Escape? But what do I do in MY situation?

What do I do NOW?

What do I do NOW?

Barry in DR here.  I predicted I would touch on a nerve or two with my last post “It’s FAMILY… We Can’t Abandon Them“.  WOW!  That was an understatement.

Based on all the emails and the comments I have received regarding that post, there are obviously a lot of “informed” people caught up in that same struggle over “what do I do now in MY situation”.  I’ll try my best to add a bit more clarity.

But when all is said and done, only you can answer whether you trust your gut and whether you are capable of action.  If the answers to those two questions are yes, there is hope that you may sidestep much of the turmoil of the upcoming financial and social collapse.

But before we dig into the subject, let me first ask you a simple question.  If right now you were face to face with a real human, a crazed killer, holding a gun to the head of your spouse, or your kids or your parents…. what would you be willing to give up to save them…. right now.  For many of us, that is a simple decision because there is absolutely no doubt about exactly what the situation is.  There is no opportunity for procrastination or self doubt.  Either act right now, or watch them die.

Stockmarket Crash

Stockmarket Crash – YESTERDAY

Now, lets make it just a little bit less dramatic.  If you knew today with 100% absolute certainty that the stock market was going to crash 60% within 72 hours from now… how long would it take you to decide to sell every stock you own?

Or, if you knew today with absolute certainty that you had exactly 30 days to gather your family, friends and belongings and leave your country or be herded up like cattle and taken to a slaughter house to be purged….  can you think of any reason why you would not act immediately?  Would you override the wishes and concerns of those more skeptical family members, or would you simply lay down and take it?

If only we all had access to that perfect crystal ball to know exactly when a calamity will occur we could procrastinate right up to the last minute, then take the necessary self survival actions.  But, of course, there are no perfect crystal balls.  Sometimes tea leaves, hunches and observation is all we have at our disposal.  Too many simply will never believe that tragedy is about to occur no matter how obvious the outcome is to others.  That is called DENIAL.  The trenches in Germany and Poland are full of good people that suffered that fate.

Some will read the tea leaves, study the trends and make the observations to know well in advance that all is not right with the world.  They will evolve beyond denial.  I suspect many of my readers are at some stage of understanding.  Yet some of you will act in time while many others will simply not act, probably due to procrastination and self doubt.  After all, self doubt is the antithesis of certainty.  What I do know is that you will never have absolute certainty until you have the benefit of looking back and seeing the devastation that just occurred.  Of course, that is a bit too late.  Waiting to hear the gun discharge, or watching the stock market collapse or the currency be devalued or the riots of desperate, needy people is TOO LATE.  Smart people INSURE against those disasters well in advance… and insurance comes in many forms.

My goal is to help you get past your self doubts and past your denial.  I want to help you focus on “insurance”.  Insurance in the form of a contingency plan for you, your family, your friends and your assets.  I want you to be one of the minority that does not have to look backwards one day only to see that it is too late to take the actions that will protect your family and your assets.

For me it is a personal mission.  You see, I am the product of someone that did take action.  My grandfather did take his immediate family out of harms way preceding the holocaust.  Had he procrastinated or doubted his judgement he no doubt would have suffered the same fate as his brothers, parents, uncles and cousins…. none of whom survived.  It was a brave move to act, even when he was surrounded by doubters and skeptics.  But the important point was that he did act.  He did pack his family and whatever belongings he could carry and left his home country for safety in a new land. That land happened to be Montreal Canada.

For my grandfather, I am certain he saw his relocation as permanent and frightening…. no going back.  I am sure that made the decision even tougher.  Thankfully, today with the free flow of people across borders and widespread communications at your fingertips, your survival plan does not need to trigger anything permanent.  It is a contingency plan.  You are laying a foundation for a virtual highway that will guarantee your ability to cross borders and provide a physical safe haven for your loved ones and your assets.  A safe haven with bountiful fruits, vegetables, seafood and free range meats and abundant water.  A safe haven where you can live well inexpensively.  Not in some underground bunker or fallout shelter, but in the fresh breezes overlooking the ocean.

Plentiful bounty

Plentiful bounty of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, seafoods and meats

Now I know that some of you Doubting Thomases may come back with…. what’s the big deal.  What’s all the fuss about food and water.  We can always run down to the nearby store for anything we want.   Wrong!  All you have to do is look at the effects of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and Hurricane Catrina for a small peek into the hazards of that overconfidence.  Virtually all the food supply, power supply, healthcare, schools and most other services are dependent on transportation and cooperation which will be in jeopardy in a financial collapse and the resulting chaos. That my friends will be looked back as a trip to Disney World compared to what is soon to arrive.

What a perfect example of what’s meant when I mention viewing the same subject but from a different angle produces a completely different view of that same subject. Go on and ask anyone who knew of these events and then go ask someone who’s lived through those exact same events. I’m rather confident you will have two very different views of the same subject. If you may have seen the current running TV series… Revolution,  you may have a glimpse into a total financial collapse.  I believe I will sit that one out in our little piece of tropical paradise.  I can always go back anytime I want but perhaps the real question is will you always be able to get OUT when YOU WANT? Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Mitchell April 11, 2013 at 1:28 am

Great article Barry. Our life is moving ever so close to making the break. It saddens me to say that the Amerika Sheeple are screwed on refuse to look it straight in the face. Your writings are compelling but remember, you can lead a horse to water….. Bless you for the work you are doing. See you soon in the DR.

Barry in DR April 11, 2013 at 4:37 pm

Thanks God bless us all we’re going to need it. Glad you will be with the family soon. We are all here to make the adjustments back to real life as seamless as possible.

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