Brother John – Silver For The People Interview – Part 1

Will your 401k be “nationalized”?  Does it make sense to move assets out of the US?  Is NOW the time to “vote with your feet” and “get the heck out of dodge”?  Will we see future confiscation or forced sales of precious metals in the US?


Hi guys, Barry in DR here.  I had an opportunity to interview Brother John about some of the hottest topics related to survival in the coming currency collapse.  As always, Brother John has his finger on the pulse of what is going on right now.  Brother John is the brains behind to of the most popular websites of interest to precious metals investors and survivalists.  His two main sites are Silver For The People and The Bitcoin Channel   After you have watched my interview below, go check out his blogs.

Some of the topics Brother John touches on in this Part 1 of my interview include:

  • Concerns about funds in 401k accounts
  • Thoughts about moving assets out of the US
  • Why those expecting to resist the government will probably not succeed
  • Why it is now reasonable to consider a move to a country with more freedoms
  • Where do the precious metals crowd fall on the issue of expatriation
  • Why John agrees with “voting with your feet”
  • Will we see a future confiscation or forced sales of precious metals in the US

This is Part 1 of the interview.  Part 2 will be on tomorrows post.

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