Kiss Your 401k and IRAs Goodbye – Time To Act

Get Out From Under it

Get Out From Under it

Hi guys, Barry in DR here.  The latest sorry events in Poland are just the next precursor to a disaster that is coming your way.  In Poland the government just grabbed control of 50% of the “private” pensions to “protect” the economy and the people… read “perpetuate control” and “save the banks”.  I know, I know… but its Poland, what does that have to do with me.

EVERYTHING…..  but more on that in a minute.

Look, its time to talk turkey.  You probably have worked your ass off for decades to be able to scrape together a nestegg (big or small) to survive on during your “golden years”.  There is a good chance that for many of you, some of that is sitting in a 401k, IRA, pension or something similar.  Like ducks in a pond, these hard earned funds are the easiest target for a government starved for a new inflow of cash after all the easy money schemes have run their course.   So when no one else will buy the government’s bonds (and we are very close to that point in the US) …. your 401ks, IRAs and pension plans will be forced to  buy these worthless bonds…. there goes whatever dreams you may have ever had about using that money for your own family.

There is a great back and forth dialog in the video below where some pretty smart people talk about Poland, inflation, interest rates, currency, precious metals and a myriad of hot topics.  This video is a recent SGT interview of  Andy Hoffman and Jeff Nielson and the SGT crew.  If you do not want to watch it all.. a few of the highlights that are must listens start at the times shown:

  • 4:30 — Discussion of the debt loads of various countries
  • 6:00 — Poland and seizing of private pension funds… and why it is coming here
  • 8:00 — Banks against the people and the extent they will go
  • 14:40 — Widespread Egypt-like unrest coming worldwide
  • 16:30 — US Government Treasury Bill sham
  • 23:00 — Can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again…
  • 27:40 — Outlook for “junk silver”


What do you think?  Like so many individuals, the major governments of the world, led by the US, have paid for excesses by borrowing.  In the government’s case they have issued and sold government bonds or treasury bills.  What happens when there is no one left to buy these debt instruments… either because of lost confidence or other priorities?  What pool of money is left to tap?  The logical and inevitable choice is money tucked away in 401ks, IRAs and pension plans.  Just as some European countries have already started raiding those funds, the other countries will follow as their other options vaporize.  Groundwork in legislatures is already being laid.

So I ask you, is your money safer in those funds and accounts, or redeployed to assets that are real and tangible.  Assets that can be used to feed and care for your family.  Assets that can be used to barter.  It is sad, but true, that the mega bankers and inept politicians have led us into this squeeze position where it is the people in the middle that will suffer the real losses, either through the hidden tax of inflation or masked taxes like Obamacare,  or direct taxes like the elimination of capital gains, reinstituti0n of estate taxes or outright tax increases.

As you know, we chose long ago to find a haven outside the direct reach of these people.  Sure, we will suffer some when world economies collapse, but far less than those still embedded in the major impact zone.  Give us a steady supply of the freshest foods, unlimited fresh water, goods to barter with and cheap healthcare and we will get by just fine.  It just so happens that along the way we can also enjoy great weather and stunning beaches year round.

If you would like to take a peek at this option, please take advantage of one of our North Coast Discovery Tours.  Worst case you grab a low cost tropical vacation… best case you find a better way to sit out this brewing disaster.

For now, it’s Barry in DR.






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