Do they like us…. or do they hate us? The American Misperception

The_world_flag_2006-320Hi it’s Barry in the DR. I have the great honor to meet many people from all over the world as they participate in our Discovery Tours. This includes people from all walks of life including retired and active military, law enforcement, doctors, dentists and many other professionals, as well as a wide variety of tradesmen. Obviously this includes many Americans.

I like to learn what people understand about their current situation and how they believe their home country is perceived worldwide. Without a doubt, it seems to be the Americans that I meet that are most sheltered and unaware of world opinion. That is understandable since the mainstream media has been manipulated so masterfully to “sell” the American public on the “national pride vision” that the power brokers want you to believe.

After all, it is that national pride and our believe that we stand on the highest principles that has helped hold America together and overcome whatever factions have arisen. What happens if we perceive ourselves as highly principled, standing the high moral ground….. and the majority of others throughout the world see us as greedy, immoral war mongers devoid of principles? How could the perceptions be so different?

As mentioned in the video below, it is true that America is a melting pot where various cultures have merged and mixed. Sometimes almost seamlessly, and other times with great strife and rebellion. Overall though, until now (with a few major exceptions like the Revolutionary War and the Civil War) Americans have been indoctrinated to believe that America is the champion of peace, democracy, human rights and freedom. As a whole we have bought into that vision hook line and sinker and it has served us well to hold us together. Kind of reminds me of the title of an old STIX album: THE GRAND ILLUSION.

But have you ever wondered…. what does the rest of the world really think America represents? Did we REALLY stand the high ground based on sound and consistent principles? What REALLY motivated America to get involved where it did? Why did we take the actions we took? What motivated the alliances… often illogical and sometimes immoral alliances?

Stop Arguing and Get The Passport

Stop Arguing from with in. No one else cares.

You might ask, WHO CARES? Well I believe that we should care because an understanding of this may help us understand just how shaky what many perceive as “safe and secure” really is. You see, when the people and the government and the military and the true power brokers all see the world from a different perspective, and when the extent of that divergence starts to see the light of day, as it is now…. we recognize that there is no longer a solid footing to stand on. No solid underlying principles to hold us together for the common good. That is when irreparable factions form and we start to tear at each other until there is chaos, or worse.

It’s nothing more than a POP culture… A culture blended from everywhere and while that might be effective when the battles are outside your nation it has the exact opposite effect if the battle is to be fought on your own soil. That’s the time all the differences come out and the nation becomes so divided ciaos runs ramped. Remember divide and conquer works most effectively when it’s not even being recognized to begin with.

You see it in its most noticeable form just by looking at how polarized the people become on key fundamental issues like gun control, benefit programs, health care, property ownership rights and the like. You see it when our elected politicians can no longer function or work together because their factions(voters) have drifted so far apart on issues and they no longer have the ability or inclination to compromise and act.

Safe and Sound - Out of the Line of Fire

Safe and Sound – Out of the Line of Fire

I suspect we are on the very verge of a decay in America’s position as the worlds leader. Some even believe we are headed to a civil war in the not to distant future. For me and my family, I think we will sit this one out and view it from a great distance.

Nothing causes mass revolution faster than an empty stomach or a parent watching their children go hungry.  I would rather have my family located in an region supported with unlimited fresh food and water. I’ve lived through two revolutions and not saying I’m right but it’s what we’ve chosen. I can say that there is absolutely no difference in the people living in our region over the last decade that I can see. How about you… noticing any differences lately?

In the following video, the Patriot Nurse shares her perspective on what the rest of the world really thinks about America and why. She also shares a few ideas on what you may want to do to prepare for this. And if you are not up to speed on your common first response first aid skills you may even want to consider sitting in on one of her workshops when it comes to a town near you. It is always good to have a few skills to get you our your loved ones out of a medical jam.

For now, it’s Barry in DR. Getting ready for several big groups that are headed down for our next Discovery Tours.

Dave March 17, 2013 at 6:28 pm

From my perspective as a current member of the US military, I can tell you that many of us are waking up to the true agenda. Almost everyone I work with thinks we should pull out of Afghanistan and they don’t believe we should be involved in Libya or Syria or Africa. A few of them are buying silver as fast as they can get the cash and a couple of them are the biggest “preppers” I know.

Most people I talk to seem pretty clueless. When I’m in uniform in public sometimes people come up and thank me for “protecting our freedom”. I almost don’t know how to respond. I usually just say your welcome and press on. I think most in the US are willfully ignorant.

Most foreigners I’ve met seem to like Americans they just hate our government. They do think we are fools for giving away the freedoms we fought so hard for. Rich, spoiled, dumb Americans. That’s how I think we are perceived.

We can’t predict exactly how a collapse will unfold and how the American population would react. But if we can step out of the line of fire and fight from a foxhole instead, that seems like a better option to me.

Barry March 17, 2013 at 10:24 pm

Thanks seems that more are looking for that foxhole you mention and more power to them. There are several more attractive options other than fighting for an illusion. Thanks Dave

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