Syrian’s Say Saudi’s Supplied Chemical Weapons. It’s Iraq all Over Again.



Have you ever gone to a movie and swear it’s a repeat of a prior film? That’s exactly how this is shaping up when compared to the staged conflict in Iraq. Accusations of chemical weapons being used on their own people and now supposedly supplied by Saudi’s not the Syrian’s. Sound familiar? Read the linked article below as your Government is about to lead you right into another major war. The controlled media is informing the sheep who masquerade as your friends, neighbors and family that you’re the idiot and this has to be done for the security of the nation. Honestly I don’t even begin to understand how this even makes the slightest bit of sense to an open and informed mind.

Once again you’re being told that all of this is being done for your security. Prolonging the nation’s financial security maybe for a while longer but definitly not your security. A war will certinally extend the façade for a couple more years but will only serve to make the landing even that much harder as there is no way other than a revolutionary crash. Only then can the nation follow up with some sort of rebuilding plan. Numbers don’t lie and neither do facts.

This time the world's eye is watching YOU.  They're watching what your leaders do. Hows that make you feel? Confident they'll do what's right?

This time the world’s eye is watching YOU. They’re watching what your leaders do. Hows that make you feel? Confident they’ll do what’s right?

Look you can’t defeat an enemy that doesn’t really exist. It is however a very clever way of robbing the people of their resources though.  Just mention the word “terrorism” and it seems to wreak havoc in the minds of media controlled western nations. God forbid perhaps you the more informed try to negate it and talk a little sense to these misinformed people and right away you’re being labeled as an extremist.

Look it’s not terrorism the powers are concerned with but rather another word that begins with the same letter and that word is TRUTH. TRUTH is what’s got them scared to death… the masses discovering the truth.  Masses of people waking up discovering the truth they’ve been played like a card in a fixed game. That’s what has them terrified to no end. Launching another false flag war will get people’s minds off of the economy and their own troubling issues. It’s been done so many times prior and will be done again. Just wait a little longer and you’ll see.

This is taking on a very similar tone to what started several of the nation’s major conflicts. Staging false events is what escalated the U.S. into such events as WW1, WW2, Vietnam and so many other major conflicts it boggles one’s mind if you actually performed the research and became informed. Guess what they’re about to try their best to do it all over again by leading you right into the next major conflict… maybe even the next world war.

When the people seek and find truth this house of cards comes down and FAST! Only one question though... How dark will it get before that happens?

When the people seek and find truth this house of cards comes down and FAST! Only one question though… How dark will it get before that happens?

It’s my sincerest desire assisting people who choose to wake up and discover this too is only another misleading plan to increase taxes and rob you of even more of your hard earned assets.  Once again disguising it in the all too often used name of NATIONAL SECURITY. I’ve mentioned this before and now would be an appropriate time to mention it one more time. There are two ways in which to destroy a nation. One is the traditional way using war to destroy it however you’re also destroying the nation’s infrastructure using this method. The second way is to allow its citizens to destroy it from the inside out and save the balance of the nation’s infrastructure for future use. They’re tearing apart a once great nation from the inside out by placing it citizens against themselves… Be careful here as you’re being placed in the middle of this faster than you might think.

I recently received some words from a couple of longtime contacts in the Mediterranean. So far they’ve been spot on when mentioning late in 2012 watch the first two quarters of 2013 and you’ll understand better what we mean. Last week it was mentioned to watch the progress of what happens over in Syria as it has huge implications. Last night I was informed that all vacation time has been cancelled for them and will be banked until further notice. I’ve known both of these people for over twenty years with nothing short of stellar accuracy during that time.

Today I received notice from a few people I know who just received their orders and are being shipped out early into the New Year. This time the entire world is against you and you’d be well served for you and your family’s best interest if you understand this. This time the US is on its own and only my thoughts here when I say it’s nowhere near the same strength against other super powers that it once was 40 or 50 years ago. Technology plays a key role when I mention my thoughts in the prior sentence. Hell even Britain wants nothing to do with this.

Whenever a country acts by using ANY weapons against its own people is an absolute atrocity but none the less it DOES NOT make it a U.S. Involved atrocity! We have enough of our own problems that we can’t seem to sort out without starting yet another false flag event… and the world is tired of it and so should you be. Let’s see what plays out with my previous article regarding the UN may be the army you need to be most worried about…next to your own citizens who have done nothing to prepare for the coming events.

If he's the joker you should really be wondering who the clowns are.

If he’s the joker you should really be wondering who the clowns are.

When you have former President Bush up on stage along with his foolish smirk saying “OPPS guess we were wrong” when referring to the weapons of mass destruction false flag attack on Iraq and the people attending actually laughing along as if the thousands who lost their lives for nothing also meant nothing. Or perhaps look at Obama last year after being caught when a microphone was accidently left on by mistake mentioning to a Russian representative “I’ll have more leeway after I’m re-elected” and the Russian responds saying he understands and will relay it to Putin. Only one month later prior to commencing with a speech President Obama taps on the microphone with a smile says “is this thing on?” and again the people laugh as if it’s all a joke. How arrogant can a nations President get?

If it is those UN troops coming to settle things down I believe your ass is in big trouble. It would be interesting to see as we’re viewing all of this from outside the box but still would be interesting to see if Obama retains the same humorous stage antics when those UN troops are using your family as skeet shooting targets. What I even find more interesting is the people standing for it and if it is because that the vast majority is uninformed then why the rest haven’t made other plans and join others who are “viewing this mess from outside the box”.

You’ll want to read the links below for a much better understanding of what’s commencing with the latest false flag event. Dale Gavlak is a talented foreign correspondent currently working over in Syria. A most interesting read from the people on the ground and the Expat Doctors assisting them. Beneath it I’ve linked several blogs from Martin Armstrong. Read the posts pertaining why this is a must war for the US. As always Martin’s views are well worth your time if being in the know is important to you.

We’ll be releasing two more YouTube’s relating to weather and terrain in the DR. I’m confident you’ll gain a better understanding of why Cabrera is NOT prone to hurricanes. I have more folks arriving and will continue to upload articles when time permits. With things escalating seems more are arriving now rather than waiting till later. There’s an old saying that says everything that composes decomposes. Let’s hope the same holds true for the current powers still in control. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

Dale Gavlak

Armstrong Economics:


Dave September 18, 2013 at 2:18 pm

Wars are always fomented for money, power and control. But no country would ever support a war for those reasons. They must be lied to.

Barry September 18, 2013 at 8:30 pm

Dave, an excellent short video. I hope several take the few minutes to watch it. The whole history is filled with false flags and information that was known and held back in efforts to start a conflict or releasing information of events that actually never happened but through medias made to look like it happened so the uninformed masses would willingly get involved. So many times they have paid with their lives, all for nothing.

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