Americans Already Finding it Harder to Allocate Cash!!!

Like the shirt says. HOPE

Like the shirt says. HOPE

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Gosh I’m starting to feel like Greg Mannarino when I open my blog like this. By the way I do like his thoughts except for not really understanding that all important third leg of the stool. That of course my readers already know by now is sovereignty. So many are missing that point and when that very same point is introduced to many their reaction is negative. Without having any real experience living in other countries their reactive juices just seem to be wired in that fashion. That’s O.K. though because every war needs its casualties. I’m not referring to death when I say this as victims come in all shapes subjects sizes and situations, don’t they?

I was going to go out in the country today and start taking some of those pictures for future requested articles but with yesterday’s news I decided to stay in Cabrera and write this post… a breaking story that should have been on every front page across the nation. This news is worthy of 2 inch bold type yet nowhere was it to be found. Austrailia to Abandon U.S.Dollar was the headline. So you think it’s important? Let’s look into this a bit further.

It's always the herd that ends up in the slaughter house. Be of your own thoughts.

It’s always the herd that ends up in the slaughter house. Be of your own thoughts.

Since receiving the tip over six months ago from two of my sources… you know that bit of advice I’ve mentioned both on the site and to members I regularly speak with several times. Remember? Let me refresh just in case you’ve forgotten. “Barry you’re posts are accurate but your time lines are a bit too generous. You’ll understand what we mean come the first two quarters of 2013. So what’s come into the picture since January 1, 2013?

While the more informed people of the world were still shaking off the disbelief of the M.F. Global scandal here’s what else started coming out of the abyss after the New Year commenced. An incredibly aggressive witch hunt to abolish the second amendment and the right to bear arms… H.L.S. arming themselves with enough ammunition to kill the entire population of America six times over.  Let’s continue with the direct confiscation of a hefty percentage of the citizens of Cyprus personal bank accounts… several other countries have already jumped aboard that bandwagon since and announced they too will support such action if they deem the institution in jeopardy is in their sole opinion: TO BIG TO FAIL.  Currency controls in Italy, Spain and Argentina now fixed and in place. At least for Argentina’s citizens they’re not allowing them to switch Pesos to any other currency.

You’re now classified as a lender to your banking institution not a customer therefore you’re absorbing the risk of loss and you’re actually giving them permission to use your savings as they deem fit. This has actually been going on for years if you bothered to read the small print on any of your applications… but it’s the first time it’s been acted upon… Cyprus. The nation of Canada two weeks ago passed into its 2013 legislation the very same about direct confiscation should they feel it necessary.

The BRICS have announced formally that they are bypassing the petro dollar and will be conducting trades in their own currency whenever possible. This is HUGH and never even made the headlines! China and Russia formally announced that they’re by-passing the U.S. dollar and trading in gold or in their own currencies INCLUDING natural resources…again this is HUGH NEWS… The arrival of encrypted currencies appearing to possibly be the next go to currency… not making a personal opinion only the fact that they have really gained exposure. Now Amazon is launching their version of an encrypted currency and jumping on board.

All this and more and we’re only in April. Damn those guys are good and after knowing them for over fifteen years accurate and well ahead of others. Just one more of the many others. I’ve received some slack over this one regarding declaring of your P.M’s on you’re 1040. Well it arrives in 2015 as they’re adding an area on the form to provide you ample room to do so.

2015 Watch for it. If you wired your purchase funds GOT YA!!

2015 Watch for it. If you wired your purchase funds GOT YA!!

I could go on and on but by now if it’s not already apparent that you only have two choices: move it or lose it. If you’re not actively looking at moving part of your hard earned portfolio into hard assets and in another nation you’re running out of time… but I’m still saving the best for last.

Three of our DR escapes people have reported to me in the last couple of weeks how many hoops they’re having to jump through just to get their hands on their own money. Money they want to use for purchasing an asset here… and I’m not talking about REFI’s or HELOC’s either. Nope I’m talking about the people’s own CASH MONEY! Like the title says Americans already finding it harder to allocate cash. First they grope then they grab and it’s coming to a town near you perhaps faster than I first thought. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Australia to Abandon the U.S. Dollar    April 11, 2013

Deposits swap the ownership of your funds for a paper obligation from the bank!! Welcome counter–party risk!

We’ll kill the dollar


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