Brother John – Silver For The People Interview- Part 2

Is it time for Bitcoin?  What is going on with the huge divergence between spot silver and today’s REAL junk silver prices?  Is now the time to set up a homebase in a “Third World” country?  Is it time to “vote with your feet”?  How do we get out from under the tyranny?



Hi guys.  It’s Barry in DR.  This is the second part of my interview with Brother John of the popular Silver For The People website.  I find that Brother John has a way with focusing right in on the hot topics of the day when it comes to anything happening in the precious metals and sovereignty movements.

In this Part 2 of my interview with Brother John, we get into a few more issues related protecting our assets and our asses.  Some of the topics covered in this part of the interview include:

  • The Bitcoin phenomena
  • The impact of the US government actions on Swiss banks
  • The current shortage of “junk silver” and why it may be permanent
  • The extreme divergence of spot silver prices compared to “real” prices
  • Why it may make sense to set up a home in a “Third World” country
  • Why it is time to “vote with your feet”
  • Expatriation

Brother John is a pretty sharp guy.  Be sure and check out his two main blogs for plenty of additional hot news about metals and financial survival.

Silver For The People

The Bitcoin Channel

For now, it’s Barry in DR heading out.  Hope you enjoy the interview and also find value in our DR Escapes blog.  If you like it, please SHARE with your like minded friends and family.


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