Making Mistakes or Gaining Experiences What’s your View?

So How Do Your Gears Mesh

So How Do Your Gears Mesh

Hi guys its Barry in DR. Over the past week I’ve tried my best to get out several new posts. I had about ten days in between visits… most of the chores around the house have been done… the weathers been rainy and I can’t find the parts I need for my Prado Truck so why not stock up on some future articles.

Over the next three weeks I’ll be pretty much non-stop as there’s several folks set to arrive and commence with our DYD tour.  If you haven’t already done so why not click onto the yellow hot button on the splash page of the site and see what others have to say about our tour and more importantly our region. It’s worth your time… and now onto the post with another thought provoking question.

Mistakes or Experiences Honestly Let us know how you view it.

Mistakes or Experiences Honestly Let us know how you view it.

When you’re contemplating attempting something new or making a change how do you view it?  Whether you decide to proceed or not isn’t relevant to my question. However what is relevant is how you determine the level of effort will be for you to obtain the desired result? Are you part of the vast mindset that always associates change must always be difficult to accomplish? I was for a long time.

Let me rephrase this another way to really get you thinking. When you did something that you shouldn’t have or didn’t do something that you should have, how do you view it? Did you gain something or perhaps you made something? What’s your take of it? How do you view these common occurrences in your life, in everyone’s life? Did you gain experience or did you make a mistake? Depending on how you answer this question the results will have a vast effect on your life and your happiness in life.

Think About it Why Push The River When You Can Flow With The Current.

Think About it Why Push The River When You Can Flow With The Current.

Since we’re all part of this physical world, a world consisting of action and motion, we’re all included in this scenario… nobody’s left out. While you’re contemplating a possible choice to change your life for the better are you worried about making a mistake or are you looking to gain experience. It works the same way with any possible example. Whether you’re envisioning losing weight, quitting smoking, starting a new adventure or business and yes even changing the quality of your life they’re all the same when it comes to my point of how do you view the effort to achieve the desired outcome?

Now if I were to ask you the following: Can you tell me with 100% surety will this be easy or difficult to accomplish… Remember your answer has to have 100% Surety…  Answering   I believe it will or will not doesn’t cut it because the very word believe suggests doubt. Surety means 100% … and no,  you can’t say that. You can’t answer me with 100% surety that anything will be easy or difficult to accomplish before it’s been attempted.

I know most would answer that it would tend be difficult…let’s be honest… even though we all have no way of knowing with 100% surety either way. That includes your future tasks at hand, so what you might want to ask yourself at this juncture is WHY?  WHY do we always view things as being difficult when the fact of the matter is we can’t say with 100% surety either way?

Welcome to the science of memetics. I suggest you might want to get to know a bit about this science as I’m confident it will answer several questions of why you think the way you do and how you can change your thought patterns into a much more positive power.

Most of us who automatically believe changes and new ventures have to be difficult suffer is what’s called a meme. A meme is nothing more than what I would call a “mind virus”. A more detailed explanation of what a meme is would be: an information pattern, held in an individual’s memory, which is capable of being copied to another individual’s memory.

Learn Through Experience. There's No Substitute For Experience. Stress Accomplishes Nothing.

Learn Through Experience. There’s No Substitute For Experience. Stress Accomplishes Nothing.

So how do we all seem to catch this virus? Where does it come from and how can we avoid it? YOU CAN’T because it’s passed on by your parents… and they were affected by their parents your Grandparents. There’s no preventative medicine and you can’t control it being passed on to your kids either. However there is a silver lining as it is very controllable with understanding of how it works.

All of us would agree (and rightly so) that our parents only mean the best for us. Just as you are parents and only mean the best for your children. The information gets passed from generation to generation with the understanding it’s correct and for the best. There’s where the problem lies. Who can teach what they themselves do not know? They mean the best, no question… but reassess the previous sentence. Who can teach what they themselves do not know.  But I guarantee you most of us take what parents teach us in these areas as gospel.

Next time try this on for size. Toss your car keys to your lawyer or accountant and tell them it doesn’t start. Sit back and watch the expression on their face as they look as clueless as an infant who was just handed a Webster’s. We all know some things… and some even assume educated people or parents know everything…just not so.   I’m afraid it’s all just assumed, and that’s one more common meme out there. You really should investigate this science formed back during the Darwinian evolution.

I’ve attached a couple of YouTube’s that are well worth viewing.

When searching for useful information to pass onto my readers I dig back through the archives. You got to dig through the dirt to get to the gold. The first one features famed investor Jim Rodgers entitled: Jim Rogers on the Goldstein show. This was aired May 14th 2013 and brings up some excellent points of interest. Some information you may want to pay close attention to are as follows. At 9:40 into the interview: If you want to know the world the best way to know it is from the ground up. Don’t sit and read about it or listen about it or watch it on T.V. Go and do it. I couldn’t agree more with that statement and at the time I started discovering I never thought it would develop into such a valuable asset as it is today.

Another excellent section comes out at 10:13 of the broadcast. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to this as it holds true to everything you have ever been told about what it’s like living as expats in other countries. I can second this with a vast amount of on the ground experience. Believe it, as western media’s have been feeding you with the barn yard droppings and telling you its caviar. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit… it just won’t taste the same. As a strong backup, why not click onto the DR Escapes site and see what people have been saying… you might be surprised.

Finally pay attention to 11:46 minutes into the feature. Jim is backing up almost to the letter with how I’ve viewed the debt in the US and how it will eventually have to be settled. Currency is measured in units. How do you settle a un-payable debt in currency… you crash the value of each of the units as the amount of units remains the same it’s the value of each unit that changes. Thank you Jim Rodgers you’re the man.


The second YouTube features one of my favorites, Martin Armstrong. Have a listen to:  Martin Armstrong lunch speech at Bangkok Rotary Club – 7th November 2012.

Tell it like it is Martin I love it.



In closing we are pleased to see that you’re getting something out of our efforts. Please continue to make comments on the articles that appeal to your thinking. Please remember that you never know who you might be helping by your comments. Here at the Dr Escapes team we’re trying to help all of you so please try to help all of the others. The only way to remedy this sickness is if we all help each other. Until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

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michael June 16, 2013 at 8:31 pm

great post barry.

Its really true we can break the chain of genetically developed behavior. It dosent take alot of work but just an awareness mentality.

See you in October, m

Kyle June 17, 2013 at 4:09 pm

Interesting article Barry and nice talking with you the other day! Can’t remember who said it but one quote I like which goes with your article is “If you think you can or think you can’t, your right!” We all need to change our way of thinking and stop watching the negative Main Stream Media. If you look at life’s experiences as mistakes instead of learning lessons then the possibility of those mistakes repeating increases dramatically!

Barry June 17, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Yea nice talking together, it’s been a while. True what you say but still 95% or higher will still look at things being hard or difficult to achieve. So many would be helped with a simple study of this science called memetics but few will as their to concerned with staying plugged into the negativity and have come to accept the feelings that follow as the new normality. Sad but true.

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