Moving Elsewhere Perhaps Your Best Weapon Against Disease

Fluorde Poison Number One Has Been Gone For Decades. Welcome Hydrofluosilicic Acid a Far Superior Real Killer.

Fluorde Poison Number One Has Been Gone For Decades. Welcome Hydrofluosilicic Acid a Far Superior Real Killer.

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Over the past week I had several good links and comments emailed this way. Most were the usual inquiries about coming down here… or a friend just returned overwhelmed stating that you have to check this place out for yourself kind of stuff. All of it’s cool, but what really captured my attention was a few links sent by a DR Escapes person about the health benefits in eating the natural fruits growing in our region. I’m presently putting together the information for that soon to be released article. On another but related note, continue on as you’re going to be surprised I guarantee it.

I hope all of you who are getting fed up (pardon the pun) with the quality of food available in your area pay special attention to the following. I feel it is so important I’m setting the following statement in bold italics. I now for the first time fully understand why so many products have NOT FOR SALE IN AMERICA or ONLY FOR SALE OUTSIDE AMERICA written on their labels. I hope is shocks the shit out of you just as it did me.

Even after thirty plus years living in these countries one never fails to learn something new. For all these years, I as well as most of you, took it for granted that products made in America by American companies, featuring one of the aforementioned statements on their labels lead you to believe it was for one of two reasons. These reasons were: (1) quality of the product or (2) duty tax or tariff of the product being shipped into the other country.  Well it’s not even close as I’ve come to recognize. It’s all about the POISON you’re consuming in your country and nothing more. Follow on as this gets really interesting.

You Better Start Seeing What's in Your Water. You Allong With Your Kids Are Drinking it.

You Better Start Seeing What’s in Your Water. You Along With Your Kids Are Drinking it.

I did the following comparisons myself so the accuracy is spot on. I compared many products that I find here exported from the US and compared them to their so called equivalents sold in the western nations. I made sure to use the EXACT SAME BRANDS so there’s no chance of any confusion here. Some of them I’ve listed below. This only represents a few that I used. It was easy for me to get the ingredients on the American version from either the Internet or just asking friends living in the states.

Here is a short list of some used for the comparison:

1, Aunt Jemima Syrup

2, Cheerios

3, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

4, Coke

5, Pepsi

6, Dasani Water (and several other brands)

7, Nestles Quick (Hershey’s as well, both powder and liquid)

8, Various Yogurt brands

9, Can’t do milk as no American brands sold here.

10, various jams and preserves

Almost Everything You Feed Your Kids IS POISON. Think What You're Doing to Their Futures.

Almost Everything You Feed Your Kids IS POISON. Think What You’re Doing to Their Futures.

I’m sure you get the idea from here so I won’t list any more of them, just trust me, at least twenty more products were checked. Every label from America had CORN SYRUP (GMO inspired) instead of sugar. The list of harmful chemicals found in your labels yet NOT FOUND in any of the exported products were shocking to say the least…  fluoride, Hydrofluosilicic acid colorings, MSG, and a list of others that would shock and depress you at the same time. I’m not going to bore you by listing them just next time you’re at the store look for yourself.

Watch the YOUTUBE linked at the bottom of this post as its one hour well worth investing. As it turns out even fluoride is too healthy for Americans to consume. It’s been substituted decades ago for a waste by-product from manufacturing phosphate fertilizer called Hydrofluosilicic Acid. It’s being sold masquerading as fluoride from China. This toxic poison would literally cost companies millions to properly dispose of so why not just put it in your food and water… who’s gonna know anyway.

Fluoride Plant... I meant Water Plant. Hope it's Not Yours.

Fluoride Plant… Hydrofluosilicic Plant… OOPS I meant Water Plant and I Hope it’s Not Yours.

You should know that AMERICA is one of the VERY FEW nations allowing this to take place.  Most other nations will not even allow this so called excuse for fluoride or even real sodium fluoride to be put in the drinking water but hey you guys are special so it’s allowed in everything from purified water to every fruit juice on the market… lucky you right. Yep! Every soda pop, breakfast cereal, ketchup, mustard as it’s in almost EVERYTHING you’re consuming.

It might be beneficial for you to know that this toxic waste will eat through everything including concrete, glass, steel, titanium, brick and that means it will certainly eat through you. I won’t mention the brain damage it causes in doses as small as 1 PPM… welcome to the world of A.D.D. and a host of other misdiagnosed symptoms that seem to be appearing both in youths and adults. Get those meds baby… oh yea almost forgot to mention that many of the psychotropic (depression) drugs are nothing more than… you guessed it Hydrofluosilicic Acid. Prozac Power!!!

See What's Going on in The Public Schools Lately?

See What’s Going on in The Public Schools Lately?

So in conclusion if I were you next time when shopping try to find those daunting deceptive words on the label of your favorite products NOT FOR SALE IN AMERICA or ONLY FOR SALE OUTSIDE AMERICA and you’ll actually be doing you and your family a great service.

I decided to include a few links for all you Whole Foods folks who think you’re really doing anything different by supporting the chain. I’ve included a “few of the many” information tidbits linking them to the GMO (Growing More Obese) world. If ever the saying same shit different pile was suitable this would be one of the best examples to date. I was recently having a chat with a chemist friend of mine and we’ve both come up with the same conclusion. What America really needs is a stronger white rat. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

Note: watch for my article on the fruits of the DR. You won’t believe the benefits in aiding your well-being ranging from a simple flu to fighting cancer and diabetes.


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Dave May 29, 2013 at 10:07 pm

I bought a Big Berkey water filter years ago along with the extra fluoride reducing filters. They say it filters out almost all of the toxic chemicals and most of the fluoride in the tap water. I try to stay away from fluoride like it’s the plague, but not consuming it (and GMOs) in other store bought products is nearly impossible.

I’m sure you saw the worldwide protests against Monsanto this last weekend. I think people are getting fed up. Haven’t watched the videos above yet but I have read that the elite and powerful will only eat organic and that Monsanto employees themselves will not touch the GMO products they pump out to the masses. I hope people are starting to realize, as I have, that there’s more involved here than profits and greed.

It all fits in too neatly into the depopulation agenda. The more research you do on the subject the more clear it becomes. Hopefully the world will wake up to what’s happening before this thing gets out of control.

Barry May 29, 2013 at 11:52 pm

Yea Dave it all fits into depopulation and of course lets not forget two other inportant forces. The insurance and medical industries. Tell me how can a nations GDP be enhanced by more folks being sick if there were any real intention to make them better. Don’t you feel it would work in the opposite fashion. The way it currently operates what reason is there to cure anything. I feel it’s to maintain the patient at best and this way keep them on the meds and repeat visits (guarenteed added business this way). When meeting people from western nations my wife and I as well as all of our local friends are simply schocked at how it’s deemed normal to down ten to as much as thirty pills a day. It’s amazing at meals watching many of them pop open their fancy little pill boxes and go to town. None of us are witnessing this from any other Nations other than U.S. and now Canada seems to be following suit. Let me know if I’m missing something here with what I just replied. Always ready to hear other perspectives.

michael May 30, 2013 at 3:10 am

Im a fraid its so true Barry, People dont want to look cause the picture is so ugly, so denial and ‘be happy’ agenda mojo is the soup of the day in the US anyway.

Got so many questions for ya Barry. I feel so alone anymore. My family treat me like a loose nutjob , friends and assoc. are asleep , dont know where to turn so just plug along yaknow. Even the ones who want to talk are hush-hush out of fear from youknow who.

The real problem in the US is that the coming crash/ adjustment , whatever has THE POTENTIAL TO BE VERY VERY BAD!. iM NOT SAYING IT WILL BUT JUST THAT ITS FAIRLY POSSIBLE.

Im gonna come visit you there in DR in the fall or winter .

Those last couple of postings of yours were strong– brave of You.

Wouldnt mind having a couple acres and a 800sf house as a backup plan like Texas Judy and Richard.

So long for now .

Barry May 30, 2013 at 3:50 pm

Michael always remember this when you’re feeling the way you just described. The herd always ends up at the slaughter house. When the majority is coming from a completely different viewpoint than yours that my friend is the first and strongest sign that you’re on the right path. Just follow history if there is any doubt about my statement as facts don’t fib. I might suggest that you turn your family and friends on to the DR Escapes site and ask them to look at past posts and find out if what they read made any sense to them. If interested they will start probing a bit more and start to see what you’re trying to express but from a third party view. NEVER try teaching your spouse to ski. Just hire the instructor as they will never listen to you but will always listen to the instructor. My own mom is the same way as I’ve assisted good folks from all over the world look at REAL LIFE instead of the illusion of what’s become normality. When I’m visiting mom is amazed of the amounts of people from all over the world reaching out to me but STILL she holds everything she owns in of all places B.O.A. I wish you good luck and try that idea as many others have found after a short time the same people that were originally rejecting you are suddenly now starting to ask YOU the questions. Hope this helps as we are trying to wake up as many as possible. GOOD LUCK and stay the course.
Barry in DR

Dave May 31, 2013 at 5:53 pm

Hi Michael. I read your post and just wanted to tell you that there are a lot more of us nutjobs out here than you may realize, Lol You’re definitely not alone. And the club is growing larger every day.

I remember when I first became aware of the truth about the money system. I couldn’t believe that everything has been hidden in plain sight all these years and yet people still don’t get it. I remember trying to explain how it really works to my friends and some of them just weren’t able to comprehend what I was telling them.

My cousin laughed at me…still does to this day. But when you’re right you’re right brother and at least I tried. If they ever do wake up I’m here and if they don’t it’s outta my hands.

I don’t go out of my way to try to help people wake up anymore. But I’m always ready to share what I know with someone whose ready to listen. You get a MUCH better response that way.

Take the DR trip asap. There are several other nutjobs there that I’m sure would like to meet you.

johnsteven May 31, 2013 at 9:50 pm

William cooper said on many occasions befgore he was assasinated PEOPLE WAKE UP YOU ARE SHEEPLE.Micheal there are many of us just lke dave said.i myself have been informed for many years . I have on many occasions spoken to people about certain things which are happening in the world through my own research and i have been told that same thing,your mad,lets change the subject, i do not want to hear about it or just stone cold silence.
People will change because they want to, they will listen because they want to.Thats all you can do.It can also be intimidating because there are many people who are so informed and have so much knowledge it can blw your mind.Examples william coooper,john todd, arron russo.These people stood up for the country and spoke about the elite and warned many people, befre they were either killed or died. Remember as barry has said before there is strength in numbers.
i am lucky to be here in cabrera, been here for almost 13 years love it. I live a simple life, healthy, relaxed, safer , more stable economy, lowest debt rate in the carribean and has the resources of gold silver, oil gas.Natural food in droves from everytree.freindly people.Sounds to good to be true NO come down and try, you have nothing to lose johnsteven

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