America Already Had Four Other Currencies so What’s There to Worry About?

Perhaps This One Will Work? NOT!

Perhaps This One Will Work? NOT!

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Whew!!! finally have a couple of days to catch up in between visitors. Liane is busy with the chickens as we now have three more chicks that need a bit more care till they’re up and running on their own. Dropped off our last visitors yesterday. Two really nice people who are going to one day be residents. J.F. has already been here three times and came to close on a beautiful piece of land he purchased and his better half was here visiting for her first time.

Don’t quote me but I believe it’s her first time to the Caribbean and I do know it’s her first time to the D.R. As is always the norm… her friends were cautioning her (Yahn!!!) about the need to be on guard as everyone is out to hurt you in the D.R. Being a newbie she was understandably timid a bit at first but that sure seemed to change in a hurry as it always does. J.F. her better half was so concerned about how she would be so afraid while here it was almost to much for me to bear as I’ve heard it a thousand times before from other people. The people who actually know me will be the first to agree when I say: I tell it like it is. Spoon feeding is no good for anyone (just look at what damage it’s already done to the western world) and simply put it is what it is so deal with it.

Well again as so often is the case after the first day she could already sense that this region of the country is no place to be fearful of. I knew if she met some of the ladies along with my wife in no time she would be fine. Like I mentioned prior I’ve seen this a thousand times. I guess it held true yet again as on Friday night we didn’t return from the outdoor karaoke till almost three A.M. Every Friday night is Karaoke night at the car wash where they set up plastic tables and chairs and draw in some of the best local talent you ever heard perform. It’s not unusual for there to be over 200 people showing up for a great time under the stars.

Meet Aris and Esmely. Owners of Monarka Car Wash. Proveyors of the cleanest cars, best karaoke and smoothest RUM in Cabrera.

Meet Aris and Esmely. Owners of Monarka Car Wash. Purveyors of the cleanest cars, best karaoke and smoothest RUM in Cabrera.

It was a costly night… on our brains but not on our wallets as the rum ice mix what ever we had was under thirty dollars… and did I mention it was 15 year old rum… and a bottle and a half of it. I wonder what you’re currently paying for a shot of that… all distilled from natural cane grown you guessed it right here. We all enjoyed a great time… one I’m sure won’t soon be forgotten.

I want to get on to the real reason for writing this post. Sadly I’m still witnessing the uninformed leading themselves right into a corner when it comes to understanding where the dollar is eventually headed. Much the same as in a game of chess that’s not where you want your king to be. Many are still misinformed by an artificially high dollar and of course what else but the record high’s in the stock exchange. They see the dollar values of silver and gold plummeting and by not understanding reality are considering what might be one of the biggest mistakes they ever make…selling out.

And the Fifth One to Crash and Burn IS???

And the Fifth One to Crash and Burn IS???

Once again it’s all about choices and you’ll have to make your own. However before making any choices I’d like you to first consider these few thoughts. How many of you still think the dollar is the be all end all and can never be replaced as the world’s reserve… or even devalued. Now ask yourself WHY? Ask yourself how much actual research have you done. Real hard core research… other than M.S.M. reading or Internet viewing.



Then go back once again and ask WHY? has it ever happened before in America? Well it has…actually four times before. America had as it’s former currencies: The Continental, The Greenback Dollar, The U.S. Gold Backed Dollar, The Gold Exchanged Backed Dollar and currently being used soon to be worthless Federal Reserve Note (PETRO DOLLAR) having no backing what so ever. I won’t include any additional information on these former U.S. currencies as you can look them up easily if your interested.

O.K. so now ask WHY did all three previous currencies fail? WHY are the BRICS nations publicly announcing they won’t be using the Federal Reserve Note and America isn’t even invited to attend any of their meetings. Did you know that the BRICS nations represent over 43% of the worlds population? WHY is America not invited?

Strike One The Continental

Strike One The Continental

Ask WHY is the dollar along with the stock markets currently breaking records and yet the amount of consumption on both utilities and fuel are down… the two most accurate means of gauging any nations economy.

Even China is lying as their consumption of both of these resources are considerably lower than last years same time table. THER’RE NOT TELLING THE TRUTH!!! You can’t have a stronger economy and at the same time use less electricity and fuel in that same nation.

Strike Two The GreenBack Dollar

Strike Two The GreenBack Dollar

The rest of the stats. are bullshit and can be manipulated to be interpreted exactly as the journalist want’s them to. Ask any journalist WHY is your article stating that the economy

is up and yet

Strike Three The Gold Backed Dollar

Strike Three The Gold Backed Dollar

both utilities and fuel consumption are down… sit back and watch them start back peddling fast… scrambling to find an answer that can’t  be found.

The Sadest Joke of All. The UNBACKED PETRO DOLLAR

The Sadest Joke of All. The UNBACKED PETRO DOLLAR

As a second but equally accurate gauge try researching logistics… FED-EX, DHL, PUROLATOR ect. and if your following me you guessed it they’re all DOWN!!! You can’t have an economy that’s on the mend and logistics being DOWN. Understand all the rest is nothing more than bullshit period.

So today the HKMEX (Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange) closes it’s doors for ever. Paying back all of their contracts in paper not metals and  they’re setting the value of those contracts. Nothing to worry about because the dollar is secure and we’re all doing better than the previous year… right?

Never seen such a crock of shit being thrown at the masses in my entire life… but you know what the saddest thing of all…  it’s going to work because never before have the masses been so ill-advised and uniformed.



Clueless and please don’t take the truth and try to convert it into an insult… facts don’t lie. The worst idea at the correct time is a winner and the best idea and the wrong time is a looser. Doubt me just ask the genus who invented the pet rock and he’ll set you straight on that one.

Thanks for all the high fives on my recent interview with Brother John F. I really appreciate it but would appreciate it more if you started paying attention to his You Tubes that are released several times per week. After viewing a few of them you to will understand the importance of that all mighty three letter word, WHY. As always I love comments on the site and one never knows who you might have woken up into taking an action. Listed below are several must watch short videos that will certainly cause you to start asking WHY. In closing this post I’ve got one for all of you to comment on. WHY has it taken you so long to start looking for your backup plan? What ever that plan might be. Can’t you vision your gonna need it perhaps sooner than you think. There’s a line from one of my favorite songs that goes like this: how many times can I break and not shatter? For the U.S. I’d say that number is five because when this dollar goes there’s no turning back. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Is A US Dollar Collapse Possible?

Situation if US Dollar Collapse – A Useful News Report

From Dec. 2012 but still a very true piece of news that is anything but outdated.

Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty – Top 5 Places Where Not To Be

Zero Hedge: No bank deposits will be spared from confiscation

Mitchell May 21, 2013 at 1:24 am

Barry. As usual, your posts speak of the real reality going on right under our Sheeple chins. I wanted to share this article published in the NY Times by former Regan CBO director Davis Stockman. It’s the MSM’s way of leaking the truth so they can’t say “I told you so”. Hope to see you soon as we want so badly to start building on our beautiful lot, over looking the ocean, in Cabrera. Read slowly and absorb every word of this:

MS in Maine

Barry May 21, 2013 at 2:14 am

Truth if ever there was one. I hope all of the DR Escapes people read this and if I get posted all of the others. Huge impact article. Thanks for sharing it.

bruce May 22, 2013 at 8:02 pm

enjoyed your article. not sure when you wrote. I’m in Punta Cana right now and intended to arrange a brief meeting…… but didn’t. Anyway, along with your advice and many others, purchased small condo in Belize. So, am able to enjoy many of things you discuss. will retire within 12 months, sooooooo, hope things hold up till then. thanks again for your articles
Bruce K.

Dave May 24, 2013 at 7:16 am

Reading the David Stockman article crystalizes my thinking on relocating away from the Western financial system.

Most of us on this site know this is coming. The question for those of us who are actively looking for ways to protect ourselves is “how is this all going to play out?”

Sometimes I think people are missing the point. The gun rights that we’re all fighting so hard to protect aren’t going to do a damn thing to help us stop the financial tsunami that’s headed our way. It may be a good thing to have firearms for protection but that’s after the fact.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment and I’m as patriotic as anyone believe me, but how can we save our country from this now? Even if we do a political 180 and drastically alter our economic policy we will still have to deal with the financial tidal wave that’s coming.

With 1/5 of the population on food stamps or disability and most of the rest either unaware or unprepared, I don’t see a peaceful resolution to all this.

Thanks for showing us some different options Barry. I think it’s time to move to higher ground.

T. Le Mont Silver, Sr. May 24, 2013 at 10:48 pm

Barry, I really appreciate your no holds barred approach. Bless you and Liann for being willing to not only share these powerful posts… but more than that… being willing to offer real solutions for those of us that are willing to listen.

Bless You, Bless You, Bless You

Barry May 24, 2013 at 11:31 pm

Funny thought I just had while reading your comment. Truth always consists two things. One of them being a no holds barred approach as it’s simply truth. The second is by it’s nature is simplicity itself. A good rule of thumb to follow is this. Whenever you see a bill or law that’s 1000’s of pages stop right there as it’s not truth. I/E Healthcare, Bill 1867, IRS and a thousand others. Something all of you might want to think about. It is our sincere wish that more good people like you continue to take a few moments and make comments. You don’t know who you might be helping just as we’re trying to help all of you. Continue to be blessed.
Barry in DR

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