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Leaks In Your Precious Metals Plan?

Leaks In Your Precious Metals Plan?

Hi Guys it’s Barry in DR. I know I just released a post about tracking your metals but had to add this if you’re already not aware. I’m just going to summarize an article from Sovereign Man and give you a link to the full article. I’m baked from the last great Discovery Tour group that just left, but I know this is so important that I had to post if before turning off for the night.

I mentioned in an October post that there WILL be an updated 1040 adding precious metals and it’s coming within two years. While I’m a big believer in stacking metals, I made it as clear as possible, without cuffing you on the side of your head, to be careful and if you think they’re not going to get you on the duty or tax side you’re in dream land. Still think you have time on your side?  Maybe a little time, but very little.   Read it and weep.

Good night, this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

The title to this latest Sovereign Man article by Simon Black is:

RED ALERT: World’s biggest gold storage company dumps US citizens

I will try to summarize some of the key points, but the whole article is worth a read.

One of the largest and most secure precious metals vault storage companies in the world, the Swiss ViaMat, have just announced that it will no longer provide precious metals storage services for US citizens that are subject to US income taxes.  THAT’S YOU.  In other words their vaults in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Dubai and elsewhere are now closed to you.

Why?  Simple.  They are fed up with the draconian US regulations and laws that simply make you too expensive to service and to dangerous to touch with a ten foot pole.

Your options are shrinking folks…  This is all part of the process of “penning you in” as I mentioned in the last post.  The powers that be do not have to hit you directly between the eyes to tromp on your rights.  They just have to make it to inconvenient or too costly for others to work with you to accomplish the same results.

The noose is slipping tighter

The noose is slipping tighter

So what’s the big deal if one gold storage vault refuses to store metals for US citizens?  Well, it turns out that this is a MUCH BIGGER deal than it might seem on the surface.  Simon points out the real kicker: “the big gold depositories like Gold Money and Bullion Vault ALL use ViaMat as a primary secure storage provider. So it’s only a matter of time before ViaMat’s decision cascades across these other firms….. most gold storage firms are all essentially different varieties of the exact same product. They are retail marketing channels that ultimately use ViaMat to store their gold bars. If ViaMat has US exposure, THEY have US exposure. It’s the same risk.”

This is just one more slip of the noose that I keep harping on.  The rights and freedoms you are accustomed to are on a precipitous path and they are slipping away at an alarming pace, either directly or through intimidation or collusion with other governments.

Here is the pattern to watch for, whether you are talking about precious metals, weapons, ammunition, IRAs and 401Ks, offshore accounts, money transfer, or any other rights you may have today.

  • Step 1:  Characterization of the right as a “loophole” that will allow bad guys and rich fat cats to harm “the people”
  • Step 2:  Assertions of concern by politicians and “the elite” and their commitment to “protect the people”
  • Step 3:  Mandatory reporting and recording of transactions so that government officials can root out the “bad guys”
  • Step 4:  Use of the data collected to begin to tax or restrict access to the “spoils”
  • Step 5:  Ultimately, when collapse is inevitable, use of the data to “confiscate”….. all in the name of “saving you”

I don’t know about you, but when I am on a one way road with a barricade in plain sight in front of me I start to look for an alternative route.  That is all I am suggesting to you.  Start to lay the foundation for an alternate path out of this dead end and that brick wall we are accelerating toward.  It is still not too late for your family to avoid a direct collision with that brick wall at the end of the road…..but as we accelerate down this road along with the throngs that are headed blindly down the same path, your options will drop by the wayside.

To sum up again a few steps you may want to follow, sooner rather than later:

  • Step 1:  Investigate other countries and settle on one where you would be comfortable living with your family if you do need to “get out of dodge”
  • Step 2:  Start to establish residency or citizenship in another country so that you have a legitimate, irrefutable right to move you and your family and your assets in and out of your selected countries
  • Step 3:  Start to move some of your assets offshore or to your chosen second country, while you still can
  • Step 4:  Find a piece of land or home in your new country so that you have a safe and comfortable place to park you and your family when you visit or move to your second home.
  • Step 5:  Start to build your own mini network of like minded people that can cover your back and cooperate with you in times of need or opportunity.

I thought it was important to get this little piece of news out as soon as possible.  This is moving downhill fast guys!

I suggest you read the whole article.

Well, I need to get started with a new group of Discovery Tour participants now.  Hope to meet you soon.  For now, it’s Barry in DR.



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