U.N. May Decide Your 2nd Ammendment Rights

Flag of the United Nations.

Flag United Nations. Let the F.U.N. begin!!!

When it comes to your 2nd amendment right to bear arms another interesting twist has recently been brought to light. The United Nations seems to be mentioned more and more frequently as a possible source in the implementation of force should disarmament laws become a reality. Viewing the UN as the complete entity it should come as no surprises that several sub-divisions working methodically help to create this main entity. One of these divisions is entitled UNODA or United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and you may want to put that name into your memory banks.

Wanna try to explain you had nothing to do with invading his country. Serian U.N. Soldier.

Wanna try to explain that you had nothing to do with invading his country. He’s a frendly looking fellow. I’m sure he’ll sit and listen calmly. Serian U.N. Soldier.

What seems to be evolving is that UNODA in a recently released letter from August 5th 2013 stated that they will work in assisting all member nations in the confiscating of weapons from civilian hands. I copied this directly off the letter from Martin Armstrong’s site www.armstrongeconomics.com  and credit him for bringing it to my attention.  Step seven of the letter states: “7. Creation of a United Nations Police Task Force with the specific mission of assisting member nations with the collection of weaponry from civilian hands.”

Perhaps you'll have better luck trying to explain to this Ukrainian U.N. Soldier.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck trying to explain to this Ukrainian U.N. Soldier. He seems to look like an understanding kind of guy.

Wondering what that might mean? One things for sure it means “Foreign Troops” deployed into the nation. I want to compile a brief but what I feel is an extremely  important message. The time is approaching. You are all being set up. First to seed the sheep (Propaganda) and then to feed  the sheep (Foreign military action). By reading this several times, really looking between the obvious and using my approach of asking WHY just a few key points of what I’ve come to believe is following. As always please add on you own comments as I’d love to hear how you’re viewing this.

U.N. ArmaTiro. Yes their also U.N. Good Luck on convincing this trio of happy campers.

U.N. ArmaTiro. Yes their also U.N. Good Luck on convincing this trio of happy campers.

When it comes to gun control there are several political problems that have just been vaporized by what this letter has to say. My first point “How would congress go around the public vote on this?” They just did!  

Almost everyone would agree that the citizens would overwhelmingly vote to keep their right to bear arms. They no longer need to go around the public’s voting rights as they just did by allowing the UN do it for them.

This understanding fellow is from Nepal. Hum??? China on one side India on the other, I'm not sure about this. It's only a grenade launcher. Much harder to hit the bulls-eye.

This gentlemen is from Nepal. Hum??? China on one side India on the other, I’m not sure about this. It’s only a grenade launcher though. Much harder to hit the bulls-eye.

 I’m not making any predictions with this next remark but it would be very interesting if it played out this way. Soon you all may be witnessing a complete opposite approach to congresses views about gun control. Think for a moment what two things is every politician addicted to? Power and votes, sure you could say money but actually bankers are the junkies in that cesspool of addiction if you really look deeper into it.

What a deviously clever way of spoofing the sheep for their support and votes when all of a sudden you’re President is broadcasting on every media out there that your elected congress will fight for your right to bear arms.

आप अमेरिकी सुअर रुक. You figure it out.

आप अमेरिकी सुअर रुक. You figure it out.

                                                                                      I can hear it now this congress will never impose gun control in America and on American citizens…Gun control will only keep guns out of the law abiding citizens reach… yada yada yada.

 Now you media blast that repeatedly where you’ll find the well informed trends savvy population… you know In front of the T.V. watching NFL, NASCAR, CAGE FIGHTING, whatever… you think it won’t work? Let me ask you another question in that same regard. What the hell do you think got him elected in the first place? When asked “how are you going to get the people to believe you?” The Rockefeller boys said with a smile: We control the media… we’ll do it through the media. Remember Aaron Russo??? And it still works today even better than a decade ago.  

Finally Indonesia, Never messed with their land right??? And the U.N. may be giving all of them the right to use FORCE!! against you!!! Good luck!

Finally Indonesia, Never messed with their land right??? And the U.N. may be giving all of them the right to use FORCE!! against you!!! Good luck!

My second point now congress looks totally innocent in the whole 2nd amendment issue. In actuality they can now paint a nice portrait as if they’re completely caught off guard and knew nothing about it. Kind of like an after hours vote that our elected officials seem to have down to a science. They didn’t pass any of these laws on their “OWN CITIZENS” the UN did along with all the other so called bad ass anti-American member nations. I hope you can appreciate what’s going on here… there’s a huge top to spin for a hell of a good ride.

My third and possibly most disturbing point of the entire article.  This now solves the extremely sensitive issue of would the US military fire on its own citizens. By reading the information contained within this letter now they no longer have to.

Gun Control is being able to hit your target. Sounds pretty tough considering YOU'VE JUST  BECOME THE TARGET!

Gun Control is being able to hit your target. Sounds pretty tough considering YOU JUST MAY HAVE BECOME THE TARGET!

Refer back to paragraph two when I copied the seventh point of the letter. Rearrange it any way you like but it spells Foreign Troops! For those who are not familiar with all the nations that are member nations within the UN I suggest you take a few minutes and review their site. For ease and convenience I’ll list a few below.

Algeria, Bosnia, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rep. Of Korea, Russian Federation, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syrian Arab Rep., Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Rep., Vietnam and Zimbabwe. So now the more probable question might be would these assembled troops fire on American citizens with FULL UN SUPPORT!!!

Think back for a few moments and look at the nation’s history.  Then ask the same question again but this time factor in the high probability of a large percentage of those UN troops that might have had their families affected by the US and most likely in a negative way.

If you check the nation’s history as mentioned in the above paragraph you’ll find out on a regular basis nothing short of perdition has been placed in their laps by US involvement and is still is to this very day only worse. Either occupying their country or by invasion and now save the best for last drone attacks.  Now think of the damage done to a high percentage of those UN soldiers’ families.

ओह याद किया, غاب انتبه , opps terjawab, OPPS пропустил, opps cevapsız. Just in case you're wondering they all mean Opps I missed.

ओह याद किया, غاب انتبه , opps terjawab, OPPS пропустил, opps cevapsız. Just in case you’re wondering they all mean Opps I missed.

Their mothers and fathers family brothers, sisters and children think it might foster a bit of resentment.  No one knows for sure you’ll have to come up with your own conclusions… but this is how I feel about it.Should this ever become the new law this simple letter pasted below just sold out the entire nation in one of the worst ways possible. It will be like you wearing a glow in the dark bull’s-eye Tee shirt at a paint ball tournament. Until next time this is Barry in DR and never have I been more happy to finish a perticular article in my usual way of signing off… AND I’M OUT!

Un Disarm Letter-600

Chris Pauschenwein August 23, 2013 at 5:14 pm

What comes to mind re UN helping US and other member nations ….. Get out of the UN !! And many US citizens would like that.
also ” Remember Hitler !!?? ” , pay attention to your history. Disarmament equals death of your freedom and ethnic cleansing ( or whatever killing is deemed important to national security ) as well as people selling out their neighbors for perceived safety.
This will be such a horrific incident , no matter which way it pans out, that the revisionists will be hired to write history to hide the truth!
Where do you want to be when this part of your history is playing out!?
This is my opinion but perhaps Obummer will save the day and surprise us all ….. after all, he has come good on all his promises and brought US out of its recession , Right!?

Barry August 24, 2013 at 1:27 pm

Good points Chris. I’ve always tried to come out with what I feel are two important points everyone needs to consider. First the more important question is not will you be affected as the entire planet will but rather to what degree will you be affected. Take WW2 Almost everyone would agree the whole world was affected. Now where would you have rather lived at that time. Western Canada or Europe… both were affect now you choose. Obvious choice. The fall of the former Soviet Union? First WW pick any of them. More recent look at Syria with what may soon come into play would you rather live in the Mediterranean region or DR, Costa Rica or even Chile? That’s always been the more important underlying question… and this time will be no different. I’ll prove it to you by asking you to do the following. Go ahead and ask any of your family or friends a couple of questions about the horrendous activities against the human race but add in one of the following places. Mention Bosnia, Africa, Korea, the middle east for example and the follow up with the atrocities going on to the people. They’ll agree hands down every time then shift to what will very possibly be arriving. Much of the same treatment for it’s people but replace it with the western nations… Europe and the US… and see what happens. That’s where they loose you almost every time. It’s never been a WHAT issue when it comes to not understanding it’s always been a WHERE issue. Nothing more than a geography misunderstanding… think about it and try it you’ll see. Second point there is no one country that will fit all peoples taste and way of living. Forget it! Again the deeper thought might be what will it be like living in the one you’re currently residing in? Might be worth a thought or two. Kind of puts a different spin on that old real estate term Location, Location ,Location doesn’t it? Thanks Chris… try that question scenario and let me know what plays out.


Chris Pauschenwein August 25, 2013 at 3:16 pm

Already know the answer….. same as the answer re: hyperinflation and riots in the streets as well as a major bank bail in potential……… ” Nope, not here, this is Canada. ”
I really do believe that television is doing a great job of setting up the sheep for slaughter. But not here of course !! We are safe, OUR gov’t would not let anything bad happen to us.

Barry August 29, 2013 at 11:41 pm

Got ya wink, wink

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