You’re not the only one who’s prepping.

Why Does Your Local Police Need These

Why Does Your Local Police Need These

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. So often it happens this way ideas come to me as I’m working around the land. The serenity and quietness that surrounds me while working out in the fields seems to inspire ideas for my articles. Recently I’ve noticed more and more articles about prepping… prepping for what seems to be coming. Are you prepping? I am and have been long before this spearheaded into the popular subject that it’s become… but let’s look at this subject from several different angles.

By now my readers know what’s coming next so let’s get it out of the way: Any subject viewed from different angles produces a vastly different perspective of that very same subject. Universal laws are just that, they are laws. It really won’t matter if the subject is a triangle, a nation, prepping or even hunting they all follow those same rules pertaining to separation creates clarity and viewing the same subject from different angles produces different perspectives. Follow where I’m going with this as it may be one of the most important subjects to understand so you’re prepping properly for what may soon follow.

Uniform Seems a Bit Different

Uniform Seems a Bit Different

Let’s scrutinize this further when it comes to the subject of prepping. First off whose prepping are we talking about… theirs or yours? One directly affects the other and you’d be well served to understand this important point. I feel an excellent example could be made from one of the most talented martial arts masters of all time… the late great Bruce Lee. When asked how he learnt to be so effective in his fighting skills he replied: When my opponent attacks… I retreat and when my opponent retreats I attack. He understood force verses flow better than almost anyone.

It’s most crucial to your family’s survival that you understand the strategy of flow, a time to retreat and force a time to attack. See if you’re going to attack and your opponent is going to attack who do you feel has the advantage? The side with the almost unlimited funds and resources, an endless chain of supplies, ammunition and the credit to purchase it, state of the art equipment, numbers of soldiers, best communications, superior training and perhaps most important of all far more experience in the field.

Or perhaps maybe it’s the other side. The side with a few semi-automatics a couple cases of ammo no real fighting experience other than being in an air conditioned office for the last ten to fifteen years with the only killing experience done on last year’s hunting trip. All of which took place while off on their two weeks for good behavior in a fully equipped cabin spending evenings drinking a cold one over the Bar-B-Cue. Add onto this a couple of screaming kids while this lop sided battle is taking place and you come to your own conclusions. I won’t even bother to bring up the wife’s perspective but I’m confident you see where I’m headed with this.

I’m not saying one is right and the other is wrong as both are merely choices.  What I am saying is this: Any thought that comes straight from the heart before first going through the head is extremely dangerous. Just something you might or might not agree with but well worth thinking very carefully about if what’s supposed to be coming actually arrives at your doorstep. At the time it’s arrival choice is gone it’s already too late. Proactive choices are now in the past and all that’s left is reactive choices… not a good scenario to be placing yourself and loved ones in.

I’m sure some of you are contemplating what would others think… I’m no coward… and you’re not.  You might want to ask all your Rambo or Daniel Boone liaisons this question. Where are your parents or grandparents from? Then sit back and listen to their answers because you’re going to hear a never ending variety of them. On some very rare occasions you might have to go as deep as their great grandparents but I can assure you not all that often.

When their answers come out then ask them this second question. Why did they leave where they’re from? At that moment if your buddy Rambo has any brains at all you will see a very noticeable change in their facial expression because they just realized that you checkmated them. If they don’t they will nonchalantly just keep going on with the answers and at that time just understand you’re dealing with a moron and change the subject.

Never argue with an idiot because from 20 feet away anyone watching can’t tell the difference. Everyone except the aboriginals are from somewhere else and that really means the whole thing is an illusion. You have on one side Rambo calling you a deserter and coward when his own family did the exact same thing that he’s accusing you of doing. A bit hypocritical don’t you think as the answer to the second question why did they leave where they’re from is twofold. One to escape the ways of living in that current environment and two for a safer and possibly better future for their children… but of course you are the coward, right? Little footnote I’ve had a few (not Many) accuse me of the same thing… being unpatriotic and a coward. Remembering the previous paragraph about never arguing with a fool I never even bothered to remind them I left way back in 1984 and here’s the real killer I’M Canadian!!!  

Look if people want to die for an illusion that’s their choice but perhaps they should take into consideration this thought. The size of their funereal will pretty much be determined by the weather on that day…nobody cares and they’ll  be all but forgotten within a week. I’ve never been afraid of death or I could have never done what I used to do for a living and certainly never could have been living through two revolutions but that doesn’t mean I want to die for an illusion of what freedom is either.

Today’s two articles are listed below. Check out what your possible opponent is equipped with. This brings me to the closing thought for the post. I mentioned at the beginning that it didn’t matter which example was being used and one of them was hunting. Yet again take that subject and look at it from different views. Are you the hunter or are you being hunted? Are you shooting or being shot at.

It’s one thing tracking an animal that has only natural instincts for its defense and quite another when they have weapons and higher level of intelligence to fight back with. I question the higher level of intelligence for some that I’ve met but that for another time. Right now I’ve got to get back to prepping. We’ve slaughtered a pig and I’m prepping for about 20. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Cities continue to get ‘tanks’ they don’t need in nationwide police militarization trend:

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Levin: Government Simulating the Collapse of Our Financial System and Widespread violence.

Jimbo March 11, 2013 at 7:06 pm

Definitely past time to lock in a Plan B.

“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.”

Hunter S. Thompson

johnsteven March 12, 2013 at 3:10 pm

Wonderful spot Barry, showing the ever increasing presence of a government takeover. It is sad that people still cannot or will not see what is coming.
Denial is a dangerous thing.
Edward Blunke the famous writer and orator once said ´¨ the only way for evil to triumph is when good men do nothing. How true is it today that people are not questioning what is going on in front of their eyes.
Excellent work Barry. Keep it up

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