You had better start acting or you will soon be forced into REACTING


Stay focused. Your survival depends on it.

Stay focused. Your survival depends on it.

Hi it’s Barry in DR. Just a brief post today as its Samana Santa (Easter) and we’re off to the mountains. We’re having some fish, meat and veggies with the family later in the afternoon. Bought enough natural beef to feed 15 people for 700 pesos or 17.11 dollars US… and a 23 LB. Mahi Mahi for 2.40 a LB. Nothing like fresh fish and meat on the Bar-Be. So continuing on I just wanted to post some clear as glass facts from the past few days. With the banks re-opening here’s where it stands. First a sort of foot note though.

The world is not actually spinning faster. You're just running on the outside of the spectrum. Turn towards the center, it's barely even spinning there.

The world is not actually spinning any faster. You’re just running on the outside of the spectrum. Turn towards the center and very soon you’ll discover it’s barely even spinning there.

There have been many emails arriving to our site commenting about what’s just occurred in Cyprus and how it’s bound to spread fast now that the first shot off the port bow has ignited. I’ve received two emails originating from the island its self.  So far three emails pertaining to how relieved they are that they moved various assets into another country and adhered what we’ve been trying to get across all along. These emails are pleasing… that I could get through and possibly secure that part of their wealth.

Currently only a fool wouldn’t allocate a portion of their portfolio into another nation. At this point in time if it’s not already obvious to you then you deserve what’s coming next. Sorry but at a certain point obedience its self becomes a moral crime. Of course the higher majority of emails had those dreaded words: what do we do now? Here are just a few examples of what they had to say… “we’ve been following your site now for almost a year… think you’re so accurate in your perceptions… Love how DR escapes is not full of the mundane doom and gloom but rather possible options and a host of other similar comments” which I thank you all but read on.

The big thing to take home out of this is…THEY DID NOTHING!!! Other than agreeing with what I had to say. Wonderful I’m swelling with pride (NOT) that they agreed with me, big deal. After all 20 years of trends study and living in these countries for thirty years one should know something, right? So why no action I ask myself? In the physical world we still live in (at least for now), nothing happens without motion, action or movement, NOTHING… GET IT?

My thoughts after receiving some added information by a few people overseas that I know are accurate. Remember these are the same good folks that have mentioned “watch out for the first and second quarter of 2013“. Please take the time and go back to the archives and see for yourself. I’ve been mentioning these occurrences months before any other site. Yea I stuck my neck out writing those posts because if I was wrong I would look like a fool but instead hit the bull’s eye on ALL of THEM. All the way down to the update on the 1040 for declaring P.M’s within the next two years… and it’s coming.

Listed below are some of the simple facts to take action against now. Safe guard yourself and your family NOW. These facts and You Tubes were not put into this post so you can continue to ponder as if it’s not going to affect you and your loved ones. If you’re still at that stage save the emails on what can we do next after the S.H.T.F. and kindly just leave me out of your BAD DREAMS!

You’ve been warned for over a year now so don’t fall back and blame the Government, the Banksters or anyone other than yourself. You already allowed them to take your freedoms, your wealth, your health… what else are you going to allow them to confiscate? Remember when you’re pointing your finger at someone else you always have three pointing right back at you know who.

Inevitably, man’s nature catches up with him. When the average citizen gets too fat, dumb and dependent on the state, their priority shifts from seeking wisdom to running after pleasure and this becomes the turning point of a nation. Until next time this is Barry in DR wishing you all a happy Easter (Samana Santa) and I’m out.


1. The withdrawal limit is, indeed, 300 euros — about $385. Other limits in place…

2. Checks can be deposited, but not cashed

3. Credit or debit card payments destined for other countries are limited to only

5,000 euros per month!

4. Travelers leaving Cyprus may take only 1,000 euros with them. Commercial transactions greater than 5,000 euros will be reviewed by a committee, transactions greater than 200,000 euros must be approved on a case-by-case basis.

5. Spain and Italy max. 1000 Euros per account per bank per day. Special authorization for wirings over 100,000 Euros are now required.

So much for the European Union’s “foundational idea” that capital should move freely across borders. You’re right on track for where you’re headed. Expect strong currency controls with tight limits on offshore wirings within ONE YEAR! All Western nations are included when I say this and just in case you’re still confused that means YOU!

BRICS China and Brazil Don’t speak American anymore

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Jim Rodgers: Run For The HILLS NOW, I’m Doing It!!!

Read the article and see the video here


Melik April 1, 2013 at 2:16 pm

All banks in the world use fractional reserve lending ( including those in DR). How would relcating assets to a Dominican bank protect me from systemic cascading bank failure?

Also, since DR is an ISLAND and has to IMPORT everything except fish & fruit, how could one realistically expect to survive if the US collapes? Where are you going to get medicines, tires, clothing, furniture, electronics etc! Black market prices would be exhorbitant!

One only needs to look at you next door neighbor Haiti to see how utterly devastated they were after their earthquakes. EVERYTHING has to be donated to them from relief agencies located in USA, Canada, and other nations. (what? No earthquake possibility in DR? I’d say very Good possibility considering its part of the same land mass as haiti)..

johnsteven April 2, 2013 at 3:16 pm

As an expat living in the dr for a number of years ihave seen the difference between the us and the dr.The bottom line is that the dr is currently exporting over 200 million dollars annual in organic fruits and vegtables, as well as is the second largest country in the carribean with unbelievable natural resources which is what it will come down to.Having your own supply of water ,plentiful, food plentiful.Also the dr has very good medical supplies on par with the US.Many cuban doctors and health care on par with the US.How do i know this i have spent 13 years here. average health care cost luxury plan 1000 a year us for a family.many expats have this plan and have used it.Me being one of them.IF the banks crash well at least there are natural resources,that is what it will come down to at the end of the day.lets see what happens when or if obama stops the food stamps at 50million US citizens.You can have plenty of money but if it is not worth anything and you are hungry you will kill to feed those around you WHEN THE SHELVES ARE EMPTY.

admin April 2, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Thanks for the comments. Let me take a moment and see if I can clear up and perhaps shed some accuracy to your statement and on some of the comments. First off I have never felt banks here in the DR or anywhere in the world are a safe bet and I’ve exited that game years ago. They’re all crooked to the gills. I might think by now if the good people haven’t figured that out they’re already in big trouble. Try using B.O. Y. Bank that stands for bank of yourself. Keep about a six to eight month supply of currency as even P.M’s won’t be accepted right away. Read some of the recent hurricane Sandy (New Jersey, USA) testimony on how it was impossible to trade gold or silver for anything, no one wanted to accept it. Cash was still king and will remain king till the transformation takes shape and it won’t be overnight.

The DR is just under 20,000 SQ/MI and is no small place. But in a deeper thought we all live on islands… it’s only that border line held in place by the very same cartel that we’re trying to eliminate that still has people fooled. Every land mass on the globe is surrounded by water. The region where we live is about 150 miles of nothing but an abundance of food ranging from a total of 72 different varieties of fruits and vegetables. All of our pork, beef, chicken, eggs, are organic free ranging animals. This 150 mile region has the capability to supply the entire country and there are at least six more such regions. You would be well served to understand food and water are the only two things that start and stop any revolution and I lived through two of them. Many medicines are still of the natural type, very effective even for people who suffer with chronic illnesses like diabetes. A plant called insolina grows wild and it’s several times stronger than what people are sticking in their bodies in the western world. As for manufactured medicines, if the distribution chain is disrupted who is to say that it will be any easier to receive medicines in Montana than it will be in this island two hours from Miami.

Much of our clothing is locally made as cotton is not rare and is just another plant that thrives here. We have several furniture companies that are local using only solid hard wood construction and way better in quality than any of the particle board veneer crap that passes in the western world. As far as tires go,maybe we’ll be better off hooking one of our horses to a wagon as it’s still common to see. Good luck trying that with your SUV or car. Helpful hint shift it into neutral first might work out a bit better.

Did I ever say that an earthquake was impossible in the DR. Don’t think so. Just as in the US, an earthquake is of course possible. Likely?… probably not as likely as the entire west coast of the US, but certainly possible I suppose. Again, I think I would rather take my chances in the typical all concrete homes in the DR as opposed to the typical stick built 2×4 and sheetrock home in the US.

We’re all going to have it hard on electronics but your electronic world will suffer more than most other countries cause you’ve lost all your manufacturing so long ago. We tend to get our electronics off the same Chinese/Taiwanese shipments as you straight to our ports. Everyone’s prices are going to soar due to black markets but here the uniformed police will wait their turn because they know what will happen if they don’t. Good luck with that one. Our fuel comes from Venezuela and it’s a crap shoot like anywhere else but I’ll bet on that one before shipping it half way around the world where the western nations are currently sourcing theirs. China, Russia, BRICS are all bypassing the “P” Dollar to the highest level in history and no longer are they even attempting to hide it.

Comparing Haiti to the DR makes about as much sense as saying the US is the same as Mexico because their joined … ooops bad example… it currently is about the same as Mexico but go back about 25 years and then use the comparison. If I do have to suffer a world financial collapse, I prefer to do so in a place where the people and government is less likely to rise in violent revolt because they lose so much so quickly. Here in the DR you can’t take away something that they never had and the western world has been so spoiled for so long now (by design) that the birth chip that was implanted a few decades ago is going to come back and haunt the people big time. Shoot, you can’t tell the difference in the people in this whole region from before 2000 while I’m watching the western world fall apart like a cheap watch.

With our Discovery Tours I have the privilege of meeting and discussing world affairs with citizens of many nations every week. Of the many good folks who’ve come down here. I try talking to them to get their perspective. As for most of them, along with myself, it’s no comparison who the most confused, scared, overweight, pill popping, unhealthy and brainwashed people are on the planet. Yep they typically come from the U.S…. and it’s other US people who are saying it to me. The various groups arriving from other places like Canada, Europe, Asia and a host of others tend to be far ahead in their understanding of the risks you face in the “first world” industrialized nations. Good luck and keep your chin strap tight. Oh yea, almost forgot, pull your face shield down, it might help a bit anyway.

Melik April 3, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Thanks for clearing some stuff up.

1. Does the DR have a military? What keeps the zombie hoards of Haiti from walking across the island and looting everything they can? (As thousands cross the US-Mex border every month)

2. DR 150 sq miles can support ou now, but how much immigration could theyrealistically accept? If only 1% of Americans took your advice and moved to the DR, thats an influx of 3.5 Million people! I question the ability of DR resources to be able to accommodate a sudden 30% influx of population.

Melik April 3, 2013 at 8:23 pm

I would also like to add that I am not trying to provokean argument over which is better (USA or DR…. It very well may be DR…) however it needs to be pointed out that your advice cannot realistically be implemented by the majority of the population.

Retirees with substantial nest eggs (and no desire to maintain very close ties to family/grandkids) may find moving to DR ideal.

Singles with no spouses or children may also be able to start jobs (or even their own business if they have the talent for that kind of thing)

People with kids (especially young ones) who are starting their lives will have difficulty finding emplyment in the DR. They also do not have any significant savings to purchase real estate or build their own houses either. I sppose they cold get a mortgage from a DR bank, but who will lend to an unemployed (or minimally employed) individual?

Barry April 3, 2013 at 11:39 pm

Melik, Hasn’t there been enough arguments already. I have never thought you were trying to provoke an argument in the first place. Arguing with each other is just another form of divide and conquer, so far I’d say it’s been working pretty well. Doesn’t matter if it political, religion, arguing who is right it’s all a form of the method being used to break us all into smaller and therefore more controllable groups. I agree the country can’t support the majority of the population and I’ve never mentioned that it could but on a slightly deeper thought what makes you think for one second the majority of the population is going to do anything different this time around. It’s always been less that 1% that does anything. The balance merely deals with it reactively when it arrives. You know what I mean… taking from others, violence, crime, and of course blaming everyone else for their own misfortunes. That’s the reason why we’re trying to at least provide a POSSIBLE alternative FOR SOME not all. No one shoe fits all feet. On your last paragraph I have to agree for young people it’s going to be harder. Never impossible as there are many (several of them are friends) who have done it along with small children. A big part of making it work is one’s ability to think outside the box. Not everybody can afford buying a home but rentals are available and I might add if you can simplify your need are quite a bit cheaper. Actually the cost of living is cheaper than the western worlds but as I just said simpler. Once again on a deeper thought about work and that is do you really believe your job will be there if the carnage is anything even close to what many are saying. I believe the term used by many is Biblical scale… but no one know for sure. Last note I won’t answer your previous comment as I don’t care for your verbiage on describing Haitians. I will say though that they’ve been surviving with next to nothing for decades now and it hasn’t been a problem. Things you’re taking for granted where you’re currently living they never had. Several are my familys friends and we think their great. Lets see how you people pan out when most everything is gone…then make your claim about other races. Let’s leave it at that because I feel you’re worried and rightly so and those words are not your norm at least I hope not. Wish you the best and always keep thinking outside of the box as I’ve mentioned in several posts the view changes depending from what angle you’re viewing it from. Do that and you and your family will be fine and that’s what all of the DR escapes team want for as many as possible.

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