So Where’s The 100, 200, 300 Per Oz Silver?

Silver_eagleHi guys it’s Barry in DR. Hey I’ve got a question for you all. My question is this. So where’s the 100 dollar plus per once silver? Over the past few years several well-known experts composed hoards of articles about silver and what value it’s going to take on. The range being quoted in these articles is almost as broad a spectrum as the terrain in the DR.

Here in the DR the terrain ranges from Rocky Mountains that soar well above the clouds to soft sandy beaches hovering at sea level. Seems to vary from one extreme to the other and that’s precisely my point. All my readers are aware that there’s been hundreds if not thousands of past articles mentioning price quotes, time frames along with a multitude of reasons of what may be the catalyst to send this commodity soaring to new highs. So like the old add from the Wendy’s commercial: where’s the beef?

One of the most widely suggested motives for sending silver to the moon (their words not mine) was the following: At the time paper markets can’t or decide not to answer a call, even just one single call on answering a conversion back to physical from its paper counterpart that’s the time it soars and doesn’t look back. As after that time it’s too late if you’re not already in. Now I KNOW you’ve all heard similar quotes before and most would say several times before. So I have to ask one more time where’s the 100 plus per once silver… where’s the beef?

One Day BABY!!! Just exercise a bit of Patience

One Day BABY!!! Just exercise a bit of Patience

All I’m hearing, reading or seeing is much of the same… nothing new scenarios. Seems like a fair portion of these folks have suddenly gone into the silver minting business expressing how their particular round is the one and only round capable of making its owners free from slavery in the not too distant future.  I won’t even justify that kind of logic with a response.

I realize by now some of you who don’t know where I stand on silver’s potential future are already thinking I’m against silver and you’re wrong. I’m in total agreement of its future worth but rather trying to make an accurate point for all to consider. Providing a valid opinion that may get you to ask a few questions WHY about WHY silver hasn’t done anything even close to what these experts have been saying.

By the way while I’m writing this article there’s no reason to bash anyone either by name or past comments they’ve made. Many of them are truly proven experts in the field with many years or even decades of experience that drapes mine when it comes to understanding silver… but I humbly ask you to consider what finally did happen this last Monday and that was my facilitator  for finally writing this overdue article. Enough is enough at a certain juncture obedience itself becomes a moral crime. Anyone who disagrees with that last sentence that’s fine just let time take its course and you’ll realize what I’m referring to at a later stage.

Last Monday the HKMEX (Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange) closed its doors for good. They made an announcement that they won’t be settling any contracts held in metal but rather fiat currency. To accelerate the matter into approaching the labeling of sheer madness they announced that they themselves and in their own discretion would be setting the price of exchange rate. Hard to believe isn’t it… but what’s even harder to believe is WHY this didn’t launch that rocket to the moon. No I’m still sitting here with the rest of you wondering where’s the beef…you know the 100 plus silver.

The HKMEX didn’t fail on answering one contract they failed on answering hundreds of contracts. The HKMEX also was to reimburse at what their chosen value was set at. Any of you still wondering WHY Monday night silver fell off a cliff on the Asian market… yea but you couldn’t buy any at that price as one article cleverly pointed out. Today is Wednesday May 22 2013 two days later and this rocket hasn’t even left the launching pad. I won’t even go into the news regarding customers who just can’t seem to get their hands on their own physical gold currently being held in Swiss banks as that rocket seems to be stuck on its own pad. Both rockets seem to be suffering from lack if ignition.

I’ve never really believed that by owning silver you would be breaking the so called elite. Think about it their families have been stacking all these various commodities of discussion for hundreds of years while feeding their naive counterparts un-backed paper currencies all over the world… un-backed for at least several decades that is. Now you’re led to believe that investment silver stacking a whopping couple of percent at best is going to bring down these families… OK only choices right?

I’ll step out on a limb here when I say that even if the dollar dies and the western nations crumble it wouldn’t really amount to much HURT for any of these families… rather what it will do is create more freedom and less control over you and your family which is what you should be aiming for to begin with. If you’re looking at this from an all or nothing winner take all scenario it’s already GAME OVER. Let them reside back into the abyss by what else removing yourself from even playing the game to begin with… Sorry there’s no other way.

That doesn’t mean you’ve lost by removing yourself from the game. Actually it’s quite the opposite it means you’ve released the ties that keep you seeing yourself as a victim… that’s all so in essence you won. It’s really that easy but if you still refuse to see it this way it’s cool. Just keep on buying the rounds and see where that leads you. It all resorts back to choices in the long run and at the end of the game all the pieces go back into the box. The only choice you have is what box you want to put them in.

Silver going to do what it’s going to do but not one day before the masses of people lose almost all their faith in fiat currencies. When the day arrives that merchants and vendors start questioning its acceptance for trade or service that my friends is launch day. It won’t even matter what means they’re searching for… digital, encrypted, P.M’s whatever but the launch will take off on schedule on that very day. So you see I am a true believer in silver… just perhaps a bit more patient than most.

I may be wrong in saying this but if the experts were correct in their past assumptions you’d be witnessing triple digit silver TODAY!!! After all several hundred people just fell victim to what was supposed to propel silver to the moon right? As long as paper has counter party acceptance it’s going to be an up and down battle because… more can always be printed and the only thing that ever gave it value to begin with was… you guessed it counter party acceptance.

Besides even if silver rockets to 300 an ounce but a loaf of bread costs 30 dollars you’re hedged which is a good thing but you’re not rich. It’s not going to work out the way you’ve become accustomed to believing in western nations and that’s instant gratification. Just be cool with knowing you’re doing the right thing by owning it. Exercise a little patience for a change besides if you’re not planning on selling what difference does it make in the long run.

Besides my personal favorite Brother John F’s Silver for the People those of you who want a more open minded approach of looking at these subjects (from various angles) may I suggest: The SilverFuturist’sChannel on YouTube. The channel contains several unbiased non-conforming fresh ways of approaching these same old issues. I seem to enjoy it and I’m sure that you will to. Why not make a comment and let me know how you feel about this article and if you agree with my thinking or if you enjoyed the Silver Futurist’s Channel. We want to hear from you.

Over time I’ve learned to forge my own sword and not rely on others to do it for me. Over many years of repeating the process the steel became hard, strong and very dependable. Perhaps its most important attribute is its flexibility without breaking… but still I’m not certain which of the attributes is most important. However what I am certain of is its quality. I would want it by my side during any war or altercation. Over time it’s proven to be reliable because I fashioned it from scratch not someone else for me.

What the real problem is most people had their sword supplied to them not made by them. They had it supplied to them by their Government. They naively accepted this gift and gave it their trust. They trusted this sword to be a loyal weapon and defend them against all foes both foreign and domestic.

Now you’re getting closer to perhaps actually relying on that sword… the one you were given.  How are you feeling about its quality now? What about its loyalty when it comes to defending you and your loved ones. What about the ones that are relying on you…RIGHT NOW AT THIS MOMENT OF TIME… how are you feeling about your Government issued sword? I wonder what your answer might be.

I’ve fashioned mine over decades… and you had yours given to you by your Government. I’m not so sure I’d want to be holding your sword when the real war breaks out… you know the war against the very same ones who provided you with your sword to begin with. You might want to think long and hard about that. If this makes no sense to you don’t worry about it. Just keep buying those rounds… they’ll protect you. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Gary May 28, 2013 at 8:10 pm

While I agree with your general thrust as to the timing of the explosion in the price of gold and silver, I think that we don’t have to wait until the public loses confidence in fiat currency. By the time the general public catches on, it’ll be too late for them to even get the metals unless they will want to pay incredibly high prices. And even at that nobody may want to part with it. The absolute absurdity of this disconnect between supply and demand is so apparent. The US has an official debt of 16 trillion with another 50 trillion or so of off the books debt. It will never be repaid, never. However, the increase supply of US bonds and lower demand keeps the price high, go figure. The demand for physical gold and silver is off the charts and supply can not keep up with it. The price of gold goes down, go figure. So there will have to be a reconciliation of this supply and demand for both gold and US bonds. It won’t take much to balance this out even before the general public distrusts fiat currency. I agree with the assessment of the pro silver and gold commentators. It’s probably not a coincidence that those most talking about an imminent skyrocketing of silver and gold are sellers of these products. I think it borders on propaganda. I’ve been emotionally burned so many times expecting the metals to zoom up that I’ve become numbed. It’s like the boy who cries wolf. Having said that, I think Sprott, Embry, Turk, Sinclair, Van Kreyerz, Murphy, etc. are basically correct and will be proven to be right but just not now. With the prospect of losing all credibility they should really tone down their predictions and just comment on the big picture. They should stop being cheerleaders. After all Sinclair stated that the bottom was in way back in March and that by his birthday late in March gold would start zooming up. We know how that worked out. Not even an apology from him. If I would get a dollar for every time one of these guys says we’ve reached the bottom (and it seemingly goes much lower than that) I could buy a beautiful ocean view property in the DR with the proceeds.
A guy I like a lot is Mike Maloney of He’s really big on educating the public. Of course he has a gold and silver business but he never goes out on a limb to predict prices.

By the way one of my favorite podcasts on gold and silver is the Macalvany weekly. The last show was terrific in comparing now to the ’70’s regarding the sentiment. They really do a good analysis not just on gold and silver but also on the macro economics. Again no predicting prices.
So in conclusion we just don’t know when the system will implode with gold and silver going to the moon. It could be tomorrow, next week or in four years. We do know that it will happen. It’s just like an earthquake. We know the San Andreas fault in California will cause a massive earthquake statistically but we just can’t time it. If the gold and silver people would just keep to the big picture and never again predict short term actions then followers would accept this and gain patience.

Jamie Fagan June 7, 2013 at 2:41 am

Great article Barry! I really miss the DR. Probably coming back. Still owe you the crab, let me know when and where you want it.

Barry June 7, 2013 at 1:16 pm

Hi Jamie, Really would like to talk together. Why not reach out as we all miss you’re family. Several other families starting to relocate many with children the same age as your daughter. Please pass on our best, THANK you for all comments on the site as it’s really awakening others from these comments and lets talk soon. I promise to take you up on your generous offer soon into the future. Wishing you tight lines in your fishing business and hope to do some sport fishing together someday.
Best Adventures

Bob June 26, 2013 at 8:37 pm

I hate to say it but I think the precious metal bull market is finished and done. I have been a gold/silver bull for over 10 years now and I can honestly say that I just can’t see it recovering from this MASSIVE sell off.

Barry June 26, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Funny thing I was just on the site doing some maintenance and saw you post. I can certainly see where you’re coming from. Several people have been emailing me on this subject as if I’m some sort of guru in seeing things. I guess it may have been that I was sensing metals would be diving into the low 18’s and even as low as the 16 range. I was doing this over six months ago when most were taking the opposite path and even claiming that there was almost nothing left in phiz to buy. If that were true why would they still trade paper for it, I wouldn’t would you? Perhaps you might remember me mentioning the fact that “they’re metal sales people” and don’t ever ask a barber if you need a haircut. In particular silver was never a smart choice for people with weak stomachs as volatility is perhaps in the highest percentage of all when it comes to the family of commodities. Bob just tune out and chill. Don’t do anything rash as you might regret it. Patience is what is required. I’ve been mentioning for almost a year that the USD will trade on the high side of 44 pesos per dollar before it abruptly turns hard right and falls on it’s face. This was said when the trade was at a bit over 36 pesos per dollar and now one year later we’re at 41.55 today. When it hits over 44 I trade a pile of US and go back south to the peso. I’ve made a nice profit over the years by doing this and then re trading. As I’ve said this is NO ordinary economy and a floating currency will favor better than a base one will. So far so good but remember the opposite is true in most cases but this is not most cases. I would hang tough on this one and age it like a good wine still in the barrel. In the long run I feel you just might be pleased by doing that. It costs you nothing if you’re not selling any of it and if your one who bought in the 15 to seventeen range still would be making a tidy profit. Can’t hit it out of the park every time at bat and there’s nothing wrong with a single or a double… dollar per oz that is.

Best Barry

Finn August 6, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Where’s those riots in the USA and Canada? Oh they haven’t happened yet so therefore they won’t. All those people for all those years claiming the “people of the world are awakening” but no riots…?

You know I could easily say that since we haven’t had said riots we never will. I could say that every day and every day I would be right, until I wasn’t.

That’s what I’m seeing in this article. Cherry picking. But then you’ll claim the dollar won’t make it?

Friends, silver has ALREADY been over 100, 200, 300+. Just when and where. In early 20’s Germany it was $1,000,000,000,000 marks per ounce of silver. The craziest predictions over the last few years were from people who didn’t understand the COMEX market. They didn’t know that shorts didn’t have to deliver metal, they could settle in cash. And some of those people were metals dealers who had just gotten into the business. If you were learning from them and still hold those beliefs….oh boy.

Keep studying, all of you. And no disrespect intended, but be aware that you are reading a blog piece about silver and gold, the oldest money on the planet, from a tour guide. Whom I’m sure is knowledgeable.

Barry August 7, 2013 at 12:48 am

Thanks for the comment. Don’t apologize for saying what you feel as all comments are welcome. We all think and operate on varying frequencies. Perhaps you might start looking at websites that provide an unbiased and thus more accurate perspective. Seems that folks who defend the value of anything are either over invested, bought at the wrong time or just plain WRONG and just can’t deal with it. These folks primarily seem to gravitate to single view sites and marry its belief at whatever contradicting FACTS stare them squarely in the face. Fact would a person rather have bought silver at 45 plus two years ago or now at under 20. Where’s the shortage we’ve all been told about??? There will be a shortage of silver and all other commodities but based on a tiered level. First there will be shortages at the 20’s but not at the 25 to 30 level, and then scarcity kicks in at the 30 level but plenty to be bought at the 35 level and so on. While I do believe in silver hell I’ve been buying it as far back as when you could go to garage sales and buy pre 65 dimes for 14 or 15 cents each. Still it’s no different than any other product, service or commodity there’s a time to buy and a time not to buy. The savvy investors will make profits and invest when the time is right as they play both sides of a market. Better to purchase at 20 than 40 but I forgot the so called shortage??? That game is as old as the Hunt Bros. The time will come but the timing won’t be right now. Much as I hate to admit it for the next while the dollar is king as nothing else has the convertibility and the CONFIDENCE today as the dollar. I can’t believe I just said that but FACTS don’t lie. The facts on your comments are about as accurate about your assumptions of me being a tour guide…. you didn’t do your research before making your decision. Nothing wrong with being a tour guide it’s an honest living but it’s not me or what I do. Ever hear of shorting a market while still preserving the physical side of the same market. Thought you understood the Comex. Might want to link up to this that just came out today. Once again the timing was correct to me receiving you’re comments. Then do a little research on Martin Armstrong and his history along with others NOT in the market you’re so desperately trying to defend. If you want to find out how good or bad something is don’t go to the people or company making or selling it. I would like to hear someday when you have time about the rioting part of your comment as I’m not grasping you’re points. Thanks again for taking some time out. LINK IS BELOW

tom kuester February 8, 2015 at 2:39 am

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