What a Difference a Week Makes

Clowning around with one of the July Groups.

Clowning around with one of the July Groups.

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. Just had a great group of DR Escapes people leave us yesterday. When I’m on tour the days are long and don’t finish until well into the evening. Just can’t find the time to sit and create posts. I also don’t seem to have the time to stay in tune with my one or two favorite sites. All I can say is what a difference a week makes.

Let me explain a bit further and I will provide links to several of the subjects mentioned in this post.  The following subjects come from Armstrong Economics Blog. First it’s settled that the Cyprus haircut or more accurately should be called scalping has been settled. It’s done and over all accounts above 100,000 euros are at a settled 47.5% DIRECT CONFISCATION!!! You heard me correctly forty seven and a half percent of anything over 100,000 euros has been taken…Just like the South park video I posted in one of my archived articles… And it’s GONE. I’ll post it again just in case you missed it the first time. Cute Cartoon but contains a very serious message you need to act on.

Next the infamous JP Morgan is withdrawing from the commodities business…and why not they’re even shorter than the scalping currently taking place in Cyprus.  Now that Governments are no longer going to come to their rescue why should they remain?  I’m confident this will be followed by almost all banks around the world in a very short timeframe. Will be interesting to see how and with what they settle on their outstanding contracts. Not a prediction but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see the metals tank in value in the short term.

Perhaps they’ll settle as the COMEX did in Hong Kong just over a month ago. You remember don’t you in fiat!!! And they set the value… seems fair to me as if you’re going to play with scorpions don’t be too angry if you get stung. It’s they’re nature to sting isn’t it? You’d be well served to remember that sharks are born swimming and to trust no shadow after dark.

It amazes me to hear all of what’s going on in various nations… Yet still people are hesitating in taking any action to relocate a hefty part of their portfolio into other countries and purchasing hard real assets. They still cling onto thoughts that they can’t get over the tax implications…so they would rather lose it all or certinally most of it. Honestly over the years I’m convinced that the majority take comfort knowing that they’re being screwed rather than wondering if looking at other possible options will they be screwed… but it is yours and it’s yours to lose.

Several countries are looking into taxing sunlight now. Already in several states they’re taxing rain that falls on your property so why not now go for everything that allows you to see, breath, eat and survive. They even tax you when you die…taxing you to death pardon the pun. As I’ve mentioned before at a certain point obedience its self becomes a moral crime. I’m trying to make sense of some folks thinking but… honestly get a life!!! I know it’s tough to see around the corner when you’re traveling in circles but you have to learn how to. You’re setting yourself up for the upcoming currency controls and soon enough will no longer be able to wire sums above a minor amount without special permission. Doubt me ask the good folks living in Italy and Spain they’ll tell you…and  still most have to see the complete picture before taking the first step. I can somewhat understand Joe Six pack being a victim but you who are at least somewhat informed but refuse to take action till all the paths line up… you deserve what comes because YOU KNEW BETTER AND STILL DID NOTHING.

You knew better but your own ego and hording got in the way. So how’s your current way of thinking working out for you? You’re already giving up to half of what you earn.  After paying tax once you are then paying tax a second time on what you’ve just previously paid tax on, should you heaven forbid spend any of it… but you’re still hung up on a one time penalty if you withdraw early on you soon to be worthless pension or retirement accounts. Go and figure??? Cause I can’t understand that kind of thinking and frankly don’t want to.

Not much more than a week ago you started to hear about Ben Bernanke making comments about not renewing for another term. I can guarantee he won’t. The first rule when it comes to big business, military or politics is N.O.M.W. What is N.O.M.W. you ask it’s the abbreviation that stands for not on my watch. Let the next guy fall as that’s who gets pegged with the blame.

Personal thoughts only but anybody who thinks Bernanke is an idiot might want to take a closer look before condemning him. I could only think of about five other people capable of keeping things patched together this long. When it comes to people capable of preventing revolution or the crash I can think of none. Sad to say but true not one came to mind and anybody who thinks Ron Paul was the man sorry no can do. I do like his ways and what he stands for but personally I’m glad he lost or it would amount to little more than blaming him (N.O.M.W.) when the system tanked on his watch.

Systems are so far gone that people are now criticized for actually being successful in the western nations. You’re now being told by your own President that you didn’t do it by yourself. I quote: “Lots of people are smart and lots of people work hard you didn’t do it by yourself.”  This may or may not be true but what is true is ask anyone who made a successful business from nothing. They’ll tell you it was pretty much on their own or with the help of family and or close friends. Don’t ask the opinions of the unemployed or the ones on Government handout programs… what would you expect them to say. THEY’RE THE STANDING ARMY YOU NEED TO FEAR THE MOST!!!

Continuing the President mentions… roads were made that led to your businesses lights infrastructure and the rest of the bullshit that you had nothing to do with. I guess he forgot it was YOU who paid YOUR TAXES that got it done. You know the 48% of you fools still paying while the rest applauds his speech and next week cashes their handout checks. Good luck if you think you’re going to figure this out by you being the crafty magician that you think you are… and you’re still hung up on your onetime tax penalty issue.

I hope you enjoy one of the many great You Tubes in the series called Afterburner. Join Bill Whittle in: It’s a Miracle linked to the bottom of this post. I think it’s great and would like it if you would let us all know your thoughts after viewing it.

I’ve linked several of the week’s past blogs from my personal favorite Martin Armstrong. Mentioning in depth what yours truly missed in just over one week while touring with some great DR escapes folks. Glad to be back… still working on the series of You Tubes you’ve all been requesting and look forward to hearing and seeing our next group in a couple of weeks. Till next time this is Barry in DR.

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