WHAT IS TIME: The Distance Between Cause and Effect

Time and Money both need to be in balance

Time and Money both need to be in balance

Hi guys its Barry in DR. The last four months have been nothing short of amazing… not only for myself but for the entire crew of Drescapes.com. It’s been like living in a non-stop revolving door. A revolving door where new made friends are departing through one side and new arrivals who have never met us are waiting at the other.

Here’s an interesting thought for you… what does a door and a person’s mind have in common… They can either be closed shut, opened part way or fully opened. Add to this thought the following facts. There exists a direct collation to the amount of flow to the amount of openness. Whether it’s as simple as a door or as complex as a person’s mind both function on the same universal law… the law of force verses flow and the fact that the costliest thing you will ever own is a closed mind.

Can't eat Gold, Want to Guess Again

Can’t eat Gold, Want to Guess Again

At DR escapes that’s what we’re all about. Our passion is opening people’s mind to the flow of possible options rather than shutting it closed with fear and hopelessness. All we can say is to date it’s been nothing short of humbling to all of us and we know we’ve made a huge difference in so many who have taken our discovery tour. The discoveries have been so much more than just seeing a country but possibly a much better way of living one’s life. A way of life that’s been taken away long ago by the media’s of the world and replaced with the illusion of what a life should be. An illusionary life of debt slavery and currency… as we all should know by now both eventually lead to zero or in other words the door closing on you.

Since I have a break for about ten days it’s time to catch up on several things. Fist and most important is time with Liane. She’s been so understanding about the time commitment that I’ve taken on and supports our team effort to its fullest. Spending our normal hour and a half coffee time has been almost nonexistent over these last months. Assisting with taking care of the animals and filling in for what would normally be my tasks I can’t thank her enough. Actually many of the tour folks have commented about how unselfish Liane is and they wonder how she can put up with me but that’s a story for another time. I suppose even the mightiest of whales is helpless in a desert and Liane for sure is my oasis.

So what’s new in the world’s events… besides the announcement of Val Mat cancelling its American customers (my opinion that’s a huge one) not all that much is new. For me it’s the same shit but a different pile. The battles continue overseas but are starting to shift to a county near you. Seems it’s the same Faceless enemy. An enemy with no form, identity or established location… there’s no possible way one can defeat a formless illusion of an enemy so the extortion will continue. The raid of your pocket will continue forever…wonder who’s is the real foe in this never ending confrontation.

Val Mat Come and Get It By April 30th 2013

Val Mat Come and Get It By April 30th 2013

I use a rather extensive RSS software that I’m confident is many times superior to what most people have at their disposal and still nothing new. Over two hundred RSS feeds at my fingertips and NOTHING NEW!! Oh sure the articles are posted by the hundreds but is any of it new… or is it the same news just reworded slightly different to post yet one more time. All designed to keep you procrastinating in your fears… and their doing a dammed good job of it.

Let me say the one commodity that is most important is time. That’s the only one that’s not replaceable once it’s been spent but seems to be the one that’s taken for granted and spent the most foolishly. We’ve been planning this for almost 15 years. Still I’m meeting people who look at the current events and are of the opinion time is on their side and holds no real importance. Many of them fairly informed people information wise… but missing a crucial point understanding the importance of time and the true costs of misusing time. At some point, absorbing more information about the unsustainability of modern society yields diminishing returns. It becomes emotionally draining and thus counterproductive and is not an efficient use of one’s time. Just a caution you might want to think about depending on what position your door is currently at.

What I did find worthwhile when scouting through all those RSS feeds is a new You Tube featuring Mike Maloney. Nothing new mind you but very well put together and may actually be a GREAT TOOL for opening those closed doors of our family and friends who never seem to show any interest in the subject of what is money or preserving wealth. You know… the ones who just will not listen to anything after the words gold or silver come up in a sentence. Mike puts it in a very soft approach packed with easy to understand facts that I feel anyone would enjoy viewing.

Who knows it just might be the grease needed to free up a few frozen hinges on the doors of their minds. If it does I can promise you one thing for sure and that is it will make you feel GREAT when you know you may have just made a positive difference in someone’s life. A difference that may just one day save that life. Living a life of flow is very different than going with the flow. Living in flow allows things to come towards you. Going with the flow requires things moving in any direction.  It’s the opposite and the trouble with going with the flow is that you might be the one that is sucked down the drain. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Mike Maloney: The Hidden Secrets of Money.


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