What’s your vision beyond the hedge?

It's Time to Fill in the Blanks. Most words have several meanings

It’s Time to Fill in the Blanks. Most words have several meanings

Hi guys its Barry in DR. Glad people are starting to view the new YouTube’s we’ve just started releasing. They’ll be several released over the next while. We’ve all spent a fair amount of time to add this program to the DR Escape’s website and YouTube channel. We’re confident “Serene Surroundings” will be enjoyable for the whole family. It’s our sincerest desire you find it a useful tool in making future decisions. We also hope it becomes a source of knowledge that you share with family and friends that you’re trying to keep better informed.

So let me ask you a question. What’s your vision beyond the HEDGE? In fact better a question might be what is a hedge? Some of the synonyms of the word hedge include verge, windbreak, shrubbery (love that one from the Monte Python Movie) prevaricate. But the last two are what served to be the most interesting and am asking you to pay some thought to them. They are Border and Evade.

How are you going to navigate through the maze of hedges that are currently blocking your viewof things to come?

How are you going to navigate through the maze of hedges that are currently blocking your viewof things to come?

So let’s first have a closer look at some of the synonyms for border. Starting with border amongst others I found two words that particularly caught my eyes. They are Margin and Escape. Margin leads to the word Edge… as in “edging out interference” by other sources such as Government. One example might be your privacy is being edged out at an alarming rate. Edge can also mean having an advantage over others. For instance knowing something is going to materialize when the vast majority doesn’t…gives you an edge. You might even go as far to say you’re edging out the opposition.

Boarders have two main functions. One is keeping Things outside of its perimeter… the other and far more devastating is keeping things Inside of its perimeter. It’s my understanding history will prove this to be correct. You’ll have to decide if that makes sense by doing your own research. I love the way this keeps on expanding itself to create a clear and simple to understand picture. The word THINGS just happens to extend to include belongings, possessions, personal effects and valuables… To Cool.

Comes complete with night vision, heat seeking find you ass capabilities but it'd mindless so it can't tell what is right from what is not.

Comes complete with night vision, heat seeking find your ass capabilities… but it’s mindless so it can’t distinguish right from wrong. Only the person holding the control can do that.

Continuing on let’s explore the word Escape and see what follows. Of several words a few did capture my thoughts but I’ll narrow it down to just two.  They are Elude and Outflow. Elude extends out to the following… flee, dodge, avoid, get away from, give something or someone the slip. I don’t need to go any further than just mention add “the Government” after all these examples and you’ll understand.

Outflow is exactly what’s occurring with many of the trends savvy citizens of the western nations. Just look up Google Analytics and quickly you’ll find one of most popular search terms is how to go about relinquishing a US passport… Hum??? The word Outflow leads us to several choices but Depletion and Loss are my selections for this post.

Depletion describes perfectly what’s happening to the middle class of the western nations. Whenever you ponder about subjects such as retirement savings, your 401, confidence in the nation and where it’s headed does the word depletion or depleting come to mind. What about the purchasing power of your currency…does that word stand out? Unfortunately there’s going to be a huge increase over the next while of the worst way this word can end and that’s in “ED”.

Pictured above is the "ED" version of the word Depletion. Chapter 13 In the book on Life  "Don't Let This Happen To You."

Pictured above is the “ED” version of the word Depletion. Chapter 13 In the book on Life “Don’t Let This Happen To You.”

A lot of good folks who are either unaware of or unwilling to make some difficult decisions NOW and may not have that luxury later on. Unfortunately many will witness their stories changing suffixes and what once was described as depleting has suddenly changed to depleted. Sad but history proves it to be correct. All of us at DR escapes hope you like your life, but if you don’t like where it’s heading we hope you have the courage to change it.

The word LOSS leads to Damage, Injury and Forfeiture. There’s already been a substantial amount of un-repairable damage done to the western nations. In fact every nation has suffered but to varying degrees. The majority of citizens are suffering from Debt, lack of confidence, the outlook of their future and quality of life of their children’s future just to name a few.

While all these examples greatly increase a person’s stress level and feeling of hopelessness when the situation accelerates it almost always unfolds to violence which leads to our next word INJURY. I don’t feel it’s necessary to expand about the reality of what I’m referring to but just in case you have any doubts check out the sales of ammunition and weapons. It should lay your disbelief to rest promptly as the increase is almost unbelievable.

Rounding off the list we end up with the word forfeiture. Forfeiture can be a positive thing when it’s done by choice. As in donating something to another. You are in fact forfeiting whatever it is that you’re giving away to another source but it was of your own free will. Forfeiture takes on a completely different aspect when it emanates from a secondary source. When you’re forced to give, donate, lose share whatever term you choose to describe it then forfeiture becomes nothing other than a form of stealing.

Governments have been twisting versions of this all the time and people still question its existence. Why not ask some of the good folks over in Cypress about how they view Forfeiture. I did and it was very educational on what was learned. Your sovereignty is just another area soon to face forfeiture. To what degree no one knows but it is your freedom they’re discussing. Pensions, 401’s, IRA’s along with property through taxation all soon to be forfeited to various degrees.

If you still have any doubts don’t take my word for it… do your research and you’ll soon find out that your misunderstandings are almost all geographically based rather than being factually based. You’re going to find out forfeiture of various degrees have always been happening and are still running unscathed  in today’s world. It’s WHERE it’s going to be happening that’s got your mind blocked not what is going to be happening. Since this has already been happening for centuries, facts don’t lie so how is it so many still refuse to believe its existence.

Don't take your eye off the world it's changing fast. What was true in the morning becomes false by the afternoon.

Don’t take your eye off the world it’s changing fast. What was true in the morning becomes false by the afternoon.

In the beginning of this post I formed two synonyms from the word Hedge. They were Border and Evade. I’ve only explored one of them but am encouraging you to expand the other one. If you desire a clearer image of what’s going on you’ll take the time and follow up on the second word. It’s up to you.

Intentionally I left out one more word that came up under Outflow. I decided to save it for the closing paragraph. That word is Disbursement. Disbursement is the proper term used when moving something from one area or form to another area or form. You disburse from where it’s currently being held and apply or transfer to another location or form to be held in. For example Your IRA or 401 suddenly disbursed and reappeared as those wonderful 30 year bonds or T Bills you love so much… Hum?? perhaps they’ll call that one forfeiture but who knows you’ll just have figure it out for yourself. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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