Stay Focused Don’t be Fooled by the Side Bar Issues

Stay Focused on the Big Picture of What They're Actually After. The Grope is Just another Diversion

Stay Focused on the Big Picture of What They’re Actually After. The Grope is Just another Diversion

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Recently I’ve been revisited by this reoccurring thought that just seems to plant its self in my thought pattern from time to time. Although its visits are becoming less frequent as time goes on it still comes back for the occasional visit. Right about now you might be asking yourself what thought is that? I’ll tell you it’s this nagging thought of what’s it going to take for people to actually take action on what’s arriving in the not too distant future. I for one can’t understand why so many suffer from this illusion of reality I’m stumped other than one possible reason. That reason is denial. They’re still stuck in the first stage called denial.

The big news of Cyprus is still dominating most sites and it hasn’t even had a chance to cool off yet and now Canada is in on the game. Legislation passed and commencing this year 2013  Canada has now jumped on the bandwagon announcing that if necessary they too will come to the rescue with you know who’s bailout money… YOUR’S!  New legislation passed that allows Canadian banks to rescue financial institutions or bail out or in (whatever they choose to call it) banks all over the world so it’s not just Canadian institutions. Canada the nation that just a few months earlier was the pinnacle of stability and safety… how things seem to change in a heartbeat.

Why Do You Think it's Called PROGRAMMING

Why Do You Think it’s Called PROGRAMMING

Can you remember the headlines? Canada being so conservative has allowed themselves to steer clear of the mortgage scandals… remember? I can still hear it ringing in my ears: we’re not suffering the same fate as our neighbors because we’re conservative by nature. Our Government laws won’t allow it to happen. What a crock… conservative? Then why is the average Canadian spending a ratio of 35% above of what is earned. Conservative they call it. Seems more like a disaster and the murmuring has already taken hold about a sequel to the great American Real Estate bubble all over again. B/C, Ontario and several other provinces “you better be careful” your conservative nature is going to kill you. More and more I agree with Doug Casey when he recently said “in this economy I’m not looking for a return on my investment but rather a return OF my investment.”

I’m staying with what experience has taught me. Food and water cause the most violent revolutions. Sure confiscation and currency devaluations are part of the recipe I don’t deny but anytime the masses are hungry and there’s nothing to feed them that’s the time it all goes to shit and really gets ugly. The most God fearing person will kill anyone to feed their children and that’s never going to change. No parent with an ounce of strength left in them will watch their children starve.

Food and water are the only two commodities each and every person requires every single day for their survival and it’s also by design these two most precious commodities have been taken for granted for so many decades. It’s going to be tough to change people’s minds until the day arrives when your favorite drive up menu can’t produce the number six double pickles anymore. That day is not far off but as it stands (again by design) seems to be an illusion all its own.

While scouting Sean’s SGT site came across an article that I feel sums up the Grand Illusion quite well. I agree with many of the authors points and in fact have mentioned several in past posts. They need to kill the dollar to progress to their ultimate goal… and they will. They will stop at nothing to achieve this. The BRICS along with several other super power nations are no longer even hiding the fact of by passing the USD. Seems the only MSM’s that are not front paging it are in the U.S. I do recommend that you click on and read this one through. For my readers this might not be new but it’s put in a chronological order that makes good sense of the way things are actually progressing.

The second article personally I found to be very interesting as I had no idea farmers were already doing this. I was under the impression this was still some time out but I have been told by a few good folks where I get a lot of my information from that while I tend to be accurate on my posts I’m a bit generous on my time lines. These are the very same folks who cautioned me well before the end of 2012 to pay close attention during the first two quarters of 2013… not only to the accelerated pace but also the variety of new areas.  HLS and TSA the ammo stories don’t be fooled by the side bar issues as they’re designed to keep your attention off of what the real plan is intended to proclaim. Once again these folks were right on… BOY were they right on. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar”

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USDA agricultural census program is a covert surveillance operation to compile government database of food and farm assets

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Melik April 4, 2013 at 2:55 am

Your post is too simplistic. It is not DENIAL that keeps people where they are….its FAMILY! Think of holocaust survivors…the few who made it left whole communities behind. Most just stuck around (for each other) and prayed things would get better instead of worse.

I think of my 70 yr old mother who depends on us to get her groceries and take her to the dr. Think she’ll move? Not a chance. Think I should abandon her in case TEOTWAWKI happens? Not likely. Shes my mum & we love her.

admin April 4, 2013 at 6:02 pm

I agree that for many the underlying issue is FAMILY… or at least the inability to see how the family might adapt to change. I agree that the combination of commitment to family and denial was what kept most Jews in their communities, only to be swept up into concentration camps during the holocaust. But were they better off? Was the community better off? What if more families had chosen to venture out and leave when they still had the opportunity. Would those families and communities been stronger as a result of leaving. Certainly less of them would have died senselessly.

My goal is to help a few people see outside the box. Is is comfortable to look outside the box? Probably not. But is it wise…. maybe. Take a situation like yours. Are there actually benefits to life in this area of the DR for a family like yours. Maybe. We do have groceries here… fresher and less expensive. We do have a comfortable yet low cost of living. We do have pretty good healthcare. Unlike the US, here a 24 hour caregiver and aid is affordable if you felt the need. Would things REALLY be worse for your family, including your mum? True, it may be uncomfortable to leave friends behind and to get acclimated to a new culture…. but would it be worse? Would it be worse than what many predict for the US and other “first world” countries if the SHTF.

And NO…. I am not suggesting you or anyone else abandon anyone…. instead save them from the ravages of a collapse in a country that is ill prepared for such dramatic change. This is not for everyone. Only you can decide for your own family.

Dave April 5, 2013 at 4:07 am

Thanks Barry for helping put things in perspective. I think this is the most convincing post so far. Nothing has to be permanent. I had to get through that mental block myself.

For me the fear of being stuck in a western country during a global collapse far outweighs any fears I have of relocating to a “non-western” country. I don’t have to wonder how the masses will react here in the US. I see it every day and things aren’t really that bad yet. A near fist fight over a gas pump. Refusing to let someone merge into traffic. It won’t take starvation to cause widespread riots here.

If people can’t even share when they have everything they need, I don’t want to be around when they have nothing left to lose.

Denise April 25, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Dave, I think that is a great post. I am also an ex-pat living near Cabrera in the DR and I often think that when problems start to occur, no water, electricity food, that I prefer to be here in the DR. Because when we have seen catastrophes in the US Catrina, Sandy, etc., usually we see looting, fighting and despair. Living here the people don’t have much and don’t expect much and know how to be generous and happy on a daily basis. If there is no electricity, water or food they have learned to share and not to go crazy. I can’t imagine how it will be in the US when these things that are inevitable because of mismanagement by the governments happen because the average American feels entitled. In a crisis all will know that no one is entitled to nothing – that is something I think the Dominicans know well and will help them overcome the coming calamity.

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