Thomas over at International Man about the ongoing attack on civil liberties in America.  This time it seems that the object of the attack is on limiting your ability to buy or sell your precious metals.  This is not new, but the level of enforcement seems to have drifted all the way down to transactions of only $600, requiring mandatory fingerprinting and transactions by check through a bank account with tracking.  Jeff points out that the bank is also required to track and report the transactions when the checks are used for acquiring or selling precious metals.  The level of intrusion into the privacy of individuals seems to be headed in the same path the government is employing to uncover and track drug smugglers and criminals, with severe penalties for failure to report transactions.

These intrusions are evolving, with some states more assertive than others, but there is absolutely no doubt where this is all headed.  You WILL be pinched between a rock and a hard place as you attempt to park your precious metals in the US or attempt to turn those assets into more liquid assets.  The observation that Jeff makes in his article is this: “the objective here is control.  And those citizens who find a way to work their way out of an economic disaster (through precious metal investment or any other means) represent a threat to that control……. if the sheep are to be sheared, they must first be penned in so that they cannot escape.”

Jeff goes one step further and surmises that “it soon may be unsafe to physically hold precious metals at all.  It is likely that, either through confiscation or through laws prohibiting sales, any remaining owner may as well own dirt, as dirt would be more saleable.”  This is a pretty incredible evolution of thought by someone that has so actively promoted the stockpiling of wealth in precious metals for years.

Precious Metals and Real Estate... best remaining store of wealth

Precious Metals and Real Estate… best remaining store of wealth

Don’t jump to conclusions though.  Jeff is still just as bullish on owing precious metals… just not holding them in the US or many other countries facing the reality of a collapsing currency.  Jeff is pretty clear….”precious metals and real estate are still among the safest repositories for wealth“…. OUTSIDE of the countries that are so intent on exercising their control and confiscation powers.

I have to say that I agree 100% with that observation and that is exactly why our family chose to “get the heck out of dodge” years ago.  That is why we purchased real estate in Cabrera Dominican Republic and why we have chosen to use all legal means available to get our precious metals holdings outside the US.  I do believe the window of opportunity to get your family and your assets free of this evolving tyranny is closing.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but in the not too distant future you will find it increasingly difficult to escape that control.  That is why I am such a big believer in taking action NOW…. it may be imperfect action, but at least it is action and it starts the process that may be your ticket to freedom when the time comes.

Busy this week introducing our little piece of paradise to another group that has joined us on one of our free Discovery Tours.  Come join us if you want to evaluate an alternative.

Click this link if you would like to read Jeff’s full article  Jeff’s Article.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR.


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