Bank Holidays, Capitol controls Cyprus joins a long line of ancestors

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Currently I’m on tour with some good folks looking for those possible options we constantly mention on DR escapes. Pleased to report that they all came with high expectations and their expectations were blown out of the water. Seems to be a common statement from everyone… you’re underrating this region not even close to what we’re experiencing. Guess even we take some things for granted after the years. Personally thought though I think it’s the opposite effect. I haven’t seen the deterioration in the western nations over the years… it’s been a long time.  Back to the reason I’m sneaking in this short post. So you think the Cyprus deal is a first?

It's Coming at YOU From Every Angle

It’s Coming at YOU From Every Angle

It’s a first in only one area. It’s the first time they’ve been bold enough to actually come out and publically announce the possibility of seizure. Seizure of a percentage of all customer deposits. That’s the only thing that’s new. That’s it in a nutshell. What is he thinking you’re probably asking yourself about now? Well here’s my logic viewing this possible scenario from the outside.

For almost a year now this has been going on but in another form. May have eluded some of you but never the less it’s been happening right before your eyes. First step to look at. READ the fine print on your savings, retirement, or reserve accounts. You might be quite surprised to learn that you are a lender to the institution you are a dealing with…NOT A CUSTOMER! So what does that mean you might be asking yourself right about now? That means that whether or not you know it you’ve given that institution permission to use and or invest your funds how THEY see fit to do so. No way! I didn’t know that… well last time I checked ignorance doesn’t hold up as a very strong defense in any court of law.

Why Do You Think it's Called PROGRAMMING

Why Do You Think it’s Called PROGRAMMING

But the F.D.I.C. insures my money so I’m safe!!  Yea if you’re a CUSTOMER of that institution it does… not if you’re a lender to that institution. As a lender you ain’t got jack sh*t and Jack just walked out of the room… so you guess what you’re left with. Besides the F.D.I.C. is so underwritten in net policy value it’s now less that 10% of what it’s covering… but don’t worry you get yours right?

Secondly let’s now take a quick look at Italy. I’ve been mentioning in several past posts all fiat and fractional reserve banking institutions are a mirage of security but not actual security. Want to try and tell the people who NOW have a currency control that’s not a true statement. Moving forward let’s continue and bring up Spain. Same sh*t different pile. Savers can’t get their hands on their own money. Only in a limited amounts at a time. REMERBER this is THEIR own money we’re talking about.

One Hell Of a Holiday Don't You Think. Guess Who's Paying For It.

One Hell Of a Holiday Don’t You Think. Guess Who’s Paying For It.

Oh yea what about Argentina? Over one weekend the citizens watched while their banks took a short but costly holiday. Hum??? I think a holiday that cost the people about 43% of their currency value. Must have been one hell of a holiday to ring up that kind of fee. Every single bag coming into the country is being inspected. Every single bag!!! that arrives into the country and if you’re an argentine citizen guess what NO OUTSIDE currency comes into the country…CONFISCATED at customs. Citizens are not allowed to exchange currency to another currency… you’re stuck and you gonna be broke. Might get you to understand the value of a second passport right about now…YA THINK??

These are only a few of the more recent examples coming to mind and if I thought it were necessary to go on I could think of at least a half dozen more. But don’t you worry your living in the land of the free. You have your experts on the job working right alongside with you… right? You know mom or the brother who thinks your daffed for thinking the way you do. Why not tell them to read a dammed book on history and maybe then they’ll understand that this is nothing new. Since the time of Abraham it’s been going on and it ain’t gonna change.

Youv'e Been Chipped Decades Ago. You Had Better Wake up AND FAST!!!

You’ve Been Chipped Decades Ago. You Had Better Wake up AND FAST!!!

See the truth is that most of you in the western world are very concerned about certain issues. Issues like being R.F.I.D. chipped in the near future. Hung up in defending what little privacy you still have left in the land of the free. I on the other hand am not.  If I were viewing the subject from your perspective which is the inside looking out I may be. But I’m looking at it from the outside in and from my view 99% of the citizens have already been chipped decades ago without even realizing it. It’s called a birth right chip.  This chip has been implanted to the public so successfully it’s been virtually painless, seamless and didn’t even leave a scar… until recently.


Truth is this chip is going to cost you big time because it’s been an illusionary chip all along and never had any value to begin with. Many of you are gonna find that out real soon… for most it’s not going to be pretty.  Many won’t be able to adjust to the reality of things but as I’ve said before the only time an illusion can hurt you is when it’s transformed into a reality.  Click onto the links below if you still can’t see the forest through the trees. Got to get back to the tour for now. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

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