IMPORTANT!!! Excerpt From April 15th Pay Close Attention

Offical notice sent to all of Lavabits Clients

Copy of letter sent to all clients. FULL SIZE PROVIDED IN LINK BELOW.

Hi Guys its Barry in DR. I’m confident a fair amount of you have already heard about two major online security companies offering encrypted email accounts as part of their services closing up shop this past week. Just in case you didn’t their names are Lavabit and Silent Circle. I’m going to provide you with links to both sites so you can read for yourself what the owners had to say.

When US companies start cautioning people about using US companies the situation is rapidly approaching its last legs and will soon drop from exhaustion. Does it matter what product or service is being referred to I don’t really know… but what does matter is the fact that US citizens are turning against their own nation in frustration and disbelief of what Government is doing to their own citizens. Productive people have had enough… and soon the vast population of unproductive people will be following suit… as they always seem to feel short changed on any deal. That my friends is a time you had better be well prepared for in advance.

I’m copying below in Italics a section of my article: Americans Already Finding it Harder to Allocate Cash. This was released on April 15 2013 and I would encourage you to go back and reread it. Here’s just one excerpt  “Since receiving the tip over six months ago from two of my sources… you know that bit of advice I’ve mentioned both on the site and to members I regularly speak with several times. Remember? Let me refresh just in case you’ve forgotten. “Barry you’re posts are accurate but your time lines are a bit too generous. You’ll understand what we mean come the first two quarters of 2013.

So let’s have a brief look.

So you tell us. A little over six months have passed. Is it getting a bit warmer for you yet?

So you tell us. A little over six months have passed. Is it getting a bit warmer for you yet?

  1. A witch hunt on the second amendment. The right to bear arms.
  2. H.L.S. acquiring enough fire power to put six slugs in every man, woman, and child in the nation.
  3. Direct confiscation of accounts in Cyprus.
  4. Several other countries and or nations already jumped on the bandwagon of legal confiscation. Canada just being one that might come as a surprise to some folks.
  5. Currency controls taking effect in Spain, Italy and Argentina.
  6. The BRICS nations have developed their own SWIFT system and are bypassing the dollar everywhere possible including the purchase of natural resources.
  7. Encrypted currencies gaining popularity only to be slammed down by Governments.
  8. The sudden out of nowhere threat of another occurrence on the population.
  9. Taxing of rain in some states.
  10. Yesterday’s article about your IRA and or 401k. You not being able to gain the tax I/D number for a self-directed LLC.
  11. Electronic security providers and encryption protection email providers shutting down rather than face what’s coming.

These are just a few and keep in mind I hardly mentioned anything outside of the US. Add into the mix Japan, Europe’s mess and a host of others and you’ve got one wicked stew.  “The morning breeze has secrets to tell you, do not go back to sleep.” Can’t remember who said that but it sure fits the times we’re presently living in. I suppose I could have equally covered what this article pertains to with about six words… tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… but rather wanted to be absolutely crystal clear everyone understands the importance of what’s breaking apart before our very eyes. Until next time this is Barry in DR. See front page as it tells everything. Read: To Our Members


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