What makes the sun and the ocean two of our greatest resources?

Now That's What I Call a Mango Tree!!

Now That’s What I Call a Mango Tree!!

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Just dropped off some good folks returning to the states and now have a bit of time till our next guests arrive. The weather is getting warmer and it reminds me of a line from one of my favorite songs: The Weather is HERE I Wish You Were BEAUTIFUL. I’m sure you get the jest regarding switching the two words in bold. Yes it’s that time again and what makes it even better is MANGO SEASON has arrived! Every six months the trees are full of them… in fact millions of them.

Having this free time is just wonderful as it’s been non-stop for months on end. Catching up on things around the property and reflecting on the past year since the DR Escapes site was founded. It still amazes me how all this even got started as it all happened by just waking up a nice couple who we met while visiting our area. Once they were enlightened to what is really occurring around the nations inspired them to share what they’ve learned and assist others in making a better way of real living. It just so happened that one of them is quite the guru when it comes to internet sites and was able to launch the DR Escapes site all over the globe.

Part of the Family Cutting Loose

Part of the Family Cutting Loose

Revealing to others that life doesn’t need to be trapped in insanity… living in stress filled environments and sacrificing what real value is in terms of the quality of a person’s life.

The Effects Of Living In A World Of Force. Why would you choose this.

The Effects Of Living In A World Of Force. Why would you choose this.

I won’t even mention the most important aspect of all THE TOLL ON YOUR HEALTH. It’s been a thought-provoking year ranging from good folks who number in the vast majority to the very few that are so filled with anger and fear that they no longer can even think correctly. Even had a couple accuse me of being unpatriotic for not staying and fighting when the S.H.T.F. Judging before knowing anything like for instance I’M CANADIAN!!

The western nations are really showing the signs of comming apart. Both on the inside as well as the outside. Stress is taking its toll and in a big way.

The western nations are really showing the signs of comming apart. Both on the inside as well as the outside. Stress is taking its toll and in a big way.

But I do try to understand as it’s so apparent that those in the western world are starting to buckle from what living in stress does to a person over time.

Several good folks have ventured out to experience one of our discovery tours only to find out what internet mis-representation is really all about. In fact most are making a smart investment for themselves and their family. To date almost all who have visited have felt safe in fact safer than where they’re currently residing.

Third World Country My Ass. I'll Take It!!

Third World Country My Ass. I’ll Take It!!

They understand what’s meant when we’re mentioning allocating part of one’s portfolio out of the reach of being seized by just a couple of mouse clicks.

The diet and food has amazed everyone that’s visited. Several who are so called lactose intolerant were all able to eat and drink as much milk, cream, yogurt, ice cream and yes even cheese as they wanted. None suffered any negative reaction so I would question is it dairy or what is being done to the dairy that’s the issue.

A funny thought just entered my mind as I was writing down the dairy part of this post. I was with a second time visitor recently who had come down to open a company account to take title under. He is actually lactose intolerant

Paplo's Milk Truck. Affordable Whole Milk Without All The Additives.

Paplo’s Milk Truck. Affordable Whole Milk Without All The Additives.

back in the states and says dairy products cause him to nearly buckle over in stomach pains. He discovered on his first trip how dairy products here in the DR had no ill effects on him what so ever. Now I take it for granted living here but he was carrying around a two quart bottle of either pineapple or strawberry liquid yogurt everywhere we went.

The Milk Man. Every lactose intolerant person so far has no problems enjoying our ice cream, cream, milk, yogurt and yes EVEN CHEESE!!!

The Milk Man. Every lactose intolerant person so far has no problems enjoying our ice cream, cream, milk, yogurt and yes EVEN CHEESE!!!

The whole 4 days together were spent with his prized new ability of being able to enjoy one of his favorite dairy items secured right by his side. I wish you could have seen the enjoyment expressed on his face…it was priceless. The same goes for people who seem to have trouble with digesting beef and pork products.

As I continue to reflect back I’m feeling what a blessed year it been. Since the introduction of the DR Escapes site we’ve had nearly 80 people on our Discovery tours and currently are numbering over 300 in the DR Escapes family.

Clowning around with some folks. Far right Willy my Bro and far left Julian Sr.

Clowning around with some folks. Second person right Willy my Bro and far left in front on me  Julian Sr.

Over this past year I’ve experienced the pleasure of either being in contact or personal sharing company with such informed people as Brother John F “Silver for the people”, Shawn of the “SGT Site”, Jeff Berwick of “The Dollar Vigilante”, and Kerry Lutz of the “Financial Survival Network” just to name some of the better known names. I thank them all for posting DR Escapes to their sites.

Over this past year I was able to meet lots of interesting folks I never would have if not for DR Escapes. We’ve also met a few confused people who feel there still are no other options other than what’s given to them. I really feel sorry for them as their subconscious is controlling their conscience and therefore their doubts have become their realities. Not a good place to be residing in.

What a variety of mixed groups we’ve met ranging from Asia to Canada and so many places in between. Doctors, accountants, business owners and the best yet bankers, active military personnel and a few police offers and detectives. We’ve met several seeking and taking options rather than accepting the mundane… and a few still stuck using their kids, job and fear for an excuse rather than what it should be… the motivating force that drive’s the desire to change and thus possibly avoid the upcoming revolution… a future revolution that must take place in order to cleanse the cesspool of a system currently in force. I feel saddened but not sorry. We still all are living in a physical world a world of motion and action.

Some may view the effects this lack of action has taken on a vast array of subjects. Their relationship with their spouse for instance or watching their 5 year old glued to an electronic devise as if it’s what’s actually providing the nurturing needed to properly raise them. Now here’s what saddens me most… the fact that people believe what they are doing is actually a good thing and this is a normal way of life in modern society. That shows how well the elites plan has been formulated… the fact that these people aren’t even aware it’s been going on much less how its effects have changed their very way of life. Now that’s amazing… but at the same time very sad.

These changes had occurred so slowly that it’s taken decades to accomplish… to convert today’s illusion of reality into becoming most people’s belief of reality. Shame so many are willing to die over their beliefs. I’m not even referring to our current situation and soon to arrive revolution but rather reflecting back all throughout history as facts don’t lie… people do…to themselves. We’re just glad to see the good folks who read our posts are of a higher frequency of understanding these issues… but still some good folks in the DR Escapes family are stuck in denial and the perils of procrastination. Never give up I say as our most precious commodity is a good teacher: TIME.

The Sun never says to the earth YOU OWE ME. Be Humble first then enjoy the world of flow.

The Sun never says to the earth YOU OWE ME. Be Humble first then enjoy the world of flow.

I’d like to finish this article by asking once again. What makes the sun and the ocean two of our greatest resources? Give up? It’s Humbleness. Every millisecond the sun provides light and warmth to our planet and our very survival depends on it… but never once does the sun say to the earth YOU OWE ME!

Thanking you all for a most intresting and exciting year. Barry in DR

Thanking you all for a most intresting and exciting year. We’re pleased to have made a positive difference in peoples lives.    Barry in DR

It’s similar when we examine the oceans. Even though the rivers of the world rage havoc carving out streams and breaking down mountains… knocking down trees moving boulders… almost on a war path of destruction… but in the end they all settle back into the oceans. Because the ocean seeks the lowest level and is humble. We can either live in a world of force or in a world of flow it’s your choice but choose wisely. We all thank you for a wonderful year full of new experiences. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Peter Smilovits May 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm

Thank you for opening a window for us. I am reminded of a movie, the name alludes me, where a male is born into a created reality, and the TV watching “public” follows his every move 24/7 as he grows up. To him his life is “real” because he is fed his “reality”. The truth is his life is controlled, directed, manipulated, and regimented, below his awareness level. His true essence is stolen from him, as he becomes robotic. I cannot help but feel that we are living in such a world, something just does not feel right, I cannot put my finger on it, but I do sense that things are just not right. So once again thank you for opening a window through which we can still climb thorough in safety and discover a reality that we have long lost. Perhaps we can rediscover “ourselves”
and finally enjoy “life”. If not for us, then at least we owe it to our children and grandchildren.

Barry May 3, 2013 at 2:14 am

Thanks for your comment. Very well put and perhaps you’ll be assisting some others in making a positive change.

Don May 17, 2013 at 4:31 am

That would probably be ‘The Truman Show’, Peter.

Joshua May 3, 2013 at 7:05 pm

I’m very thnakful I stumbeled acoss drescapes this past year and the doors it has opened. Even more so I’m excited and thankkful about the new friedships I’ve started in Cabrera and look forward to seeing them grow.

In a world of negative news and outlooks it’s refreshing to hear of options and meet like-minded people who look for the opertunity in the chaos.

As a wise grandparent once advised me, “there is hapiness and joy in simplicity”. If you havn’t yet, take Barry up on his tour. You won’t regret it.

Barry May 3, 2013 at 9:28 pm

Thanks Joshua That’s what this is really all about. Helping people and glad you’re one of them. Regards from “L” and Willy.

Kevin S. May 6, 2013 at 1:28 am

I first came to Cabrera last October for a DRescapes tour. What I discovered was very much what I had hoped it would be – a solid Plan B. Since then, I’ve made two follow-up visits. The most recent trip was with two of my siblings – along with their significant others.

My family is very grateful to the DRescapes team. Given that the DR is a foreign country and completely new to us, having the local network of contacts which Barry and his team have solidly put in place is without question a key reason why we have such a high level of comfort as new property owners in the beautiful Cabrera area. I have to admit that I was quite anxious initially, however, I must say that we feel very much at home as a welcomed addition to the DRescapes extended family.

It’s really quite amazing how much has transpired over the past 7 months, both in the U.S. and globally. It’s sad to see this “quickening” continue as more and more of our freedoms and liberty are being stripped from us almost daily. I have several acquaintances who expressed mild interest in the DR last year, but with all the unfolding events over the past several months – most of them are now beginning to take real steps toward their own Plan B. I’m certain that some will see the same aspects of the DR and Cabrera that we’ve discovered.

Kevin S.

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