Governments Have No Backup Plan and That’s exactly Why You Have To Have Your Own

Not sure exactly when but many will be pushing the button real soon.

Not sure exactly when but many will be pushing the button real soon.

Over the past several months it’s become apparent that there really is no backup plan. Governments all over the world are merely flying by the seat of their pants and are going to crash land whenever they finally do lay over and die. You’ll be left to fend for yourself as best you can and are prepared to do so. Like I’ve always said at the end of the game the pieces go back into the box except this time they’ve lost the box. Follow along in the next few paragraphs. I’ll explain why more than ever before I’m certain of nothing short of total chaos… and yes that means extreme violence. I’m talking about world violence on a biblical scale and even far beyond.

Don’t be surprised if we actually soon see Governments shut down. As the debt ceiling approaches for yet another time you’ll see both parties start walking off the job and actually retiring. Of course this is to secure their pensions and adhere to what I refer to as the first rule in Government. The number one rule in politics has and always will be “not on my watch”. Why do you think Mr. “B” is frantically making sure every living thing on the planet knows he’s stepping down? He and the rest of them know the game is in the last couple of innings and it’s never going to happen while he’s in charge… “Not On My Watch”.

There's NO PLAN. There never was a plan. Governments will always take care of themselves before anything else. It's a house of cards!!!

There’s NO PLAN. There never was a plan. Governments will always take care of themselves before anything else. It’s a house of cards!!!

It’s now down to just a couple of years, three at best and you’ll witness a bump in the night unlike anything felt before. A bump that will make the one that hit the Titanic (or the Olympic) seem non-existent. Past events like Pearl Harbor, the twin towers and even WW2 will pale in comparison when measured by effect, velocity or magnitude. In future years the history books written will tell a story of how we all used to live… and how we let it be destroyed by the masses of uninformed collective robots that were foolish enough to actually think Governments will supply all that they need for the price of their vote.

These robots, are the same group who’s currently labeling anyone who doesn’t follow along an extremists. To this group of individuals anything that’s even mentioned is automatically linked to a conspiracy theory of one sort or another which if they took a moment to actually think would soon find out that’s total bullshit. A conspiracy theory would require an actual plan and as I’ve just mentioned there isn’t one. It’s as if were all in a plane set on auto pilot. The pilot suffered a fatal heart attack. There’s no one who knows how to fly the damn plane and were almost out of fuel… get it were screwed… SCREWED big time.

My personal belief is we’re not headed toward hyperinflation but rather something far worse a total collapse. Hyperinflation would require there’s still faith and acceptance in the currency and I personally don’t feel that’s going to be the case. When this kind of scenario comes into effect all previous bets are swept off the table. Suddenly food and water take center stage which should have all along but the masses all come to realize their importance… all at once! One would most likely be best protecting themselves by being in an area that’s low in population yet high in an abundance of food… food that’s naturally growing and has been for decades. Watch the shocking video below to get a grasp of how bad the public has been brainwashed into believing that it’s their birth right to be provided for and how bad the system is being abused. Believe it or not this is what’s become of America.

I would say my second highest consideration would be living in an area where mild temperatures prevail… without the possibility of freezing in case if and when the power grid fails (and it will). I don’t claim to have all the answers as no one does but I have experienced revolution twice. The most recent situation was being in Argentina at the turn on the century. Trust what I say it gets real ugly real fast.

No Pilot, No heading, No direction, NO PLAN!! Crash and Burn Baby. Think food it's all abo

No Pilot, No heading, No direction, NO PLAN!! Crash and Burn Baby. Think food it’s all about food.

Recently I ran into an acquaintance who informed me that the province of Alberta will be drastically altering their pension plans. I being from Edmonton Alberta was floored by hearing this news. Why because Alberta was the shining star province of all Canada. Why was it the shining star? OIL Alberta is all about oil and Edmonton’s sister city Calgary is oil town as well. Tar sands projects in out of the way areas. Out of the way areas where a trailer pad that used to cost around 4000 dollars now you’d be lucky to find one under 100,000. Canada just a couple of years ago was boasting how they were doing great and in no way even close to the U.S. in sharing the same economic problems. The time are a changing and changing fast!

I guess the main stream medias never bothered to print that the average family of four nationwide across Canada is currently spending 1.43 for every dollar earned. A contact of mine who is one of the upper level litigation attorneys at one of the major national banks laughed at me three years prior but recently happened to mention every Monday he’s now receiving a stack of defaults over one inch thick… and since they’re only one page each that’s huge. Just in case you’re wondering the U.S. is currently at around 1.38 per dollar earned so it’s in great shape, right?

I paused writing this post as a friend stopped by. One I haven’t seen for a while and just returned from the states. We spent about an hour catching up on things. I knew he had some personal business to take care of while overseas. You might be very interested in the following paragraph or two.

Time is running out for what may prove to be a golden opportunity. It won't be easy anywhere but look for a place where food is abundant. It's about the food source and can you grow your own!!!

Time is running out for what may prove to be a golden opportunity. It won’t be easy anywhere but look for a place where food is abundant. It’s about the food source and places where you can you grow your own!!!

Upon leaving the country he was taking some silver eagles back. While doing the normal customs thing they opened up some of the coin containers and much to his surprise digitally scanned one of the coins. Now this had never happened to him nor did I ever hear of it being done before. When he asked ( in a friendly and non-intrusive manor) what were they doing here’s what the agent said. This is a new scanner that they’ve fit in several inspection areas and if excepted will soon be installed across the nation’s airports. It has the ability to instantly recognize almost any coin and immediately determine the current dollar value of that coin.

This same person was trying to transfer his metals from the U.S. to Canada where he is a citizen. He is ONLY a RESIDENT of the U.S. and here’s what followed. Brinks could not help him!!! Another well-known company but I forgot the name said Brinks was out of their minds we can assist easily. An hour had passed and they called back with the same story. Mentioning something to the effect you now have to have an actual company with a tax I/D and abilities to conduct international shipping to be able to do currently ship metals out of the nation.

He then called a well known metals company who has a storage system in Montreal Canada. Same thing they can no longer do it. They were trying to suggest that he resell the metals back to them and repurchase in Canada. By the time they figured out the exchange they both said this is insane. Not quoting anyone but they also alerted him that no longer will junk and eagles or maples be valued at their face value. Just repeating what I was told so do your own investigating on the subject. Still think there’s no currency controls in the states? If this is true and I have no reason to believe it’s not you might want to ask yourself that question again.

Coming to a store near you. Three day supply currently exists with an average of 1500 miles travel between farm to store. I hope you listening!!!

Coming to a store near you. Three day supply currently exists with an average of 1500 miles travel between farm to store. I hope you listening!!!

Damn are things changing faster than ever before. My friend clearly had mentioned that anyone who still doesn’t believe currency controls are already put in place in America is a blatant fool.  As I’ve mentioned before your assets will become your liabilities when a nation is crashing and its Government is broke.

I’m getting to the last few issues and recovering from that computer crash so watch out for the new posts and start looking out for more YouTube’s in the not too distant future. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

“Give Me My Food Stamps”

Titus September 23, 2013 at 3:26 am

Hi Barry, I hope you got everything up and running. I went online to your website with Remax to check out property listings to get a feel for what is out there and what prices are. I understand that land in the DR is a very limited commodity, thus prices are going to be higher compared to other areas of the world. Is $20,000 and up per acre be what I can expect to pay? Barry, I 100% agree with your take on our current economic situation and the danger us Westerners and Europeans are in. Also, I could not agree more with your idea of having an escape such as the DR and it is something I have been looking into for a long time. But, is it possible in your opinion, for a small young family with a limited amount of capital to do what you are recommending? Any advice or help you could give would be greatly appreciated.


Barry September 23, 2013 at 11:57 pm

Hi Titus, Just a few more tweaks and I’ll be up and running. Thanks for asking. How we operate Dr escapes compared to Remax is about as different as NY would be to Kansas. How to successfully purchase Real Estate is also as different as the aforementioned comparison. Furthermore even the customers that both businesses attract are a completely different kettle of interests. For the quality of land and views the R/E is actually cheap in comparison to most other places. Adding on to that the fact that almost any parcel has underground water for years with the drilling of a well. Since we started DR Escapes it was and still is our intention to truly assist the well informed few that are out there looking for possible options. Titus I never give advice and what follows is only my thoughts for your family’s consideration. My views are often vastly different than many of the so called experts that have never even lived outside of the western nations and are seemingly ready to shoot down anyone’s view point that doesn’t agree with their mindset. So let me make a few points for this consideration.

1. When good folk mention to me about their children stop right there. It is BECAUSE of your children that this should be priority one and don’t get confused into making the mistake that because of them is the reason you can’t and are stuck in your current situation.

2. When subjects come up for example; my job, or the kids are in school, can I afford it ECT. I have to leave but can’t because of Yada, Yada Yada automatically informs me that while people are saying the nation is going into revolution or some sort of crash still aren’t really understanding exactly what that will intail. By their very own questions are still thinking that 1, they will have a job to go to 2, the schools will still be open, and 3, can’t see that the cost of living is actually much less if done correctly in many other countries that the US.

Many have put aside some savings or have invested in PM’s, equity in a property or a host of other things. Well ask yourself why did you do that. Perhaps it was for future use to help protect and preserve your family. The best time to have planted a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now…think about it. What are you saving these things for? Many think it will allow them to survive what may lie ahead… if so ask them how many revolutions or Government coo’s they’ve live through. Chances are their answer will be zero and trust me in what I say as I’ve been through two of them and have been shot the same amount of times. You can’t have a reveloution or war without statictics. Which side of the chart do you want to fall into.

People who are capable of thinking out of the box find ways to make it all work out. More and More this is the education of today and what seems to have true value. No longer does that diploma carry any weight as it did in past decades. We might not like it but it is what is is.

I hope you understand what I sayng here as you seem to be a good man who’s just looking for the best way to protect his family and I for one respect that a lot more than the so called informed who just look for their mornings dose of fear to spread over their toast.

As far as land goes to finish this long reply we have land for less that half of what you’ve used as a price above in your questions. Hope this helps… stay the course and you’ll be fine.

Best Adventures
Barry in DR

PS if you want to connect with a few who are already here or other DR escapes family we’re here to put you together as the thing that once made the nation great was people looking after others. Some long time ago that seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

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