Expat Guide To The Dominican Republic – Part 6 & 7 – Hurricanes, Climate, Size and Geography

Dominican Republic Mountains

Dominican Republic Mountains

Hi guys, Barry in DR here. Part Six in our Expat Guide To The Dominican Republic series introduces to the size and general climate of the Dominican Republic and provides the foundation to better understand the weather patterns of various regions of the Dominican Republic. In Part Six and Part Seven you will learn why the area around Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic is probably one of the safest havens from Hurricanes and tropical storms.

As you will see in Part Six and Part Seven of the Expat Guide, the Dominican Republic offers incredible diversity, from a large salt lake 140 feet below sea level all the way to the highest mountain range in the Caribbean, over 10,000 feet above sea level. You will also see that ground water is one thing that makes the Dominican Republic especially well suited for expats interested in a self-sustaining lifestyle. While the Dominican Republic is only slightly smaller than Costa Rica, it has over 300% more ground water and over 150 years of underground aquifers.

In Part Six we take a look that the size and general climate and geographic characteristics of the Dominican Republic.


In Part Seven we take a closer look at the mountain ranges, rivers and lakes and the weather patterns.  We see the role that the mountains play in protecting Cabrera and the surrounding communities from most of the impact of hurricanes and major tropical storms.  You will see why Cabrera is probably on of the safest coastline communities, shield by three mountain ridges.

Watch for upcoming segments of the Expat Guide To The Dominican Republic.

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