2nd Passport – Life Saver In Times Of Government Oppression and Financial Collapse


There Was a Time You Needed a Ticket To Get In, Now You Need One To Get Out!!

There Was a Time You Needed a Ticket To Get In, Now You Need One To Get Out!!

Hi guys, Barry in DR here.  I have been watching with increased interest how the US Government uses passports to control the movement of it’s citizens.

In this example I am referring to Snowden, called a traitor by some and a brave whistleblower by others.  I am not taking a stand one way or other on Snowden’s actions which appears to involve leaking some pretty embarrasing government secrets.  But I am interested in what techniques the government is using to restrict travel when it suits their agenda.

Simon Black had several interesting articles in Soverign Man, that helped focus on this issue.

Simon pointed out that “roughly half of Americans don’t give a rat’s eye about their own liberty. And it’s obvious that the US government has every intention to continue these programs [domestic surveillance] full speed ahead.

When it becomes this clear that you no longer share basic, core values with your government… or your neighbors… maybe it’s time to consider other options.”

I tend to agree with Simon that “the world is a big place, after all. And there’s a tremendous amount of freedom and opportunity ripe for pioneering, talented people.”

This is very consistent with my observation that “in times of conflict and oppression, the best place to be is safely on the sidelines”. This is even more true when what you are watching from the sidelines is oppressive and aggressive action taken by a government against its citizens.

When They Invalidate Your Passport

When They Invalidate Your Passport

In referring to Snowden, Simon explains how the US government is using the US Passport to help control the movement of Snowden.  True, Snowden is an extreme case, but can you imagine a situation where the US Government might choose to use a similar tactic to control the movement of ordinary citizens outside the country for a whole myriad of reasons.  For example, to prevent you from moving your assets outside the country.  Or, to prevent you from transfering your gold or silver stash outside the country.  Or even to prevent your from moving your family outside the country.   The important point in all this is that advanced planning can keep doors open for you that otherwise might be closed by some politician or beuracrat.

Simon indicated that “the US government has cancelled his [Snowden] passport (another questionable legal move from Uncle Sam). So he appears stuck in the international transit area at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.

He’s not legally able to fly back to Hong Kong. Nor is he legally able to board a flight to Havana for onward travel to Ecuador, in order to apply for asylum.

If Mr. Snowden had been able to procure a second passport prior to stepping into the limelight, he would likely not be in this predicament as he could have been traveling on his other passport.

This is one of the hidden virtues of having a second passport. You might never ‘need’ one. But should such a need ever arise, it can really be a life saver.”

Original Article  ᔥThe best second passport for Edward Snowden…

Once again, I have to agree with Simon Black on this issue.  Getting a 2nd passport takes time and there are certainly fewer countries where you can easily gain a 2nd passport in 2013, but the effort is worth it if you have anything to protect…. including your liberty, assets or family.

It turns out that the Dominican Republic offers one of the better and more convenient residency and 2nd passport programs and is definitely worth your consideration.  We have a free mini-guide about Dominican Residency and Passports ready for you to download to learn more.

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For now, another busy week on the free Discovery Tours.  Until next time, it is Barry in the DR.


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