What does a spinning top and our current market trends Have in Common? Both are Eventually going to CRASH!

Spinning Tops or Market tops Both Follow the Same  Path, THEY CRASH!

Spinning Tops or Market tops Both Follow the Same Path, THEY CRASH!

Hi guys its Barry in DR. It’s already getting warm here in Cabrera. Our mango tree is already blossoming and it’s looking that there’s going to be even a bigger crop than last year. Could break the 6000 mark and I’m talking about just one tree. The hens have already shifted into the summertime two eggs per day schedule so it’s time to barter once again. Always nice trading for different things needed and it’s usually cheese that we trade with the extra eggs. Liane is out on the property trimming some lettuce and picking one or two green peppers for tonight’s guests.

The Dow on 9-11 See how fast it can crash

The Dow on 9-11 See how fast it can crash

Having a couple of recent expatriates over for lemon fish, salad, and homemade cheese cake with natural cocoa that came from the farm down the road from us. Never a dull moment but never a stressful one either and for us that’s fine. We’re pleased that so many are choosing to look at such options rather than the alternative. I will say though both are correct as one shoe never fits us all. Some folks simply screw in a new bulb while others prefer holding the bulb and turning the house. Either way the light comes on I guess… but once again you choose.

Since the Dow broke its previous record every little thing gonna to be alright… pardon the Marley line. I’m probably preaching the converted when it comes to my readers but… REALLY??? Where’s the industry, manufacturing, employment coming from. Most nations are already by-passing the Dollar whenever they can and that list is growing exponentially. Look at the stats since 1970 when a noble person named Ron Paul began warning about the unsustainability of the path being traveled. Inspect the quality of life currently being experienced in the western nations. Has it improved or has it become nothing more than a never ending effort just to stay above water… less quality of life trading time for currency and no longer even realizing what today’s way of life is truly costing you and your family. Look around your environment… look at your friends and family… does this even remotely resemble what a record Dow should mirror?

Let examine the poverty line as it starting to resemble a hockey stick on a graph. One in four children are currently living at or below the poverty line… YES in AMERICA! What most of my American readers are possibly not aware of is over the last few months the Canadian readers are seeing the EXACT same image. They’re claiming to be just a bit behind the states but on the exact same path. Both nations have their middle class being squeezed like a sponge and there’s only so much water to be had.

I can’t remember where this analogy came from but it’s perfect for what we are currently witnessing. Remember when we were kids. For some of us that’s longer than we would like to remember and others just a few years past but here goes. In my day one of the most popular toys was a top. We would wrap the string around it and fling it spinning for an undetermined amount of time. Every time we would spin this top the time cycle of spinning was never the same till it CRASHED and lay motionless on its side.

Just as the timing was unpredictable the opposite was true for its pattern. That was always an exact duplicate. The top would spin very strong at first. Then it would always go into a wobble pattern (volatility) then it would for no reason straighten up all by itself… as if it were being assisted by some outside source (Printing, Q.E. sequester Ect.). What happens next… the top miraculously all by itself straightens out… but not with the same velocity as it maintained originally (cautious investing not comfortable with what is being witnessed in markets) and then what happens next… the top falls to its side DEAD! Markets do the exact same thing. You can always foresee a pattern but never see the timing. That’s exactly why many of the greats who predicted silver to be a 50 right about now and gold to be in the mid-2000 range are not seeing what they thought. They’re correct though so don’t be concerned for a minute but the timing is what can never be foreseen with any real sense of accuracy.

Pick any name you want from your list of favorites it doesn’t matter who’s picked. Last year their predicted numbers were way different than what is currently being seen. Sprott, Turk, Embry, Pento, Morgan, Von Greyerz, Davies and hundreds more. Thing that’s most important in all of this is they’re all SPOT ON correct with their end game information. That’s for sure but it’s very tough to hit two things in one sentence so I’ve never tried to as all of these good folks have much more experience than I when it comes to metals. Those two things are an amount and a time frame in the same sentence.

I on the other hand go back to what’s been referred to in many past articles. Get off the tracks first (stack) and if you must worry about the useless details later (volatility). Gather that information after you’ve first removed yourself from being hit by the oncoming train (currency devaluations).

By the way the same holds true for your sovereignty. Never mention a date and a time for this subject as well. Perhaps even more important than the previous subject but again that’s for you to decide. I’m tired of pushing the river. You can foresee a pattern but you can’t foresee a timeline… as time is nothing more that the distance between cause and effect.

I’ve attached two short You Tubes with today’s article. Sad how clueless the western society is but once again all by design. Present company excluded but remember it’s a physical world of motion and action and indecision may or may not be your problem. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Wealth Inequality in America:

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Jimbo March 6, 2013 at 10:04 pm

About the first video, welcome to the third world unknowing citizens of USA. The second, first of all LMFAO, but truly this is the reason we are now third world. Pol Pot killed all of the educated when he became dictator of Cambodia, our real leaders decided that was too messy so they just eliminated education. Not to be confused with indoctrination (whoops I meant schooling!).

Barry March 7, 2013 at 1:54 pm

Good point like one of those Gove. T.V. commercials once said. A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE. Thanks jimbo your spot on.

Mitchell March 7, 2013 at 12:34 am

The Sheeple are alive and well….God, help us!….holy crap.

Barry March 7, 2013 at 1:57 am

Really is scary isn’t it and these are the people you’re going to have to reason with when the deal plays out. GOOD LUCK they have the brain power of a barnacle at low tide. Try reasoning with a fool and you become one. Try to reason with a starving fool and you become an injured fool NO THANKS Take care Barry

mike March 9, 2013 at 6:23 am

wow, what a state of affairs anymore.

Im gona go visit BarryS. and take a tour , dont know when yet but looking forward to meeting you Barry.

Barry March 9, 2013 at 5:44 pm

Mike try to vision the point I’m trying to get across in this manner. Any occurrence that has global effects has global effects, right? What is the deeper and certinally more important question is TO WHAT DEGREE are these effects. Pick any global event you want to but for sake of this reply let’s use WW2. I’m confident anyone would agree that WW2 affected the entire world, right? Now return to what I mentioned a moment ago as to what is the more important question, TO WHAT DEGREE. Where would you have rather been during that time, Europe or let’s say western Canada? Both were affected right, but TO WHAT DEGREE? That’s what’s important. Ponder that and let me know if it makes sense. Look forward to meeting you one day as well. Look over at the testimonials given by the many people that have visited us and if you want to chat to any of them click the yellow button and one of us will connect you and chat one on one. Thanks for your time.

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