Riots In The Streets – Coming To A Town Near You

What to expect when the people take to the streets

What to expect when the people take to the streets

Hi guys, Barry in DR here.  Have you really thought about what will happen when the bubble actually bursts?  What do you think will happen when it becomes abundantly clear to the masses that no one can fulfill all the socialistic promises made by pandering politicians over then last few decades?

I suppose one scenario is that the sheeple will sit back idly and take the “medicine” for all the mismanagement and broken promises of the government officials, bankers and corporate behemoths……  OR

Maybe what is happening in Brazil right now is a more realistic scenario?  For many of us, it might seem a bit far-fetched that up to a million protesters are hitting the streets to protest a fare hike in the public transport system, or to protest an unresponsive or corrupt government, or to protest government spending on the World Cup. Surely that kind of thing could never happen in the US, or Canada, or Europe.  COULD IT?

Absolutely YES it could.  When people finally lose hope and faith in the “system” there is little left other than take to the streets to seek relief.  I tend to agree with the sentiments expressed in this article, Rising Tide of Civil Unrest, on the Armstrong Economics blog.  To sum it up:

The degree of civil unrest is so widespread it is only a question of time before it hits the USA. With the amount of people on the streets in Brazil, one would think, in a Democratic government of the people, leaders should pay attention. NEVER! Instead, the government has declared outright war against its own people. The key as to when will this wave of civil unrest hit the USA is tied to the economic downturn in 2015. People do not rise up until they have no choice. We will see government launch an all out war against the people and blood will flow in the streets precisely as we see in Brazil. This is what Homeland Security is all about – protecting Americans from Americans – buying 1.6 billion hollow point bullets that are illegal in war and buying tanks for DOMESTIC use. They do not need tanks for terrorists. There just aren’t that many who would need to be confronted on the streets.

Why Does Your Local Police Need These

Why Does Your Local Police Need These

If citizens of Brazil can finally reach the breaking point over transit fares, just imagine what an otherwise pampered population in the US might do when the dollar finally collapses and social benefits like food stamps, welfare, social security and medicare finally grind to a halt. Could it happen?  Could the government really refuse to honor its “promises” to the people?  Tell me what you think in the comments below.  If you want to take a peek at the future, watch this video.

I am afraid that it not only CAN happen, but in some form, WILL happen.  Maybe they don’t cut off the benefit pipeline… instead maybe they just water down the dollar to the extent that the same result happens.  That would certainly be the approach that would “fool the people” the longest.  BUT even that will end up in a day of reckoning.  A day where vast majorities of people simply give up and take to the streets and do whatever it takes to provide for their families.

I think you have to agree, when that day comes, as it will, that your family would be better off watching safely on the sidelines…nestled away from the easy reach of the crowds and the cash starved politicians.

Safe and Sound - Out of the Line of Fire

Safe and Sound – Out of the Line of Fire

As you know, we are sitting this one out down in a quaint little village on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  It works for us.  Maybe it will work for you.  Or maybe you would prefer some other escape hatch for your family.  But trust me, having lived through two monetary/government collapses, you do not want to be in the thick of it or within easy reach of the strong arm of the government when the crap hits the fan.

Busy week with a large group of visitors on this week’s free Discovery Tour.  Hope to meet you soon.  For now, it’s Barry in the DR.

johnsteven June 25, 2013 at 1:13 pm

So true, how have we as a people become so soft, our rights are being taken away day by day yet hardly anyone is doing nothing.Look at Turkey people are standing up for something,why can it not be done in the states?
Down here in the dr people still band together, if they feel something is wrong they protest why?, because they do not have the government taking care of them, they remember the time of Trujillo which is only 50 years ago.
They have been through some hard times down here over the years but they come through and that is what is going to separate the ones who listened and saw the writing on the wall and came to an area which has a government which does not tell you what to do,a place which is health.ier, safer, friendlier etc.A place which can feed the whole country many times over ,natural produce of fruits and veg, water etc I could talk for hours about this place because iam blessed to have been here for almost 15 years.
I see what is coming,as an expat from the uk I know as many others who are informed that time is short.If you can adapt without the convienence of things such as the local mall or a 7-11 and have the mindset to change things then this is your place.

Dave June 26, 2013 at 2:49 am

I think the people in the US have several things preventing them from rising up right now.

There aren’t enough people hurting bad enough yet. Like Barry says, when people get hungry that’s when they lose it. The US hasn’t quite made it to that point yet. The welfare benefits are still flowing.

The education system has slowly been transformed. It’s almost as if the next generation isn’t capable of critical thinking anymore. They’ve been taught that government is the answer to all their problems. It’s the government’s job to protect them.

The main stream media is COMPLETELY controlled. I work with “educated” people and I bet not one of them is aware of what’s happening in Brazil. It’s to the point that if you really want to hear the truth you are forced to turn to the alternative media to find it. Every now and then a little slips through but they immediately try to squash it.

And one of the biggest reasons is the bread and circuses. This country is awash in continuous entertainment. I think this may be the biggest reason for the apathy. It’s much too easy to ignore all the negative news and just lose yourself in some make believe Hollywood false reality.

I really believe when this turns bad it’s going to happen quicker than we can imagine. I just hope all of us who want out…..are out.

Barry June 26, 2013 at 1:41 pm

So true Dave. Good to see you helping some of the others. REGARDS to you know who.

michael June 26, 2013 at 3:25 am

james, john-steven , thanks for the insight posts.
If the hammer falls it should be a real quickie because shock and awe is the only thing dumb americans understand.
Its so sad but having an escape destination is a wise thing to do.
I hope I can meet you 2 when i visit dr in a few months.

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